Stressed? Bored? Avoiding responsibilities? Here’s a solution; imagine Clarice Starling doing things and then submit them to this blog! I find that imagining Clarice Starling doing things is a great way to relieve stress and improve one’s mood.

aight for anyone who wants to know here is the basic formula for any andreil headcanon post in existence:

-use of bullet points
-scene setting for headcanon
-neil does something oblivious/cute/salty af
-“[random percentage over 100], Josten”
-make outs/hand holding/surprising displays of affection
-nicky screaming
-allison winning money
-play on andreil quote from books that produces feelings™*

*feelings™ may include side effects such as: happiness; crying; internal screaming; dying; death; irresistible urge to to refer to fictional characters as “my smol gay sons”; being dead.

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I'm curious as to what the hell was up with Seiko's eye in the beginning flashback to the remnants.

Okay, I seriously want theories on this one too!

Seiko Kimura’s bizarre eye theories

Theory 1: Her talent is medicine right? So maybe she took some strong enhancers and side effects include that whatever that eye change is.

Theory 2: Maybe that’s just a natural thing for her and it’s the other way around. Like she has this condition or sickness that makes her a natural beserker but she uses medicine to surpress it

Theory 3: Nothing. It’s like Ishimaru’s eyes. It has no actual bearing other than added aesthetic. It’s dangan ronpa maybe we’re overthinking. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows?

If anyone would like to throw in their thoughts feel free to do so!


“Good afternoon, Miss Merchant,” Mister Townsend purred, raising a silvery eyebrow at me, assessing my value to his intricate plans to take over the world. He would get along with Raina.

 Mister Townsend. That was what Mister Santos had called him on the earpiece and if I want to avoid confusing pronouns I had best start addressing him by a name. “I heard tell you want to live on our modest island. Do you have any idea what this place is? It appears that you have simply stumbled here, rather than going through the proper channels like any sane person.”

Uh. He spoke quickly, but clearly, with a voice made for those medical television commercials describing all the unusual side effects, including DEATH! I listened to the hum of the universe for a few seconds, collecting myself before answering. Mister Townsend was expecting an answer.

“I may have stumbled here by accident,” I said. Watching him carefully as he draped a towel over his shoulder. No sudden moves, buster. “That doesn’t mean my money is any less gold.” I decided to stick with the money angle. The fortune burning a hole in my backpack was what made me equal in uncertain situations, such as this one.

Side Effects of Marriage Include (Pt 16)

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Shaw has never been to prom. She was one of those kids who had her nose stuck so deep in books that she never bothered to make friends. So not only did she have no person to take or who would take her to prom, she also didn’t have friends who would tell her that there’s no shame in going stag.

She never felt that she missed out on anything – there are things she’s done that most people can’t even dream of – but everyone has their what-ifs. Even her.

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man I remember when I first got into GOT this last season and I thought I was gunna be the only one who thought Aiden was hot bc I never saw people talking about him but thank the lord I found your blog lmfao

Omg, there are so many other people who think he’s hot though. I promise! Come out of the woodwork and join our little sinning fandom, conveniently titled “The Most Hated Ship in All GoT”!! Now complete with great friends and a tight-knit, loving community.*

*side effects may include: anon hate, really cruel anon hate, people constantly hating/unfollowing you, general sexual frustration, thoughts of constant smut
Untold Horizon: Let's RP all day erry day

Hey kids! What’ve I been doing lately? Guild Wars 2! I’m still doing Guild Wars 2! Wanna come do that with me? Of course you do, therefore you should join my guild. 

By “my” guild I mean that I am an officer and have Power that I basically never use.

We got uhhhhhhh RP? [UHRP]

We got events!

We got a radass hall!

We got the most colorful Sylvari!


 Apply now!

(side effects may include bad puns, kitty cats, never enough Asura, and explosions. Untold Horizon is not responsible for any deaths, dismemberments or loss of shit.)

Levi's tea Theory

So, I found out the benefits of black tea (Levi’s favorite tea), but also the side effects. The side affects include anxiety, trouble sleeping, nervousness and restlessness. ( there are more but those I don’t think apply to Levi). So, maybe if Levi stops drinking black tea he might be able to sleep again, of course the benefits of drinking black tea over rules the side effects.

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Now available online. *not for profit.

Side effects may include…
-Loss of privilege
-increased work ethic

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Please take care of yourself. Loosing weight too rapidly/to an unhealthy level can have serious health effects. Maybe look into Ensure or something similar? That's what my doc put me on when I had an.... issue, with weight.

i’m sorry u had this issue, anon :c

i’ll try to make sure i’m getting enough nutrition and if this persists im going to contact my doctor about things i can do.

((btw just to clarify—I don’t have an ED, my medication side effects include acting as an appetite suppressant and my anxiety makes me feel less hungry. this means when i get stressed i generally end up losing weight because it’s easy for me to not feel hungry and then forget to eat when both my meds and my anxiety are suppressing my appetite))