I always thought that when people said “everything is not as it seems” it was always a bad thing. Until I met her. She was beautiful from the start, hair soft and eyes bright. She was shy at first, looking at the ground smiling lightly whenever offered a compliment or a dance. She had the attention of many despite finding comfort in the shadows of the bar. There was an aura about her. The way her dress rippled over her every time she laughed. The way her shoes bumped against the side of the chair as she swung her legs back and forth. The way her piercing caught the light every time she wrinkled her nose. I couldn’t look away, but I couldn’t look either. She was enticing but dangerous and I brushed it off as the alcohol.

Until she was in the internet cafe downtown and I felt my palms clench so tightly my nails almost drew blood. She was typing quickly so I told myself she was doing something important. A weak excuse to leave without approaching. But not without noticing the way she bit her lip as she concentrated. Or the way her jeans frayed at the ends and hovered just above the floor. Or the way she drank her coffee with no hesitation.

It was when we sat next to each other on the bus that I decided I had to take a chance and say hello. Fate was only giving me one last chance I came to think as my heart pounded so hard inside my chest I thought I might collapse. As I stumbled over my words she let her eyes slide to the floor and laughed quietly. As I told her stories of my childhood she pressed her chin into her palm and listened as if I was sharing the best secret she’d ever heard. As I typed my number into her phone she sat on both her hands and smiled. As I got off the stop before her, she pressed her nose against the window and waved goodbye like a little kid. And as I walked home I realised she was far more dangerous than I had ever imagined.

I found myself sat across from her a few days later in her favourite burger joint, oil dripping down both of our cheeks. When we laughed in unison it felt timeless. When we linked fingers on the table it felt like magic. When we kissed on her doorstep at the end of the night it felt like home.

I got used to her head on my shoulder as we watched a movie, stealing my popcorn after she finished her own during the trailers. I got used to the way her music was always way too loud when we shared headphones. I got used to the way she smelled after a hot shower before work. I got used to the way it felt to have her trace ‘I love you’ on my back as we fell asleep on the couch. I never got used to her saying it out loud.

She was the first leaf to fall in autumn. She was the smell of grass after it rains. She was the spark against the matchbox that lights the flame. She was not the calm but the storm itself. She was the crunch of footsteps on the first layer of snow. She was the wind that blows through your hair. She was not the warm sand on the beach, rather the cool water that makes you scream then sigh in relief.

She was a firework waiting to explode. You know that when it does it will be spectacular, but you don’t know what it will look like until it happens. I knew she would take my breath away as soon as I saw her, but I didn’t know just how breathless I would feel. She is more than you could expect and nothing you thought you ever needed.

So when someone says to me that everything is not as it seems, I would have to agree. She is far more than a label of a relationship or a partner. She is the warmth that some crave their entire life but never find. Her soul is the missing puzzle piece in my mind. She is danger. She is beauty. And she is home.

—  gentle-falling 

Okay, so my character is a hardcore gambler and found herself at a table with a famous gambler AND a famous dealer- this is Western so not many female gamblers, so the dealer and I were talking pleasantly. The other gambler, however, was losing and getting annoyed at how casual we were.
Gambler: “Ladies, can we cut the chit-chat and focus on the cards?”
Dealer: “Excuse you. Poker is a social game. Discussion and banter is often engaged in? and just because you don’t want to involve yourself in that portion of the game, doesn’t mean we don’t.”
Me: I lean back in my chair and side eye the guy and in an exasperated tone: “Really?”
Dealer: “I like her answer better.”

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So, basically, I found the best video I’ve ever seen. This is a gif from it - you can already tell it’s going to be wonderful. 

It seems a little counter intuitive, but let’s remember that Frisk didn’t have very many options. First, note Frisk’s location.

When Chara confronts them, Chara has Frisk blocked in.

Here, Frisk basically has three options: 

1.) Expose their back to Chara by turning around to scramble off the opposite side of the chair. This would not have been a bad decision aside from the fact that Frisk would be leaving their back open to attack.

2.) Run past the hand holding the knife.

3.) Run past the hand not holding a knife (and towards the exit). Frisk takes this option hoping to slip past Chara, but Chara has good reach.

I definitely could have made this panel more clear, but Frisk isn’t running INTO Chara. Rather, Chara closes the gap between themself and Frisk before Frisk can get past. 

Frankly, none of these escape paths would have succeeded. Frisk was cornered, and would have been caught regardless of direction.
The 20 Greatest TV Couples of All Time
They took fans on several seasons of a will-they-or-won’t-they emotional roller coaster, but Jim and Pam finally got together in season four (see ya never, Roy) and all was right with the world. As Pam pursued her dream of being an artist and Jim made moves away from Dunder Mifflin, the two never stopped supporting each other (or devising genius plans to prank Dwight). And be honest, we know you cried a little when Jim said he bought her ring a week after they started dating.

“Chuck and Blair, Gossip Girl

As dysfunctional as their relationship was, no couple on Gossip Girl could ever compare to Chuck and Blair, mainly because they were the perfect example of two people who really were better together. In the beginning, Chuck was nothing but a womanizer while Blair would do pretty much anything to defend her title as Queen B. We can all agree that, individually, they were two people no one wanted as enemies, but they ended up bringing out the best in each other.”


Three questions to ask yourself before choosing your next accent chair: 

1. Are you more interested in comfort or style?
2. Is it the right size for your space?
3. Would a pattern overwhelm the room or add the right finishing touch?

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