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What made me smile this week:

Sunday: After the feeding tube has been inserted into my nose each night, we need to remove the internal metal wire that provides support during insertion. As dad pulls this wire out, it creates a tiny vibration that I can feel on my insides. It’s the oddest sensation, like someone is tickling my brainstem, and tonight it made me smile.

Monday: During my yearly SMA doctor appointment, my doctor asked me to count backwards from 100 by 7s. Apparently my mental math skills have declined since graduating from college because I totally bumbled my way through like an idiot. It made me laugh and smile. You try it!

Tuesday: I gave a talk with my dad at an elementary school today, the topic being his book (The Sidecar Kings), which they just read. During the Q&A, three different kids asked me how I go up steps. It made me smile.

Wednesday: I took a prescription to the pharmacy AND called an office to schedule a respiratory appointment ALL BY MYSELF. This “adult” stuff is too easy. (In reality, I was terrified of both tasks.) It made me smile.

Thursday: For Christmas, we got my dad tickets to see one of his favorite guitar players, Joe Bonamassa. The concert was tonight, and he came home beaming like a big child. It made me smile.

Friday: I went bowling tonight with my brother and Adam and Jessie. Using the wheelchair ball ramp, I GOT A STRIKE ON MY 2ND TURN. I’m still waiting to hear from the Professional Bowling Association about admittance into their Hall of Fame, but it made me smile.

Saturday: I recently had the pleasure of making a new friend, Christine, and today we got coffee together and had a lovely time talking about our lives. I began teaching her many of my “helper lessons,” and she was phenomenal (minus a minor coffee spillage). It made me smile very big.

What made you smile this week?