Welcome to my blog of the month for may (sorry for the meh graphic)

  • mbf me
  • Reblog this post
  • 2-3 runner ups, depending on the notes
  • must get 40 notes
  • Ends May 1st, winners announced May 5th or so
what i like
  • Great Url
  • Pretty theme
  • Nice Posts (like, cool graphics and stuff)
  • Legen- waitforit- Dary Blogger
  • A Navigation page is nice, but nonessential
  • Def. Fandom blog, sorry
Show them what they've won!

Winners Get

  • Sidebar spot
  • You’re my bff now no takebacks
  • Like, a lot of promos- minimum 4  ( Im not gonna do ‘by request’ because people are shy and deserve more than what they ask for)
  • Inclusion and bolding in all promos during may, without entry

Runners up get

  • another sidebar spot
  • two promos over May.
  • Oh! and also my undying friendship

Onward in your reblogging!