You know, I often see fan art of Ford’s portal adventures with him being a total bad-ass facing harrowing dangers as he flees various bounty hunters and enemies he’s made along the way while permeating an air of cool competence and seriousness as he uses his wits to escape

But based on what we see in-show I get the feeling that about 75% of Ford’s adventures went something like this


This is my self appreciation post of my face.

I don’t know if this will make sense to anyone, because it doesn’t make too much sense me to me either. 
All these pictures have been taken within the past year. Until a year ago, i hated my face. I wouldn’t take pictures with it, if I did i’d try to hide it with my phone (if it was a mirror selfie) otherwise just take pictures of certain parts of my face or in group pictures i’d cover it with my hands. 

It took me SO long to find comfort in my unsymmetrical face. My big nose. My thick eyebrows. My weirdly shaped lips. My sideburns. But i’ve finally somehow grown comfortable in realizing that this is my body and I need to start loving it rather than destroying it. 

When I post pictures of my face on instagram, i still loose a lot of followers, i don’t get as many comments as I would of a picture of my body. But thats okay. Because I am not being who I am or posting pictures of myself for the approval of others in the terms of likes and comments. 

Its so important to feel beautiful. 
You are beautiful. I hope you know that <3 

I’m sorry if none of this made sense. 

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