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Choose your favorite expansions packs from the choices listed on the latest official Sims 4 survey.  Multiple choices are allowed so pick as many as you like. 

Please note:  These are not confirmed expansion packs!

University:  Achieve Academic Excellence!  Sororities & fraternities, secret societies, and sport clubs can all grant you powerful career connections, but only if you graduate!  Pick a major, go to class, and write your term paper, all while balancing an active social life.

Magic University:  Join your fellow sorcerers at a school specializing in hexes, potions, and dragonology.  Do you have the skills and commitment to gain the rank of Supreme Dragon Handler, or will you drop out and be stripped of your powers forever?

The Scene:  Hang out at the hottest spots in town, from dive bars to dance clubs to chic lounges. Gain fame and fortune to earn access to exclusive celebrity perks like penthouse living, luxury hot tubs, and sleek cars. What will your Sims do after dark?

Pets:  Create perfect - or imperfect - pets for your Sims with a wide variety of unique dogs, cats, lizards, rodents, and birds. Teach them tricks and enter them in talent shows, or simply hang out and watch them destroy your neighbor’s yard…more pets means more fun!

Careers:  Pick your dream job and take control of your Sims actions and choices through interactive gameplay on location! Tell the story of the aspiring chef whose catering choices will make or break their career, or take on the role of a Criminal Mastermind and rob a rich residence…will your Sims succeeded or fail? Their fate is in your hands!

Weather & Disasters:  Experience the awe-inspiring beauty and power of nature as never before as weather plays a major role in shaping your Sims’ lives and environments. How will you prepare your home for severe conditions? Will you weather the storm and help rebuild your neighborhood after disaster strikes, or tempt fate and take part in a little looting?

Seasons:  Experience the joys and challenges of changing weather! Seasonal festivities, outdoor attire, and new activities like skiing, sunbathing, and face painting guarantee that Sims will have plenty to do no matter what the temperature is outside.

Rise to Fame:  Watch your Sims rise to stardom, revel in the limelight or crash and burn as they perform as singers, actors, supermodels, and rock musicians. Do you have what it takes to earn a coveted Simmy Award nomination and earn access to the hottest A-list parties and events?

Hobbies & Skills:  Awaken your Sims’ true passions in life as they discover and excel at all-new activities. Whether they’re tossing a football with the family, practicing ballet, playing in a band with friends, or hand crafting artsy home décor, your Sims now have more ways to build skills, enhance friendships and make their lives more successful.

Crime & Justice:  Make a difference in your Sims’ town - clean up the streets with the new District Attorney career and organize neighborhood improvement projects, OR indulge a life of crime and greed growing an underground criminal organization that deals in black market goods and smuggling contraband. Pick your side in this world of Crime and Justice!

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If you participated in last months poll the results are available HERE.

So, which expansion packs do you like?

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