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For @bjorkshirepudding, hoping she has and everyone else has a nice peaceful Christmas. And for anyone who doesn’t, this can be something to take your mind off. Image sets are way harder than they appear, jsyk. Also available on AO3

“Getting chilly out there again,” Steve called, kicking his boots off by the door. He left them to drip on the hallway carpet and shrugged off his jacket, balancing some freshly chopped logs on the boot pile . He got no answer but heard Darcy commiserating to someone over the phone, and went to stock the fire in the den.

Whoever was calling Darcy wasn’t about to let her go soon, so Steve stood in the kitchen doorway, leaning on the frame, and watched as his girl tried to one-handedly decorate star-shaped cookies, her other hand holding the phone to her ear. There was a vaguely complete, slightly wonky gingerbread house on a wooden chopping board off to one side, and stacks of rejected and burnt cookies waiting to become bird food. Darcy’s hands were covered in splotches of food dye, and she had a smudge of icing sugar across her nose, where she had pushed up her glasses.

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Kevin Tutoring Moose Pt 2

Part 1 here / 1 & 2 on AO3 / G / both parts together 447 words

Okay like I said last time this trope is golden and these drabbles will continue because Kevin and Moose deserve a flirty study time that is all fluff (if y’all want other stuff hmu)


Kevin sits waiting in the library, textbook set out on the tale. He chose a table off to the side towards the stacks so that he will be far away from other people studying, but out in the open so that Moose won’t try anything with him.

Kevin is in the middle of texting Betty about the situation when a shadow falls over him briefly, and when he looks up his textbook is gone.

“Wha-” he spots Moose’s figure walking through the stacks towards the more private tables, his textbook dangling from Moose’s hands. Moose glances back before he turns the corner around the stack, just long enough to catch Kevin staring, and Kevin feels himself flush. Kevin grabs his bag and follows quickly, trying to think of an accusation or argument, but then he sees Moose has set his things down at a two person table, textbooks out, and is reaching into his bag.

“Pretzels?” Moose asks, brown eyes wide with question, nearly hesitant.

Kevin sighs, finding it impossible to argue against those eyes, and takes a seat across from the most enticing annoying part of his day, looking down at his textbook.

He looks up quick enough to catch Moose smiling briefly, a dazzling smile, but Moose quickly covers it with a cough, looking down, but it isn’t enough to stop Kevin from smiling to himself.

money doesn’t grow on trees

We stood beside each other in the kitchen.  We had fish and 2 bottles of wine.  It was a Saturday and we had the night off.

There was a window in the kitchen and out of it you could see the low branches of a tree.  There were liquor bottles stacked side by side on the sill.  Sometimes there were flowers in them.

After a while, the oil bubbled up on the sides of the fish.

Sarah took off her pants and went into the bedroom.  She laid down on the bed, on her back.

I turned the radio on.  I got the basketball scores and some opinions about them.  I took the fish out and put the spinach in. I turned the stove off.

I walked into the bedroom.  She had her legs together and her chest was going up and down.

We had work tomorrow and we didn’t like it.

Written || Junhui || Pt. 2

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 //

Word Count: 2495

Genre: svt vampires

Other member’s stories here

A frown was plastered on you’re face as you tried to balance the six books in your arms. You peered over the top of your books, glaring at the ground in front of you. You attempted to shift the stack in your arms so you could look to the side as you walked but the books began to topple. You bit back the small yelp that began to rise from your throat and braced for the fall. To your surprise, the books didn’t topple over. Your eyes widened at the ringed hand at the top of the books. A blond head peered from the side of the stack with a large smile as his hands took a few books from the pile.

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Fiddauthor Fest day 1: College

“Oh no” Ford mumbled to himself as he felt the box slipping from his grip, in retrospect he should have made a couple trips with the last two boxes he was bring to his dorm room. Originally Stanley had volunteered to help him move in, but that was impossible now. So Ford found himself driving to Backupsmoore alone. 

Suddenly the weight of the boxes lessens, and as he craned his head over the pile of books on top he could see why. A thin young man with dirty blonde hair was smiling at him from the other side of the stack. “Hey there friend! Do ya need help with those?”

Ford stared for longer than necessary, but finally answered, “Oh uh, yes that would be helpful.”

The other young man kept the stack in place as Ford got a grip on the box at the top, and than took the lower box and adjusted into his own grip. “I’m Fiddleford Mcgucket by the way, what’s your name?”

“It’s nice to meet you Fiddleford, I’m Stanford Pines.”

Because I had to put so much work into the Fiddlestan prompts to fit in all the words, the Fiddauthor pics are going to be much simple, just little full body doodles like this one with no background. 

But yeah, I figured Ford’s parents wouldn’t help him with moving in, so he might’ve needed some help the first day.

Other worldly buisness aesthetic

abandoned offices and pharmaceuticals 

empty pill bottles

lights that flicker or stay dim and cast a dark yellow over the room

slightly dirty meeting rooms with no windows and a yellow brown door with a thin window

the water containers with the flippy flip and has oily paper cones attached to its side

belt phone holsters

stacks of paper that are stacked funny

stained rugs and chipped/scraped linoleum tiles

refrigerators that kind of stink and are full of plastic containers, paper bags and a single banana 

speckled roofing tiles that hold pictures of creatures and possibly a misshapen dick


In a small metal box, there was a golden key. When opening it, he is to find the box filled with different items. Inside, there was a small robot made from candy. On the side were a stack of Valentine’s Day memes. On the bottom was CD with five songs. One being Without You and another being Can’t Sleep Love. But the one song that was starred was called Best Friend. Then on the other side was some containers with Arthur’s favorite food along with some treats. Standing tall is a bouquet of flowers made from spare parts. Then, there was a photo frame of Lewis and Arthur. Lewis is hugging Arthur from behind, both looking very happy. One letter stood from the rest.

“Dear Arthur, I know sometimes you have a hard time with yourself. Thinking you don’t matter as much as you think. But you mean the world to me. You’ve been through so much yet here you are. Standing strong. I couldn’t be more proud of you than I’ve always been. I love you so much Arthur. More than how far the universe can stretch. I love you more than the number of atoms on the planet. I know we’ve always been best friends but I’m glad I was able to fall in love with you. You may not see it, but you’re one of a kind Artie. You’re able to create so many cool invention such as the butter bot. I loved that invention, it was so adorable. Oh! Don’t forget that one robot that helped your Uncle Lance with the engine! That was a cool one too! I know I can’t invent such cool things like you, but I hope my love for you can be worthy of your love in return. I know I’m in love with you. I just hope you feel the same way. Someday, I’ll make you mine forever. Someday. For now, let me show you how much I love you. Let me show you how whipped I am for you. I’ve always been there as your best friend. Let me be there as your boyfriend now. Happy Valentine’s Day”



Arthur was too surprised for words. Lewis had gone well above and beyond what he ever could have expected for Valentine’s day, and he didn’t know what to do or say. Especially to the letter he had obviously put a lot of heart and effort into. It put his stack of CDs and peppers to shame, and he almost wished he could get a do-over to get Lewis something a little more meaningful.

But…there was always next year. He’d have plenty of time to do something big, something worth celebrating Lewis and how amazing he was. He sat with his hands over his head, face red and heated, rereading the last three lines of the letter over and over with a smile.

On the Market

Inspired by this tumblr post. Probably the weirdest thing I’ve ever written.

Eren wandered through the aisles of his local Target, pausing every few steps to pick up something he didn’t need, like a blue and white candle in the shape of a whale or a pile of colorful folders.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have money to spend. It was that he was feeling rather lonely, and really, who wanted a pair of smiling, adorably in love peas in a pod shalt and pepper shakers if he didn’t have someone waiting at home to enjoy them with? It seemed cruel.

After another half hour of pitiful sighing, Eren found himself staring blankly into the face of a rather large television screen, which was currently crackling gray and white static.Several boxes were pushed off to the side, stacked neatly below a red and orange sign that boasted a very decent discount.

Eren was reminded, rather sharply, that after long days at work he loved nothing more than to crack open a bottle of wine, curl up on the couch with his boyfriend and unwind with a little Netflix.

Except, Eren didn’t have a boyfriend or a television. Not anymore. Both had disappeared a few months ago, and Eren had felt too depressed to purchase another TV. Or go on a date.

Eren looked at the sale price again. Maybe it was a sign, and he was meant to purchase a TV tonight.

“Excuse me,” Eren called out, turning his head to get the attention of a nearby sales associate. “Can you help me?”

Except this particular sales associate, after making brief eye contact with Eren, turned away and blatantly ignored him. Eren looked around to see if there was anyone else in the electronics department who might be able to help him, but everyone else was looked busy.

“Hello there,” Eren tried again, putting a little more effort in to smile as he approached the employee. “Would you mind helping me?”

The employee sighed and slowly turned toward Eren. “Yes?” he asked in a flat voice.

Eren pointed at the stack of TVs in front of them. “Hi, yes, I’d like to buy one of these.”

“No shit,” sales associate of the year responded. His nametag read Levi.

“Excuse me?” Eren asked. He didn’t know whether to be amused or offended. Levi had short black hair and the palest looking skin he’d even seen. His red uniform wasn’t doing him any favors, but it did bring out his icy blue eyes.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic that you’ve joined the masses and succumbed to your consumer-driven desire to fulfill the emptiness in your life with another TV, positively thrilled,” Levi responded, folding his arms over his chest. “Did you just feel like sharing or did you need something?”

Eren furrowed his brow. Sarcasm wasn’t exactly his favorite language, but he was pretty sure that Levi was making fun of him.

“I know it’s strange,” Eren laughed and rubbed at the back of his neck. “But can I open the box before I buy it? Do you mind?” 

“Listen,” Levi said, licking his lips. His eyes looked suddenly alive and shining in a way that made Eren’s skin break out in goose bumps. “I wouldn’t care if you killed someone in front of me.”

“Umm,” Eren answered, quickly looking around to see if any of the other customers had overheard their conversation. Levi wasn’t whispering, and this night was turning into one of the most bizarre experiences of his life.  

Levi looked disappointed at Eren’s lack of reaction and rolled his eyes, suddenly looking so bored that Eren thought he must have missed something. After all, it wasn’t every day that someone told him he could get away with murder.  

“What’s that look for?” Eren asked, peering down at Levi’s slumped shoulders and noticing the dark purple bags under his eyes. He felt oddly determined, like when he was working on a particularly challenging crossword puzzle. “I mean, you aren’t, you didn’t think I’d actually want to kill someone, did you?”

 “Well, yeah,” Levi gestured vaguely with his hand. “I thought maybe.”

“Maybe?” Eren echoed when Levi offered no further explanation. “Do I,” Eren took a deep breath, amazed that he was even engaging in such a conversation. “Do I look the type?”

“Oh, yes.” Levi answered quickly, running his eyes down Eren’s body once before flicking them back to the TV screens glumly. Eren had seen a spark for a moment, and he wanted to gather it into his hands and feed that fire.

“Who would I even… “ Eren trailed off.

Levi scanned the electronics section quickly. “Look at that woman over there. You see her, the one in blue?”


“Besides the fact that she’s dressed in a snuggie,” Levi said, shuddering. “She’s currently picking off the price tag sticker to that DVD and adding it to the one she wants because it’s cheaper.”

 Eren nodded his head. It was bad, Levi was right. “But murder?”

“Or, that kid over there. See him?”


“He just smashed a $200 game consul on the ground and is now trying to push the broken pieces under the shelf so his parents won’t see.”

“A kid?” Eren whispered. 

“His parents probably think it all the time. Or I would, if my kid just walked around throwing expensive things on the ground every place he went and then threw a tantrum about it.”

The screams could be heard from where they were standing.

“Okay, okay,” Levi snapped his fingers. “I got it. Look at that girl. She just dumped her entire Pizza Hut pizza all over that laptop and is now walking away. Doesn’t that just get you going, even a little bit?”

“I mean,” Eren started. “Yeah, I guess that’s pretty shitty.”

“Uh-huh,” Levi said, smiling suddenly. Eren didn’t like the way it did strange things to his stomach. “Thought so. You big murderer you.”

Eren threw his hands up. “What are we even talking about? This is ridiculous!”

“That’s exactly what a murderer would say,” Levi responded wisely. He did look a bit upset about the pizza though, watching as it slid to the floor in a gooey, saucy mess.

“I came here to buy a TV not to be interrogated by a disgruntled employee,” Eren said.

“I’m not disgruntled, I’m very gruntled,” Levi shrugged his shoulders again. “Besides, I’m quitting tonight.”

“You are?” Eren couldn’t help but ask, surprised.

“Fuck yes, I can’t wait to get out of here.”

Eren scratched his chin. “What are you thoughts on red wine and Netflix?”

anonymous asked:

i don't have a crush bc i'm a sad person but i want to tell you about the clock i have in my room. it looks like three books stacked side by side. the first one is grey the one in the middle is mint green and the right one is pale pink. in the pink one it says three with white font and in the mint one it says nine, like they were the tittles of the books. in the middle one there are two numbers, 12 and six and they are in rose gold, the hands are rose gold as well. it's a pretty clock

:ooo that sounds nice i wish i had that clock 

One Lazy Morning

Imagine spooning in bed with Sherlock. He’s is still in his pajamas and you’re wearing your laziest outfit, a baggy shirt and shorts. Both of you are leaning on your right side against a stack of pillows. Behind you is Sherlock, whose cheek is lightly pressing against the side of your neck, his eyes were closed, the bridge of his nose at the back of your ear. You can feel his breathing, his warmth coupled with a familiar feeling of faint electric touch emanating from his hand that is currently slowly caressing and lightly grasping the side of your hip and your thigh. His touch is gentle yet at the same time dominating and possessive. His leg is placed in between yours.

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Gif source:  Liam

Imagine Liam being really gentle and protective of you because you’re a human and he’s a werewolf.

——— Request for anon ———

“Let me help you with those,” Liam smiles, coming to your side to take the stack of books from your hands.

“Thanks, Liam,” you smile, shifting the ones he didn’t take so you could get a better grip on them.

“Where you headed with these?” he asks as he follows you down the hallway.

“Mr. Yukimura said to bring these to his classroom. They’re supposed to be new reading material,” with the books in your hands, you didn’t notice the spilled water in your path. Liam manages to pull you back just before you step in it, steadying you with one hand as his other balances the books.

“Be careful,” he nods to the puddle, “You could have slipped down.”