Preview below.

How to get a side banner like this one.

  1. Click ‘Edit HTML’
  2. Paste this code after <head>.
  3. Paste this code before <style type=”text/css”>.
  4. Paste this code after <style type=”text/css”>.(Do a little trial & error on the ‘margin-top: 300px;
    margin-left: 600px; ’ elements for better fit)
  5. Paste this code after <body>.
  6. Click ‘Appearance’
  7. Click ‘Save’
  8. Reload the page. 
  9. Edit the side banner through the appearance settings(sidebanner1, sidebanner2 & text:sidebanner)
  10. Click ‘Save’
  11. Click ‘Close’
  12. Enjoy your new sidebanner! 


  • If you want another font please see some of my customized fonts tutorials that will be posted later. 
  • Make sure to change the (margin-top: 300px; margin-left: 600px;) as desired. 
  • The directions are pretty direct, so you have no right to ask me anything unless to help you with the fonts & styles.

acidpumpkin  asked:

Are Vivian and Valerie a part of something?? Because they're crazy adorable and I would love to see more of them. ;-;

Those are the only drawings I have of Vivian and Valerie at the moment. They are reeeeeally new characters. They’re part of Jousia and Katariina’s story as I said in the post. The working title is Naapurit, which is in the tags. I tag everything always, doing some sherlocking you’ll find info of all my OCs. I also have a TAGS page linked in the sidebanner of this blog.

If you wanna be the first to know about my new OCs and know more about them than I share here then you can become my patron. for $5/month you get access to my process diary, where I share stuff from my current and future projects.