dundrearies—long, flowing sideburns worn with a clean-shaven chin, similar to the shorter cut known as “mutton chops” or “burnsides.” 

They were popular in England in the mid-1800’s, where they were also known as “Picadilly weepers” or “Newgate knockers.“  The word is always plural, and it’s often capitalized, since it originated as a proper name.  The name for this particular style of facial hair was introduced in a play, "Our American Cousin” by Tom Taylor, featuring a bumbling but good-natured character named Lord Dundreary, who sported the long, flowing sideburns.  That play is perhaps best known as the one being watched by Abraham Lincoln when he was assassinated.

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This is a haircut that belongs in my series: some posts just need to be reposted. It is by @adamcalderone. I would call it a modern ivy league. I like the high even taper on the sides and back. I also like the texture and movement through the length on the top. It’s fresh, fun and current. Great cut!🔹One from today done for Nick styled with @uppercutdeluxe featherweight. #uppercutdeluxe #uppercutdeluxefeatherweight #featherweight #classic #vintage #clean #faded #hb #hellsbottom #barberofhellsbottom💈✂️💈 #pomp #quiff #taper #fade #sidepart #beard #sideburns #slick #pomade #barber #adamcalderone

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Jacob’s Punishment
By theminiassassin

“You’ve been a bad boy Jacob. Time for a lesson.” Evie thought to herself as she was about to do something no one would dare to do.

*The next morning*

Jacob woke up, stretching him limbs then as he went to stroke his sideburns, they were gone.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SIDEBURNS?!!! WHERE’D THEY GO?!!!” He yelled out to the whole tavern, panting loudly from his yelling.

“You mean the remainder of them in that bin, I’d say pretty well gone forever.” Evie smirked as she sat on a table, a pair of scissors in her hands, observing it wisely.

“Sis how could you do this to me?” Jacob asked, a frown wiping across his face.

“You were a bad boy Jacob, this is your punishment.” Evie merely said back, gazing away from her brother and back at the scissors.

“I think I need a lie down.” Jacob said, laying himself down on the couch, resting his arm over his eyes, wondering how cruel his sister really was.

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appreciate patrick stump


Adorable young Stump…he sounds so little.