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hi! i got recced y'all's binders for being the most successful at flattening Large Chests &fitting fat folks. i've gone thru y'all's plus size tag, but i just wanna check - i'm an L cup, so 12 inch difference between bust and ribs. i'm also petite, despite being 'overweight.' ...will it still work for me? and if so, what should i shoot for when ordering/how do i order specifications? bonus Q: does the zipper under the arm get annoying at all?

actually also more Q’s - why are some colors on the nude binders $5 less and only come in mesh? what’s the difference/why? and for Large Chests with the insert - what is it? what does it do? how does it work? and do you notice it while wearing it? it says it’s stiff, but what does that mean? how does it provide a flatter chest, where does it fit, and does it matter what size it is? i don’t really understand it & can’t find too much about it. please&thank you!

Hello! Thanks for asking, first of all, all good queries. We’ve successfully bound up to an N cup, so with your measurements (as taken according to here!), we’ll be able to make you a binder. It may not fit the first time, which is why we always offer one free re-fitting; we want to work with you until it does.

The zipper under the arm got a bit annoying for me when I wore it with tank tops. Now that I wear it with full-sleeved shirts, I never feel it. YMMV!

Mesh-only binders are $5 less because they take less material to make; all other binders have the mesh, plus an extra layer of fashion fabric to look good.

The stiff insert is an 8″-10″ wide strip of flat knitted elastic, sewn only across the binder front. I notice it while I’m wearing it as a solid presence like a piece of chest armor. I inhale, and the back of the binder stretches more than the front.

Hope this helps!

- Ark

Just Wait

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Style: One-shot

Warnings: Starts out angsty, with some arguing and swearing, but mostly just a fluff piece with a happy ending.

Word Count: 1,583

Summary: A sad Tom doesn’t want you to go out of town for work, which leads from an argument to a much bigger, more important question. Small mention of jealous!Tom over Chris Evans.

A/N: Haven’t written in a while, but this little one-shot popped into my head last night and I just had to bring it to life. :) Enjoy! (Not my gif, obviously)

Originally posted by maryxglz

You had found over the many years with Tom, that it was never good when he was quiet. It meant that every gear in that beautiful head of his was turning. Calculating. Drawing conclusions without merit.

In many ways, you noticed that he paralleled his infamous character Loki. In that, he was calculated, measured, and observant. This was one of those observant times.

So, it was no surprise to you that as you came into your home and began shedding your jacket, Tom’s voice carried across the room barely above a whisper, and cool beyond belief.

“Did you enjoy yourself tonight?”

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Ending a Zipper 

There are a few different ways to end a zipper that you want to shorten or prevent from separating on the bottom. Here is my current favorite technique! In my previous guides I’ve used glue or webbing, but I have been doing this instead and I like the finish of this much better!

Above, using a sewing machine (hand stitching is also possible!) sew a scrap of fabric over the zipper teeth just above where the slider is supposed to separate or where you would like your zipper length to end. If you have a printed fabric or minky, like I am using, orient your fabric so it is “wrong” side against the zipper teeth.

The fabric will be folded over the zipper like so.

Here is how the opposite side looks after that first stitch. You can now trim your fabric piece smaller. To get a tidy look, folding in the end your fabric will achieve that.

You can also fold the sides in on your fabric too.

Here is both the ends and the sides folded in, ready to sew. If it helps, you can pin or clip your zipper end to keep it in place until you can sew it.

Do another line of stitching over the zipper teeth to sew the folded in end down.

You can leave your sides un-stitched until you install your zipper into your project! Once you sew your zipper down to your project, you can sew over the ends and it closes them up very neatly.

I hope this zipper ending technique is useful for your projects! Enjoy! 

Caius x H!Female Reader (Request)(SMUT)

Happy Valentine’s Day! <##3 I hope you enjoyed reading it as I enjoyed writing~ (; It’s a long story I apologize! I got carried away ^^

It was that time of the year, couples rushing to buy heart shaped boxes filled with sweets accompanied with flowers and a card holding words straight from the heart.

Caius on the other hand didn’t give you any of that. Instead, he was off in the throne room with his brothers. Of course you felt a little hurt but you knew he was doing his duty.

That is until suddenly you were approached by a guard, holding a small paper. “Master Caius ordered me to deliver this to you ma’am.” Taking it from him you nodded and shot him a small smile. “Thank you” he dismissed himself from your presence.

Unfolding the note you were met with the perfectly written words from your love. “Ciao, Bella. I hope this note finds you well. I have been thinking about you all day, no different from the other days but I know today is il giorno della festa degli innamorati. You were probably expecting gifts earlier, I apologize my rose. I would rather give you them in person. Meet me in the throne room around 8 in the evening. Wear something nice luce mia. Until then, Love always, Caius.”

Excitingly you made your way toward the bedroom you and Caius shared. Quickly shutting the entrance doors you joyfully walked to a end table that resided next to the bed and set the note down. It’s been awhile since Caius done something like this for you, telling you to dress up and meet him somewhere. When he did it was always extravagant.

Taking a short but refreshing nap you awoke to the dim light room, propping yourself up you were surprised to see candles settled around the whole room and was quickly met with the nice calm smell. Slowly your eyes landed on the clock that hung from the wall. It showed 6pm. Getting up from the comforting embrace from the bed you waltz over to the closet. It was overwhelming to see so many clothes. Caius always made sure you got at least a couple outfits every week. You wouldn’t be surprised if every designer was in there.

Eventually you chose a dress that showed your outline perfectly. You hoped Caius would approve. You weren’t sure what you two would be doing so that made you a little nervous. A bubble bath sounded just about nice right now. Dress in hand you went to the bathroom.

After the bath you were now facing the mirror you started to comb your hair, through each stroke thoughts clouded your mind. What was Caius planning? Did he want to change you tonight? and why in the throne room? he almost never let you enter into there. Nonsense. You had to focus on getting ready.

Exiting the bathroom you looked at the clock. 7:45pm. Did you really take that long to get ready? At least you still had time to get to the throne room. Putting your dress shoes on you strutted out of the bedroom to go meet your love.

Two guards were standing in front of the large wooden doors to the throne room. As you approached they smiled and turned to open them. When you reached the entrance they bowed. There he was. Caius.

Turning away from Aro’s throne his red eyes were met with your beautiful ones. Time always seemed to stop when that happened. A smile grew on his marble face. “You look stunning. As always.” Soon enough his cold hands were gently held yours.  “Did you see the decorations? Aren’t they marvelous dear?” You eyesight wandered around the large room. Hanging chandeliers were up and shining. Small tables held vases filled with orange roses. A larger table sat off the side, a gorgeous meal was on a gold plate and a glass of water completing it. Finally your eyes looked up to the ceiling and you spotted a magnificent chandelier. Different from all the others. “It’s so beautiful Caius, So unique.” His attention was still sat on you. “Indeed it is. It completes the room.”

Slowly tugging at your hand he led you to the table to your food. When you arrived he let go your hand and pulled out the chair for you. Grabbing the silver fork from beside the plate you glanced to the opposite side of table where Caius resided. An Expression you never saw before rested on his face. You gave him a unsure smile and he smiled back.

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Dean x reader

Warnings: SMUT. As always. Oral sex, squirting, multiple orgasms, swearing, alcohol, a tiny bit of angst with a dash of fluff.

Side note: I’m sorry this took so long, I literally could not get passed the writers block. Hopefully you all enjoy!


You watched as Dean swayed side to side with the beautiful waitress he’d been flirting with all night. She tried ignoring his attempts at first, like the other ones always did, but those green eyes always got the best of them. You knew it wasn’t long before they headed out, back to Dean’s room and did things you’d only ever dreamed of.

Pining over the brooding, stubborn, broken hunter was never fun. Especially on nights like these. But you’d gotten so used to it, it barely hurt anymore.


You threw back your last shot and headed out, not wanting to see the way Dean cupped the waitresses ass as they stumbled out.

Walking out into the cool air, you realized just how much you’d drank. The motel was only across the road but it seemed miles away. You slowly made your way across, looking both ways like a small child without an adult. As you made your way up to the door, you realized Dean would be bringing the waitress back here for the night. You scolded yourself for not getting a separate room.

Miserable and drunk, you finally managed to get the door open, stumbling a bit before stabilizing yourself and turning on the light. You glanced at both beds, groaning at the lack of space between them. This was going to be a long night.

You shut the light and fell onto your bed. It wasn’t the most comfortable but you’d slept on worse.

It couldn’t have been more than an hour later when the sound of keys fumbling and the door opening woke you up. There was only one set of footsteps so you figured Dean had struck out with the waitress. Relief washed over you. Atleast you’d actually get some sleep tonight.

“You awake?”

You turned over, expecting to see Dean disheveled and confused from the alcohol, but to your surprise he seemed perfectly sober. Standing straight with a strangely serene look on his face.

“What’s up? Waitress wasn’t buying what you were selling?” You chuckled, hoping to break the odd tension that was suddenly between you two.

“I told her I had to wake up early. Gave her a fake number… I’m sure she’ll get over me in a little while.” He smirked.

“You… let her go?…. Are you ok?” You didn’t hide the concern in your voice. It wasn’t like Dean to turn away a perspective one night stand.

“I’m good, sweet heart. She was nice… I just wasn’t feeling it tonight.”

He was still standing, right at the end of his bed facing you straight on. His eyes were hooded, looking at you with an intensity that burned into your core. You sat up, realizing there was something more he wasn’t telling you.

“Dean, what’s going on?… is there something you wanted to talk about?” Your heart was starting to beat out of your chest. This was serious.

“How come you left?”

Ok… Not what you were expecting.

“Left? Where? The bar? I was just getting tired. Long day of driving can really tucker an old girl out.” Your nerves were starting to show, making stupid jokes to lighten the mood.

“Y/n….”, Dean’s voice dangerously low, eyes never leaving yours. “Why?”

You looked down, the uneven blanket on his bed catching your eye. You fidgeted with your fingers, not sure how to voice your reason.

Dean moved suddenly, taking 3 long steps forward and kneeling down in front of you so that he was eye level. Gently placing his finger under your chin, he lifted your face until there was nowhere to look but those bright green eyes.

Starting slow, in a barely audible whisper, you confessed…

“I can’t watch you with all those women. You’re not mine… but it still hurts.”

“Why does it hurt?” His expression guarded, unchanging.

“We’ve known eachother for what? 4 years now? We spend everyday together. We hunt together. You’re my best friend…. after a while… I started hoping…” your voice faded off, not sure how to finish.

Were you in love with Dean? Absolutely. Did he love you? Probably, but not the way you wanted. How can you confess your love to someone who could never love you back?

Tears clouded your vision, threatening to spill over and make you look even more pathetic. You tried to look anywhere but Dean, but his proximity was making it damn near impossible.

“Y/n… do you think I went home with those girls because I didn’t want you?”

His gentle tone pulled you from your embarrassment. Hesitantly, you brought your gaze back to his, seeing the kind smile and slight amusement in his eyes.

“I went with them because I didn’t think I was good enough for you.” He looked away, clearing his throat. “I still don’t think I am. But seeing you walking out of the bar, seeing the way you looked at me and that waitress… I knew I had to say something.”

You were both silent for what felt like forever, searching each others eyes.

Finally the tension was too much.

“So what are you saying?”

It was amazing what one question could unleash.

Dean’s lips were on yours in a second. The passion was unbelievable, but there was no rush. You melded together in a slow heat, his tongue gently massaging yours. His hands wrapped around your waste as he pushed against you, laying you both down on the bed. You stayed like that for a while, just enjoying the feel of his lips, the soft moans that escaped him, and the way his hands ran up and down your side, sending shivers through you.

You tugged on the hem of his shirt, raising it up and over his head. He lifted his arms to help you, and then brought them back to your side to continue they’re smooth back and forth motion. Your hands explored his chest and arms, marveling at the muscles underneath. Working your way down to his belt, you felt him tense under your touch.

Breaking the kiss, you gestured to his jeans as you began removing your shirt. Throwing it to the side, you heard Dean’s zipper come down. You looked over his beautiful 6 foot frame and your heart fluttered. This gorgeous being was almost naked, very obviously hard and waiting for you. You yanked down your jeans and removed your bra so you were both just in your underwear.

“You look amazing…”

Blushing at his words, you reached a hand out to him. He grabbed it instantly and you pulled him back down on top of you. Continuing your lazy kisses, you rolled over so that you were straddling Dean. You sat up and looked down at his boxers. Reaching under the hem, you pulled his cock out, stroking it gently and watched as Dean’s eyes shut, giving himself over to you.

Moving your panties to the side, you placed your wet pussy right over his dick and let him slide through your folds. He grazed your clit every time.

“I wanna taste you.” He practically begged.

Smiling, you scooted yourself up until your pussy was right over his face. He placed both hands on the underside of your thighs, flattened his tongue and licked one long, slow, line from your entrance up to your clit. You bit your lip to cover the moans that were threatening to escape.

“Taste so good, sweet heart..” he brought his tongue through your folds again, going around your clit but never actually touching it. His movements were slow, but deliberate. He circled your clit one way and then another, but never repeating the same pattern. You could feel yourself getting hot, a spring coiling inside that you knew was going to explode if he continued his pace.

Without warning, he flipped you on to your back, legs in the air and pinned you to the bed. There was no more amusement in his face. His eyes were focused, his jaw was tight and every muscle in his body was ready to pounce.

This wasn’t Dean. This was the Hunter.

He placed his mouth around your clit, continuing his circles but this time at a pace that would surely kill you. You couldn’t stop the moans this time.

He had your entire lower body pinned to the bed so you couldn’t move, making the pleasure so much more intense. You grabbed the sheets and practically screamed his name over and over.

“Dean! Oh fuck Dean, don’t stop! I’m gonna cum!” You cried.

Dean started to suck on your clit and that was the end. Your orgasm exploded. Your back arched off the bed and your cries were heard throughout the motel. It came in waves, almost never ending.

When it did finally subside, you laid back in the bed, trying to concentrate on your breathing. Dean stood up, gently massaging your thighs.

“That was beautiful, y/n. I could watch you cum like that forever.”

“It definitely felt like it was going to last forever.” You laughed.

Dean laid over top of you, gently kissing you, and running his cock through your sensitive folds once, twice, and one last time before gently pushing into your entrance. You moaned at the feeling, loving the pain of the stretch and the way it faded into a dull pleasure.

He entered you in one, agonizingly slow thrust. Giving you time to adjust to his size, he stayed still, peppering your neck and shoulders with kiss after kiss.

“Dean…move.” You growled, digging your nails into his shoulder blades.

Dean’s muscles tensed, stopping in the middle of planting a wet kiss just under your jawline. He lifted his head, looking you square in the eye.

“Yes ma'am.” He purred with a sly grin.

Lifting his hips and thrusting back into you, he created a friction so intense you knew it would consume you. His cock hit your sweet spot every time, causing the pressure in your core to build with every thrust. You’re nails dragged down Dean’s back, leaving long red marks and causing Dean to hiss at the pleasurable sting.

His eyes never left your face. He watched the way your eyes closed from the pleasure… the shape of your beautiful mouth as you moaned his name… the sweat that rolled down your cleavage. He wanted this image of you burned into his mind.

“Fuck, Dean. Don’t stop. Faster.. please go faster.”

He quickened his thrusts, setting a pace that could put any pornstar to shame. Your orgasm started slow, until Dean stood up, changing his angle and hitting spots you didn’t know you had.

Your second orgasm was nothing like the first. It hit you like a freight train. Your legs shook so violently you were sure you were having a seizure. The heat in your core expanded, spreading to every part of your body. Dean’s pace never slowed and the pressure never died. Just when you thought you couldn’t take it anymore, the pressure erupted. You felt yourself release like a waterfall all over Dean’s cock. Squirting wasn’t something you’d done before and your eyes went wide with surprise.

The look on Dean’s face was pure ecstasy. Being covered in your juices pushed him over the edge, his thrusts stuttered and he spilled into you. His release was fast but powerful. Three hard thrusts and he was finished. He collapsed on top of you. The only sound in the room was your heavy breathings.

You stayed locked in each other’s arms until you both fell asleep.

The next morning you woke up feeling sore… everywhere. The dull pain reminded you of last nights activities and you smiled.

“Mornin’, sweetheart.”

You opened your eyes and saw Dean staring at you, a gentle smile on his lips. Happiness radiated from him and you couldn’t help but smile back.


“You feeling ok?”

“I’m a little sore… but I’m not complaining.” You both laughed. “Last night was…” your voice trailed off, no words were good enough to describe the events that took place.

“Yea it was.” He grinned. “Starting to think I should get you jealous more often..”

Smacking his arm, you gave him the best disapproving look you could muster, but you were too happy to be irritated.

You sat in a comfortable silence, staring into Dean’s eyes and thanking whichever gods were listening. No matter what happens, you were his. And, finally, Dean Winchester was yours.


★Kitty portrait frame series★

*Reservation: 28th February 2017 ~ 15th March 2017
*Shipping: 17th April 2017 ~ 30th April 2017

★Shipping fee★
*USA&Europe&The other countries-30USD
(We are using EMS)

★Kitty Long sleeve op(260USD)-M,XL size
★Kitty Jumperskirt(220USD)-SM,LXL size
★Waist shirring skirt(145USD)-Free size
★Kitty bonnet kachusha-65USD
★Kitty headbow-45USD
★Frill Ecobag-55USD


White / Periwinkle / Black

*Highwaist Onepiece size
M / XL size, 2 pockets
-Bust(cm) M(Approx.90cm) XL(Approx.104cm)
-Waist(cm) M(Approx.82cm) XL(Approx.96cm)
-Sleeve(cm) M(Approx.62cm) XL(Approx.64cm)
-Upper length(cm) M Approx.33cm /XL Approx.35cm
-Shoulder-M (Approx.36cm) XL (Approx.38cm)
-Skirt length :Approx.63cm

*Back shirring jumperskirt
JSK SM / LXL size: Side zipper, 1 pocket
-Bust(cm) M(Approx.90cm~Approx.97cm) XL(Approx.104cm~Approx.112cm)
-Waist(cm) M(Approx.70cm~Approx.80cm) XL(Approx.84cm~Approx.92cm)
-Upper length(cm) M Approx.37cm /XL Approx.39cm
-Skirt length :M Approx.62cm

-Shell Fabric: Polyester Jaquird 100%
-Iace: Polyester 100%

★Care Instruction★
Dry Cleaning please


Please send any inquiry/order to
※If there is a simultaneous inquiry or order, the email

inquiry/order takes the priority.
———- Order Form ———-
** Please note we do not accept cancellations under any circumstances

- all orders are final**
1. Name
2. Postal address
3. Zip code and country
4. Contact phone number
5. Order Details
6. PayPal account email
7. Additional comments

Sora 158cm
Photo by LaLa
All produced by Lief, 2017



Finely tailored navy silk with short sleeve bodice having jewel neck and princess seams, four oversized mother of pearl buttons, set-in waist with a near circle eight panel skirt, button-on white linen pilgrim collar and two pair cuffs all with navy embroidered scallop and dot border, narrow self belt, side zipper.

Balance on the Head of a Pin

Chapter Twenty Five

Previous Chapter

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x OFC  |  Word Count: 7828
Warnings: none

Lauren’s gaze remained on the empty place Loki had once occupied for a few long heartbeats before she finally managed to make her body work again. She shook. Not from fear, but from relief. Though she’d only learned of the bond growing between herself and Loki hours ago, the niggling concern she’d be unable to fulfill the final step when, really, she had no idea how she’d managed the first four, had left her doubting herself.

What if she messed up? What if she never figured out what the magical secret was? What if she failed and Loki never found peace?

She realized now what a stupid thought that had been. It hadn’t been something she had to do, but something she needed to accept. In that single moment of blinding clarity when he’d held her against him and she’d let go, surrendered to him completely, it had been so clear. There was nowhere in the world she wanted to be more than with him, at his side, forever.

Everything she’d told Sadie, the incredible fairytale romance which she’d somehow become the leading lady in had led her to one realization. She could be happy, whatever came, whatever the future held, as long as she was with Loki. With that thought, she’d fully committed.

On shaky legs, she turned to face the mirror and lifted a trembling hand to her throat. The green stone was incredible. She’d never seen anything like it, not that that surprised her. It flickered with inner fire and was warm to the touch. Such a soothing warmth. It gave her the same feeling of comfort being in Loki’s arms did.

The serpents were beautiful. So realistic, they looked as if the could come alive and bite with those wickedly sharp fangs. Tiny black gems for eyes glittered, and though the torque was gold, it was a multitude of tones. Everything from the shiniest, brightest gold, gleaming like the sun, to the deepest of antique. There were even hints of green and rose glinting from the scales. It was the most exquisitely detailed piece of jewelry she had ever seen.

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