Georgiaglm’s Toddler messy braid, sidebraid, space buns and wavy pinned, all recolored in WildlyMiniatureSandwich’s naturals and unnaturals. Added as additional swatches. Separate files for naturals and unnaturals.

Meshes required



@georgiaglm for the meshes, @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the colors

Little confused on TOU for georgiaglm’s things, newer ones all say recolors with credit are fine though.


thewomanfromfreljord  asked:

Something weird now... How would suitors react if they would wake up as a girl in the morning :v? (Btw, hug was nice)

I wrote a fanfic on how Sid and the Princess switch bodies called The Enchantment, it’s on my masterlist :)

Giles -
I feel like he’s ok with this?
He knows a lot about females and their bodies so it’s not weird
No one seems to notice, lolol
Pretty much the same except more underwear selection
Favorite part - his legs

Alyn -
Oh god this is weird
He has a difficult time explaining this to his knights
How do you do hair? WTF?
He gets mad ‘cuz he’s only 5'3" now and he has to climb or jump to get things on the top shelf
His sword is like up to his chest
Favorite part - n/a

Leo -
Is excited for more fashion choices
Not intimidated by the female body
Does super nice contouring makeup
Does like all those cute braid things you see on Pinterest but fail at
Loves girl talk
Favorite part- his ass - wears cheeky panties

He’s so cute
Does little braids and flowers in his hair
No makeup kinda au natural
Chocolate now has magical powers
A marathon of Gilmore Girls suddenly sounds like a great idea
Favorite part- feet

Nico -
He can’t get past this
He puts on a shirt and corset so his cleavage shows and he brags about it to everyone
The Princess and Alyn start a game where they throw stuff and try to “make it” down Nico’s shirt at lunch
Favorite part - boobs
More boobies

Louis -
Does hair and make up to perfection - curls, fake eyelashes, the works
Why is he so good at this? Why is this better than mine?
Immediately hated by every single female in the Palace because he’s so beautiful
Nicest bootay
I hate him
Favorite part- his nose

What sort of witchcraft is this?
He doesn’t know what to do
He has to seek someone for help because he doesn’t know anything about girls and female bodies
Help me Tom Cruise
Calls Giles
Favorite part - no, stop.

First he doesn’t like it
Then he thinks he could use this to his advantage
Make up sucks- he’s more natural
Does a cute ponytail
Gets a belly ring
Favorite part - hips/ waist

Rayvis -
He’s just like- I’m gorgeous.
He can’t stop looking at himself in the mirror
Why is everyone so tall now?
He’s only 5'1"
Fights anyone who says a short joke
Wears heels
Favorite part- pouty lips

Byron -
Basically does the same thing he does every day
What’s everyone looking at? Carry on
Basically the same except everyone would look better in Louis Vuitton uniforms
Favorite part - clavicle

some quick, spoilery thoughts now that i’ve finished trespasser:

  • holy fuck combat was so much harder on this dlc than the rest of the game??
  • i liked all the little side pairings that emerged, like krem and maryden, sera and dagna
  • solas is the worst and fired from my lavellan’s pants
  • cassandra’s voice over on the ending credits made my entire gd life
  • MABARI!!! 
  • i understand like. 85% more things in fanfic now
  • this world state is going to be ludicrous levels of complicated by the time da4 rolls in
  • wtf did they do to teagan’s face where is his cool uncle sidebraid
  • @starforged and i think da4 should be parties of only elves from previous games vs. solas. zevran is going to need like 30 beers to deal with that hot mess
  • im ready for some MAGISTERS
Dating Aria Montgomery Would Include...

Dating Aria Montgomery Would Include…

  • Having movie weekends and talking about how hot all the actresses are

  • So much takeout
  • Ordering two different ice cream flavours and swapping half way through

  • Helping her watch over Mike
  • Her parents liking you- for the most part

  • She tells you about A
  • Covering for her against her parents when she’s off looking for A

  • Being friendly with all the other girls
  • Making sure the girls take care of her

  • Being overprotective when A becomes a bigger threat than usual
  • Always being a team on friendly game night

  • Study sessions but also ‘study’ sessions
  • Copying the other girls homework after those ‘study’ sessions

  • She takes you lunch at school/work
  • She always fixes your lipstick when you’re out for the day

  • Aria getting 'mad’ at you for stealing all her clothes
  • Shopping together

  • Modelling and buying each other cute lingerie
  • Sneaking away on couples weekends

  • So much sex while you’re gone
  • She’s all about the build up

  • Hickeys all over your collarbones which she has to cover with makeup before you go
  • Massages

  • Back tickles
  • So much texting

  • Resting her hand on your leg when you sit side by side
  • Braiding her hair while she rants to you about her day

  • Painting each other’s nails
  • Drinking wine at home to convince yourselves you’re sophisticated grown ups

  • Quoting your favourite movies and shows to each other
  • Making each other hot water bottles on your periods

  • Listening to Hayley Kiyoko together
  • Making playlists for each other

  • Sending each other funny snapchats
  • Face-timing every night before bed


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Avatar au - nozoeri

Ugh I’m sorry I took so long to answer this I had to think it through a lot because I don’t really subscribe to the whole personality=element thing, because Avatar helped me come to terms with being Asian American I hold steadfastly that your nationality determines your element, not your individual self. Nozoeli, being japanese, would be firebenders by default, or biracial earthbenders if it’s post-war, but I know that’s kinda boring so I tried my best with their eye colours and where they would be in the world so here we go

edit: this got angsty quickly w o w

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