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Titans south at the beach! :D GO

“Starfire, when you told us you were taking us to the beach… This isn’t the kind of beach I had in mind.” Raven stated, clad in a white t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

Starfire, who was already stripping down to her swimsuit (a white, side-tie bikini with cherries on it,) paused to look up at her. “What is the matter? You said you wanted a beach with few or no people on it, Raven. So I found this one!”

“I know I said that. But I didn’t think I needed to also specify a minimum of alligators.”

True, the white-sanded beach was completely clear of people, untouched by human hands and blessedly free of cameras. It was also home to a number of sunbathing alligators.

“I must confess I do not understand your issue, Raven,” Starfire answered, stuffing her shirt into her beach bag. “We fight things much more dangerous than a few of your Earth reptiles daily. There is not a single member of our team that is vulnerable to these creatures.”

“I would still prefer to sunbathe without having to shake a gator off my leg, Starfire.”

Koriand’r smirked, raising an eyebrow. “You were going to sunbathe, Raven? Please tell me that you have brought sufficient sunscreen for such an occasion.”

Raven glared, stuffing her hand in her bag and pulling out a bottle of SPF 60 sunscreen.


Once slathered in a generous layer of sunscreen (the layer on her back applied by the shaking hands of Beast Boy) Raven laid in the sun, hoping against all odds that she might get a tan, rather than burn to a gothic crisp.

Speaking of Beast Boy, he should be coming back from changing into his swimsuit by now. She sat up and took off her sunglasses, blinking in the light reflecting off the white sand, when a shout of “BEAST BOY!” split her ears. Instantly alert, she jumped to her feet, ready to defend her teammate, finally getting a look at him. He was standing perfectly fine, in… in…

Raven felt blood rush to her face and her eyes widened at the sight. It was Ms. Martian who screamed, and now she could see why. Beast Boy was standing there, hands on his hips, in naught but a tight, black speedo.

“What?” he asked, “Star and Rae are in bikinis. Why do I gotta wear bunched up, uncomfortable swim trunks?” Much to Raven’s embarrassment, he began flexing. M’Gann covered her eyes in horror, seeing her little brother like this being just too much for her.

“Garfieeeld! Why are you doing this to me!?” she cried, peeking between her fingers to find out if he put pants back on or not. He had not, and she hurriedly shut her eyes again.

“It’s comfortable!” he shouted back. “You don’t see me complaining about Star and Rae, do you? Which, by the way, reminds me that you both look great.”

Raven was still shocked silent but acknowledged his compliment with a shaky nod. Starfire clasped her hands together and floated a foot off the sand. “Thank you, Garfield! I happen to think you look quite good yourself!”

Cass looked up from the sand castle she was building and gave Gar a brief thumbs up before returning to her project.


With the addition of a little driveway carved out of the sand, and a toy Batmobile parked near the sand-garage, Cassie’s sand Wayne Manor was complete. She stood, radiating pride, and admired her work. A worthy piece.

Something brushed her leg, and she glanced down. Ah, it was only an alligator tail. Well, as long as it kept away from her sand manor.

Her other friends, Raven, Beast Boy and Ms Martian were clearly upset though. Presumably from the alligator’s proximity to her, and not her masterpiece. They really shouldn’t worry, she thought. She’s much tougher than an alligator, she’s had encounters with them before, thanks to Damian.

The alligator lunged at her and she snapped her foot down on it’s nose, clamping it’s jaw shut. Easy.

Just then, she noticed the clouds of sand being kicked up by a green streak hurtling towards her. Seemed Starfire was about to take it on herself to save her from this beast. Cass lowered her swim goggles to protect her eyes, stepped off the gator’s nose, and crouched next to her sand manor.

Starfire snatched up the gator a half second later, leaving a plume of sand in her wake. The fire-haired Tamaranean princess growled and snarled as she wrestled with the leviathan, a very one sided fight in her favor, despite the gator’s bullet-proof skin and her thin bikini.

While the rest of the titans cheered Starfire’s glorious combat, Cass smiled at the joy of her friends. Cass turned back to her sand manor and began wiping off some excess sand.

I had so much fun writing this. After this everyone posed around Cassie’s sand manor and took a group picture. It was shortly after hung on the team’s fridge by Starfire.