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The Secretary Organza Blouse and Side Slit Pencil Skirt. (at L'ecole des Femmes)

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Grouping: Reader x Namjoon

Word Count: 2.3k. slice of life? porn? porn of life? lmao

Summary: In which you’re very smart and namjoon has a tiny garterbelt fetish

a/n: guess who’s been drinking again????? guess who’s birthday it is?? namjoooon! yikes this isn’t edited sorrryyi tried to bang this out in one take im sorry ok classes were rough and i like wine

Your feet are killing you from standing for almost 2 hours in heels, but the feeling of accomplishment you’re experiencing is more than enough to distract you from the pain.

I did it, you think to yourself, I defended my physics dissertation. It’s true. You did do it. Months of research and writing and editing and rewriting all amounted to the talk you gave this evening in front of the most esteemed faculty of your university. You get hit with a rush of endorphins and barely register the sound of Namjoon opening the door to his apartment in front of you. You trail behind him as he enters and stay back to lean on the door after it closes. 

A crazed giggle bubbles out of your mouth as you realize you can finally breathe. You don’t have to pull any more all-nighters, eyes burning red as you pore over dense academic texts and piles of data. You can finally have leisurely days and sip a glass of wine before bed. You can go out on dates with your boyfriend again. Hell, you can read a novel. Or go to bed early. The possibilities are endless.

You sigh happily as you remove the cardigan you wore over your little black dress and move into the living room to find Namjoon undoing his tie in front of the window. Pulling your brastraps through the arm holes of your dress, you discard your bra on a near chair and walk over to him.

“Hey,” you whisper once you’re standing next to him, “I’m done with my dissertation.”

“I know. I’m so proud of you. You were great up there.” 

He smiles down at you and you realize how much you missed seeing him without stress and sleep deprivation ruining the moment. When he steps behind you to wrap his arms around your waist, you let yourself fall back against him immediately. 

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anonymous asked:

I LOVE your stories! Thanks for writing and sharing them! If you are still taking prompt suggestions, I really love this one since it reminds of the bee pollen line in Dreamland: 100. You should’ve known better. Bonus points if Mulder says it to Scully!

100. You should’ve known better. (Mulder to Scully)

They were in trouble.  Big, fat, freakin’ trouble.  They’d never seen Skinner’s bald head so red before.  Not even that time Mulder overreacted and did that thing with the thing to the vampire.

They sat side by side in Skinner’s office, their chairs a respectable foot and a half apart.  No one spoke.  Whenever Mulder pursed his lips and stretched his neck to say something, Scully shot him a look and he would slouch and brood while Skinner just stared.

Eventually, Skinner removed his glasses and wiped the lenses free from the light mist of condensation that formed when the heat from his head began to fog them over.  He kept his steady, disapproving gaze on Mulder as he whipped a handkerchief out of his pocket.  He rubbed the left lens and then the right.  Rubbed and stared.  Stared and rubbed.  A sarcastic remark was on the tip of Mulder’s tongue, but he felt the blaze of Scully’s glare boring into his temple.

Suddenly, Skinner got up, slipped his glasses back over his ears, and walked out of the room.  The door slammed behind him, rattling the picture of the president on the adjoining wall.  Mulder looked over at Scully and she raised her brow in return.

“You should’ve known better,” he said to her.

She scoffed, plucking a piece of loose thread off the hem of her skirt.  “You’re blaming me for this?” she asked.

“You started it.”

“It’s not my fault you lack self control.”

“I’m not saying I don’t.  I’m saying you should’ve known better.”  He reached over and hooked his finger into the side slit of her skirt, pulling up until he exposed the garter belt on her thigh and she smacked his hand away.

“We’re In enough trouble as it is,” she hissed.  “Don’t make it worse.”

“What exactly did you expect me to do when you sit on my desk like that?”

“I thought it might give you a little incentive to get home a little quicker.  Not ta-”

The door opened and Scully shut her mouth, turning her eyes forward.  She sat a little straighter and laced her fingers together in her lap while Mulder slouched even more and rested his chin on his fist.

Skinner took a seat and opened a file on his desk.  He picked up a pen and began to write as though neither of his agents were there.  He looked much calmer than he had been ten minutes ago.

“I don’t give a shit what you do in your spare time,” Skinner said, addressing the file in front of him without looking up.  “Try to use a little more discretion in the office.  Being in the basement doesn’t make you invisible.”

“That’s it?” Mulder asked.

Scully stood and glanced at Mulder, urging him with her eyes to let it drop and get up.  He hesitated, but then pushed out of his chair and narrowed his eyes at Skinner in disbelief.

“Sir?” Mulder asked.

“Get out of my office, Agent Mulder,” Skinner barked.  “I didn’t want to see what I saw any more than you wanted me to see it.  This will be the last time we have this conversation.  Are we clear?”

“We’re clear,” Scully answered for both of them.  “Come on, Mulder.”

Mulder trailed after Scully out of Skinner’s office like a puppy on her heels.  She kept her distance from him in the elevator and bolted out ahead of him to beat him into the office.  He closed the door behind them and double-checked the lock.

“Don’t,” Scully said, crossing her arms over her chest as he backed her into the filing cabinet.

“He said to use discretion,” he argued, framing her face with both hands and teasing her lips with his.  “He didn’t say stop.”

“Mulder.”  She tipped her face away and his lips fell to her neck.  “How can you even be turned on right now?”

“Because I’m looking at you,” he murmured, sliding his hands down her body to her thighs.  “And still thinking about those garters.  You should have known better.”  His fingers trailed up under the edge of her skirt until he found bare skin and groaned softly.  “You know I find both you and lingerie irresistible.  And the combination…you should have known better.”

Scully arched her hips towards his and lifted her head to nip at his bottom lip.  “That door better be locked, Agent Mulder.”

“So locked, Scully.  So incredibly locked.”

The End


Le Look Du Jour. Halter White Top with Side Slit Pencil Skirt and Helmut Jacket. #lolarastaquouere #haltertop #pencilskirt #summersale #lecoledesfemmes #gainsbourg

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The charmeuse silk blouse and side slit pencil skirt.

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