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  • Kunikida, in the agency: Oi Dazai, wanna tell Atsushi to come along?
  • Dazai, really loudly: I AM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR ATSUSHI-KUN!!

Fight choreography and/or scene composition & cinematography in Into the Badlands that reminded me of those in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

(Wall stop, sword trapping, improvised weapon, camera pan over the sword.)


Pearlmethyst + RP Generator Part 1 | Part 2


yeeeees I have!!! It’s one of my favourite classic AU and I’m not ashamed. I have this but I could write more, tell me if you want part 2. Anyway Enjoy!!

-The settings are the same as any normal Omegaverse but no Mpreg. (I’m not really a fan of it)

Alphas: Dazai, Kunikida, Naomi, Kyouka, Fukuzawa, Akutagawa, Mori

Beta: Yosano, Kenji, Higuchi, Gin, Koyou

Omega: Atsushi, Junichiro, Ranpo, Chuuya

-Atsushi’s orphanage is still shitty. They trained and made profit of  human traffic by selling the omega’s in the black market. The housemaster wanted to sell Atsushi at a good price because not only was he pretty but he had an ability, a regenerative ability none the less, which amounted double the price. Still while he could somehow put Atsushi into submission, he couldn’t tame his tiger side.

-Atsushi met Dazai and the rest of the Agency when he was about to be sold. The agency was recruited by the government to take down the human traffic and raided the orphanage. They put the rest of the kids in different orphanages and put the omegas into custody but they couldn’t do that with Atsushi due to his ability. So Dazai and Fukuzawa, being the good Alphas they are, take Atsushi in.

-It’s normal for Alphas and Omegas (mated or not)to create communities, like a packs of sorts, in these case the ADA, being Fukuzawa the top Alpha and Ranpo the top Omega, since they are the senior mated couple (yes I sliped a little of fukuranpo, sue me). The omegas tend to take care of each other, so Atsushi, Junichiro and Ranpo tend to stick together and interact more, while the rest of the ADA (specially the Alphas) watches as their precious omega do cute things together.

-Because of the abuse and the bullshit the orphanage taught Atsuhi, he has a very bad misconception of the Omega/Alpha relationship, thinking he is below any Alpha he comes across. It takes time for Atsushi to get out of this mindset, but the agency is a good place for him and so is Dazai. The first time Atsushi shouted at him flustered because all the teasing, he was proud  and in complete denial of any kind of attraction and Alpha instincts he had for the boy.

-It was painfully obvious that Dazai was attracted to Atsushi and viceversa. It’s true that Omegas and Alphas are very driven by instinct but when there’s genuine feelings and interest the reactions are stronger. It was obvious at first glance that Atsushi had a crush on Dazai that lately developed in real feelings of affection for the man. As for Dazai he fell hard for Atsushi but he was really trying really hard to denied it for various reasons.

-One because he had planed to give Atsushi to Akutagawa to form a better soukoku than him and Chuuya because he neither bonded nor mated with Chuuya (After a long but inspiring speech from Kunikida of how immoral was to “give” a person to someone Dazai forgot the matter and focused on other reasons).But it wasn’t in his plans for the boy to become so important to him so at mid plan he started to sabotage his own plans (Poor Akutagawa, in another dimension the plan succeeded because, Akuatsu, again sue me). Second because he was afraid this feelings were because of his Alpha nature and didn’t want to force Atsushi into anything because, oh God everything regarding Atsushi can be a landmine and how do you avoid it, how to make him happy, how to be affectionate genuinely, not to mention  who would want to mate with a certified suicidal maniac. Port mafia didn’t teach him how to be nice to people, especially not to Omegas.  (somebody help this man, he is an emotional mess)

-Dazai is not really worried about other Alphas trying to take Atsushi by force, because the tiger insctinc reeacts strongly against any other Alpha that’s not Dazai, plus Kyouka is always with Atsushi and she is terrifiying and threatening enough to keep idiots at bay. Doesn’t mean he is happy about it and whenever he senses another Apha looking and preying on Atsushi, old mafia habit resurface due to instinct and the results are not pretty. Kunikida had to stop Dazai from barely mutilating a guy that almost got his way when Atsushi was injured. (too dark?)

-All came down when Atsushi entered his heat. Atsushi is a normal Omega when he is in his human form, but when his heat strike things get complicated. Normal Omegas get completely submissive, Atsushi’s tiger side becomes feral. Tigers are “picky” and aggressive when they are in heat. When Dazai first tried to mate with Atsushi he had to subdue the tiger first, but once he was recognized by the tiger, Atsushi gave in completely to Dazai. His heats last longer than normal Omegas too, but Dazai sure isn’t complaining.

-Dazai is possessive as hell and Atsushi is pretty eye catching, so even before they mated, Dazai had a hard time keeping everybody far from the boy. Before they mated Dazai made sure to rub his Alpha scent on Atsushi as much as possible, by hugging Atsushi from behind or putting his coat over him every day. When they mated and Atsushi’s smell changed, he made sure to mark him properly, leaving marks strategically so they are visible for everybody to see but not big enough for Atsushi.

-He also makes sure to renew the marks at every moment much to Atsushi’s embarassment and secret delight. He grabs Atsushi by surprise and rubs again his neck or bites at the back if it. Atsushi always complains but gives in to the antics after a pat on the head and a kiss.

-One of the thing that Dazai does for Atsushi as an Alpha that the boys loves the most, is making nests form him. Nests meaning this big, comfy pillow and blankets bed that smell of him and Atsushi loves it. They sleep together there, hugging each other and when Atsushi has to stay home because of the days prior to the heat he hides under the blankets and buries his face in the pillows that smell like his Alpha, feeling secure and at home.

  • Mantis: Remember that time you dared me to lick that swingset?
  • Crane: No, I said, "Mantis, don't lick the swingset," and you said, "Don't tell me what to do, Crane." And then you licked the swingset.

Samurai Love Ballard AU where MC decides if she will become the Tigress of Kai.

MC x Takeda Shingen

“I want to take you as my bride.”

”Milord..p..please give me t..time to think about it.” she pleaded, hating her weak, un confident stammering coupled with some shy gazes towards the predatory male. She was no tigress, maybe a deer or a rabbit or some common animal. “Deer and rabbits do not stand at a tiger’s side.

” I leave for battle soon. I expect your answer when I return.” 

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Stephane Lambiel, European Championships 2006 (Free Skate)


OH GOD IT’S EVEN WORSE THAN I THOUGHT. Zebra print on one side, tiger print on the other?! WHY. 

Okay, I admit it. I have a bias against animal print designs, always have had. I think pretty much all of them are tacky except in the smallest doses and even then, not really a fan. 

And this is hideously tacky. As if the zebra/tiger combination wasn’t enough, we have half orange-half black biceps and sparkling blue to finish of the sleeves out of nowhere, and that just looks indecisive, Stephane, it really does!

Dear god, there’s more? Is that a sparkly snowflake on one side? Okay, that’s the first hint I’ve gotten that your Four Seasons program might actually be related to the Four Seasons, so… y… ay?

Look, the program is supposed to be The Four Seasons, not The Four Totally Unrelated Concepts, right? And I don’t know why I keep bringing things back to The Village People but I would be a lot more accepting if this was for say, YMCA than Vivaldi. Or Stayin’ Alive, even if the BeeGees never dressed anything like this as far as I know. If it was for The Rite of Spring, even, if we must mix zebras and classical music!

As it is, this is just a hot mess. 

Grade: D+. Dire and demented, and yet like a trainwreck, I cannot look away.

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First Dates for Atsushi scenario

Atsushi nervously scratched the baack of his neck and clutched some roses in the other hand as he knocked on the front door of your house.

You opened the door to find a blushing Atsushi
And he gently smiled and gave you the roses.

You invited him in for thee movie date the both of you had planned to be your first date.

You had cleaned your whole place. Especially the living room decorating it with pillows and a soft blanket because you knew the tiger side as well as the orphan side of Atsushi loved such items.

You both sat on the blanket and you played the movie. Soon Atsushi was holding you by your shoulders but was literally shivering from nervousness.

You turned back to look at him. Placed a reassuring arm of his chest and told him.

“Calm down”

Abd he did. You guys switched the movie off and got a glass of nice wine ( dont drink kids)

You talked and talked till you both fell asleep in each other’s arms.