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hi :3 sorry to bother u but i was wondering does it feel like kotori's feelings are one sided on yuma part because i guess you can say she confessed but wasn't really reciprocated by yuma is is because of astral?

Hi ^3^

Well…first of all Kotori didn’t exactly confessed her love.
In the japanese version of the last episode she only says to Yuma that she loves his smile and nothing more.
That’s not really a confession…

Astral is actually the one who explicitly confessed his feelings

(he says “aishiteru”)

Second, i’m pretty sure Yuma sees Kotori only as a close friend.
He didn’t show any type of romantic interest in her during the anime, Yuma’s priorities were always duels, dueling…but also protect astral at all costs because he’s his everything.

Because after THIS

and THIS

and all of this gay stuff

and much more (but i can’t post everything xD), i think that Yuma’s feelings for Astral are clear.

Like OMG, can’t you feel the Keyshipping love?

reasons why vaughn shouldn’t have gone with rhys to atlus:

  • literally from episode 1 we’re shown that vaughn has a wild side and part of him wants the pandoran lifestyle. this is the beginning of his entire character arc
  • episode 2 shows us that he has abs and implies he’s been wanting to become stronger for a while
  • most of his character arc is dedicated to him coming out of rhys’ shadow, talking about how he’s always just been the tag-along sidekick to rhys and how he doesn’t want that anymore and it makes him feel bad. he wants to be someone too. he wants people to look at him like they look at rhys
  • he finally gets that with his own bandit clan. he gets the pandoran lifestyle he’s longed for. he gets to be the leader he wanted so badly to be. this is literally the best outcome for vaughn
  • on top of all that, the corporate lifestyle was something vaughn enjoyed, sure, but in the longrun it wasn’t for him. he wants to spend his paycheck on a sniper rifle of all things. he loves numbers and technology, that’s clear, but he can still use all that to make the most efficient bandit clan pandora has ever seen
  • and he still gets to remain Best Friends with rhys and yvette because the general theme of tales from the borderlands is friendship

I had this ask a while ago, wanting me to draw Sans and Frisk with their happy family so, here we go.
Honestly, I only see them having one kid. Her name is Tempus (a font like Sans) and happens to be a skeleton like her father. She’s a cutie and is almost the perfect child; but she also selectively mute. Outside of her own family, she won’t talk unless the situation is dangerous. She loves just about everyone EXCEPT Toriel of all monsters - this is due to the fact that Toriel does NOT get along well with Sans anymore after Frisk moved out with him. Shortly after they moved out, Tempus was on the way.

Frisk is out of school and he is the Ambassador, along side Asriel. Sans works part time at the royal lab with Alphys but mostly does his own thing.
At the time this picture is taken, Tempus is 6 and Frisk is about 25.

This was also taken not long before things go terribly wrong. ;)

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How many hairstyles have you had?

This year? 3. :) Seriously, um…just starting with when I started making decisions about it? Mullet, rattail, combo, mohawk, Flock of Seagulls, just…generally long, side part, Pat Riley straight back, flattop, shaved, fade, and now…I dunno what the current thing is called. People seem to like it. So I’ll say conservatively 12?

I think the most fun I had at EVO15 was the Divekick side tournament especially the part where I found out there’s some people that take it very seriously and are very good at it

This part of Revenge of The Sith breaks my heart(well actually the whole movie does). Anakin literally just got all of his remaining limbs cut off, got completely burned and is put into a suit that he will wear the rest of him life. Yet the first thing he asks is about Padmé. He doesn’t even take a second to look at his new body, all he cared about was her. ALSO the first thing Padmé says when she wakes up is “Is Anakin alright?” They care about each other so much, they have such a beautifully tragic love story:’(