side wall


On the side of the wall that stood across them hung a black and white photo of a man. He wore what looked to be a tracksuit, and was surrounded by a few men in tux. The man’s appearance did not go with setting that was around him at all, but somehow his presence made it work, giving the picture an edge that made you look twice. The picture looked to be taken in a hurry, its focus being blurry on the edges and the angles just not being quite right. 

It would’ve been just an all over average picture if it wasn’t for the gaze the man wore. 

The man’s gaze cut through the camera with annoyance and boredom, making Harry feel uncomfortable just by looking at him. It was clear the man did not like his pictures to be taken like that and the boredom that stirred in his eyes suggested that he was used to it, if not happy about it. Harry still couldn’t take his eyes off of him, though. The man was after all, breathtakingly beautiful. 


Author: @thesexyasswoman

Gifset/moodboard: @louistomlinsons 

Coming on October 25th with @1dreversebang​!

My little concept for YanDad ovo I tried to use Persona’s 5 style, but it didn’t came out as I wanted to. I may still change his hairstyle in the future but for now I’ll let him be. 

In my headcanon he sometimes throws terrible dad jokes to make Ayano laugh…he always fails terribly…and regrets it later.


Hey! So I commissioned @princeofmints​ ages ago to draw some stuff from T&E, and despite the fact that I had to push everything back at least a month due to lack of funds (and was somehow both really vague and way too specific about what I wanted), he was a delight to work with the whole time and got everything back to me way faster than I’d expected. These pieces were affordable and are just dang cute to boot, and I cannot recommend him enough!

I had to had to had to show them off, because they deserve to be seen by all. (And by all, I mean … like, the people who follow me. So, really like … by 6. Still. All 6 of you, check this shit out!) So gaze upon them!

l o v e - tom holland

summary: tom and y/n are so in love. from the way he looks at her to being the only one he truly adores. love was made for them. this is the ups and downs of being in love with tom holland.

notes: gif not mine based off the song by nat king cole. this was supposed to be something cute and small i wrote in an evening but here we are a week later with the longest fic i’ve ever written. please leave me your thoughts, i worked really hard on this!!

word count: 3542

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