side swept bang

taylor swift: *chooses to have side swept bangs and shoulder length hair in all the promotional photos for her new tv channel because she wants to send a message that not only has she accepted it as her best look but she realises that she needs to atone for the bleach hair style that shall not be named*


Aesthetics for the Signs

Aries: Beanies, side-swept bangs, black hair, cigarettes, skulls, purple, hipster glasses, being tickled, inside jokes, fried chicken, an addictive laugh

Taurus: Opinions, politics, religion, spirituality, business attire, working from home, golf, beady eyes, empowering voice

Gemini: Rednecks, camo, fishing, bragging, fun stories, forced laugh, sweet tea, four wheelers, trucks, mudding, falling off motor scooters

Cancer: Roller coasters, red wine, maui maui, lake house vacations, family oriented, family game nights, loving stares, strong stature

Leo: Boisterous, medical field, intelligence, giving advice, Grey’s Anatomy, binge watching, heels, gold jewelry, small yet fierce

Virgo: Red hair, flannel jackets, tumblr, broken necklaces, independence, tempers, bus rides, stubble, a dazzling smile

Libra: Long brown hair, caring eyes, tan skin, skateboarding, relationships, being reckless 

Scorpio: Glares, building walls, shutting down, dark clothing with occasional burst of colors, makeup, piercing eyes, soul reading, energies, the arts

Sagittarius: Flower crowns, floral dresses, band, kindness, sassy remarks, teaching, daring looks, tight hugs, baking, traveling 

Capricorn: Musical talents, college, black grand pianos, ties, putting a guard up, careful, sarcastic attitudes, weird faces, messenger bags

Aquarius: Tight black dresses, modeling, white smiles, beauty marks, bikinis, popularity, vegan apple juice, Chinese food

Pisces: Crystals, pugs, tiny voices, addictive personalities, perfect teeth, dreamy daze, being distant, pushing away, playful smiles, corny puns


So, I made a reference sheet of Frisk that was ripped off inspired from @nochocolate​‘s Chara reference sheet. I hope they’re alright with me using their format/layout.

The drawings/sepia sprites used were all created by Temmie Chang, so I consider hem to be reliable sources for Frisk’s design.


  • Frisk has medium-length hair that stops just above their shoulder.
    • While not present in the overworld sprites or figurine, Temmie has often illustrated Frisk with side-swept bangs.
  • They wear a crew neck shirt with long sleeves.
    •  In some of the artwork, a black ring (possibly an undershirt?) can be seen near/under their shirt collar.
    • In most cases, the two stripes on their shirt only goes around the torso, not the arms. However, in the sprite of them hugging Asriel, stripes on their arms can be seen, but this has been their only appearance.
  • In some of the artwork, a dark ring (possibly an undershirt?) can be seen near/over their shirt collar.
  • Their cheeks are not as round as Chara’s.
  • Frisk’s bottom wear is very inconsistent. Based on the overworld sprites, it consists of shorts/pants with shoes/boots/leggings(?). The figurine has shorts and dark leggings, while some of Temmie’s art shows the same as the figurine, but sometimes gives them long pants with dark shoes as well.
  • They are presumably the same height as Chara.
  • Frisk’s hair and shoes/boots/leggings are the same color.
  • The blue on their shirt and the color of their shorts are the same shade of blue.
  • Frisk’s eye color is unknown, however some theorize that it is red. When Chara possesses them in the soulless pacifist ending, their eyes turn red when opened, despite that Chara’s eyes have not been red in any other appearance.

rosejiannahasnolife  asked:

For the unusual asks how about, 3 14 46 87 99?

Thank you!😘
3. What color are your eyes?
They are brown!
14. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
Probably NYC or some city like it! I like the convenience of having stores in walking distance.
46. What’s your go to hair style?
I leave it down or I tue it in a low ponytail! Also side swept bangs because I hate the middle parting look.
87. Are you outgoing or shy?
Very shy! Online makes you slightly braver due to anonymity, but I still prefer low follower counts and stuff, haha.
99. What is your Zodiac sign?
I’m a Capricorn!

Jackie smiled as she said goodbye to someone before they went on to find a cocktail from one of the servers. She let out the smallest of sighs and quickly pulled her phone partially out of her pocket so she could check the time. She really missed bringing Cecilia to these outings. Her family’s events weren’t always boring, plenty of interesting people attended, the drinks were always good, and she enjoyed the chance of putting on one of her newly acquired dresses. The problem was that these events always drew the same people, the same families, and then the people who wanted a glimpse at the lifestyle she had grown up in. It was an odd mix of snobby and rich and the people attracted to the qualities that came with those attributes. Still, family obligation said that she had to attend, especially since this particular evening was about the expansion of the Annenberg school, the same one she attended. She slid her phone back into her pocket, carefully fixed her side swept bangs, and looked around as more people began to enter the rented out ballroom.