“Just because I want to date him doesn’t mean I want to marry him.” Star explained. “He’s cute and cool and plays awesome music, I want to get all over that! But he’s hardly marriage material.” Marco was left completely lost by this and she must have sensed it because the princess carried on. “I’m not looking to get into a relationship right now with the kind of guy I’d want to marry. I just want to have fun while I can. Before that kind of stuff happens. I want to go out and see things and do things and date people and just party! Before I have to grow up.” Star lifted her head and body up from Marco’s chest now to look at him from her side of the chairs. “And I want the man I marry to have all those experiences too. So none of us ever miss anything we want to do before it’s too late. No regrets.” He was looking at her eyes now, deeper than he’d originally viewed them. Just as she was much deeper than he’d expected her to be. “Do you understand?”

This has to be my favorite line from my favorite SvtFoe fanfic just because 1) it’s Starco and 2) Star is written so well that it honestly feels like something straight out of the show (the fanfic itself is called Princess Charms by Zehntactles and I highly recommend it just because it’s so good)

I just chopped a chip down the side of the chair (classic Zack) and like it’s literally disappeared?

It just simply does not exist anymore, I’ve lifted the cushions up, moved the chair, everything possible

Basically there is a vortex in this room and I am going down it, goodbye


Three questions to ask yourself before choosing your next accent chair: 

1. Are you more interested in comfort or style?
2. Is it the right size for your space?
3. Would a pattern overwhelm the room or add the right finishing touch?

Custom Camdyn Upholstered Armless Chair / Marie Armchair / Custom Habersham Upholstered Glider / Mayfair Slipcovered Chair


Bboy Mugen!! It started off 3 years ago when I bought Mugen’s sword and last year I finished my cosplay and it was so much fun that i’ll be cosplaying Mugen again this year. My friend Dillion will be cosplay Jin it’s too bad we don’t have a fuu, but maybe next year will have a full group. Hopefully I can meet you! You’ll definitely find me at the AX dance busting windmills be sure to say hi :D