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(NOT) THE SWEET KINDS - a mix for Urban Witches in the Night (and there was a different kind of magic for the witches awake at night in cities of glass & steel, an altogether different kind of hunger…) [cover credit: X-X]

i.something here - woodJu X coMa // ii.grey veils - chainless // iii.on yr side - slow magic // iv.untrust us - crystals castles // v.yellow flicker beat (providence remix) - lorde // vi.very cruel - poliça // vii.pretty wicked things - dawn richard // viii.vulnerable (feat. travis scott) - tinashe // ix.outside - unison // x.out of body experience - xliexcryxdiex // xi.wvfflife - bl▲ck † ceiling // xii.electra heart (teddy killerz remix) - marina and the diamonds // xiii.tunnel - the hundred in the hands / xiv.butterfly (feat mimi page) - bassnectar

darkthebluekitty  asked:

peach parfait 💙(*'▽'*)♪

peach parfait ー name a song/album that you associate with a period time in your life & why

i actually have been through a bit.. and i have a few songs i associate with my life. more recently i associate the song “Something Good” by Got7 bc i am finally starting a new chapter of my life and everything is starting to become easier, less stressful, and all of the things i worried about in the past are just fading away. the song is very nice and sweet sounding as well, which is comforting to me. i hope that wasn’t too confusing. - N

Me: You know what? Staying up all night was a stupid decision.

My sister(5 yr old): Well, it’s because you have Lyme’s disease, and it makes you really tired, but at night it makes you want to stay awake allll night.

Me: Yeah, you’re right. I still wish I hadn’t though.

Sister: Yeah. But you know, when you get better, you won’t anymore.

Me: That’s a good thing to remember.

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Another Corazon playlist! Consisting of Electronic, Indie, and alternative. 

Listen: HERE

1. Beings - Madeon 2. Fresh Static Snow - Porter Robinson 3. On Yr Side - Slow magic 4. Holocene (remix) - Bon Iver 5. Rather Be (Elephante Remix) - Clean Bandit 6. Born to Die (Monsieur Adi Remix) - Lana Del Ray 7. Lies (Zeds Dead Remix) - Marina and The Diamonds 8. Willow Tree march - The Paper Kites 9. Elastic Heart - Sia 10. Hold Me Down - Halsey 11. Home - Madeon 12. We Come Running (Vicetone Remix) - Youngblood Hawke 13. Years of War - Porter Robinson