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Can this be a thing? I thought how much fun it would be to have a Lumberjanes video game to play. Basic side scroller adventure, and it would have holy kitten power ups and a dinosaur land bonus level. I thought it could have the team dynamic of a LEGO game where each character has a unique ability to unlock certain areas and puzzles.

Feels great to finally finish this. Been working on this one for months off and on. Decided to push myself to complete it. It came out better than I had imagined. Hope you all like it!

Who wants to be player 2?

#WIP Log #1 - Meka Prime D.Va 🎮 game
Gonna post more progress as we go on~

We’re thinking of having D.Va get an assistant like Mei’s robot or Link’s Fairy from Legend of Zelda, she’s not going to be always in the Meka and have to collect parts from enemies or fill up a kill gauge to be able to Activate the Meka… Gonna call it B.U.N.33 (bunee for short haha)

Still a lot of stuff missing and we’re only doing it on our free time (which isn’t a lot since we’re drowning ourselves with several jobs) but will eventually post progress as we go on! If you guys got any ideas on what to add for enemies or maybe boss monster… also probably not going to make it restricted as a side scroller, maybe for missions, its going to be a sidescroller but after, she can roam freely in cities/towns and what not without the sidescroller restriction — We played Digimon 3 on our free time months ago and looking to get inspiration from that!


Dresden Codak’s Zelda: Clockwork Empire. I wanted to keep my skills sharp between projects so I started what was going to be a very small fanart project, which turned into this. I have even more unfinished stuff, but I don’t have time to get it all polished right now. I debated even putting up the inventory menu, but whatever, I like the icons.

I am a big fan of older zelda games from a design perspective, although I’m not really up on what’s happening in the continuity or the fandom these days. I also very much like Mr. Diaz’s ideas about replacing the tools usually found in these games with spells and having more of a battle-mage character. It’s a fun idea to tool around with!

I dunno why I made it a side-scroller, sorry if that’s a zelda no-no.

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What will LGTS be like gameplay wise? Third person overhead perspective like PM, or will it be a side scroller? Puzzle based or action?

You’ll have to wait and see for yourself once we start posting previews of what we’ve been working on, anon! It’s definitely a lot different from PM! ( > v ‘ )/

Nicky and Aaron claimed the beanbag chairs and loaded a game on the tv. They powered through three levels before Kevin reappeared.

Okay, so there’s this completely throwaway line in The King’s Men that made me fucking laugh. Why? Because I always assumed they played a multi-player shooting or racing game, like Call of Duty or Counterstrike or something.

But. MMOs and multiplayer racing games don’t have levels. In fact, there are very few multi-player games with levels at all. Buldur’s Gate, okay, or Tales of Vesperia, or Lego games are sometimes multi-player. But again, they don’t really have levels. Levels are for side scrollers.

Which means that they are playing Super Mario Bros.

Kevin is having a fucking mental breakdown about ten feet away and they are playing Super Mario Bros.


Demon monkey girl, I drew… whats it now, 4 times I guess in total. And there goes my Saturday.

I can see her being some character in an indie side-scroller. Collectin loot like no ones business. At least that was one of the things on my mind when I had first redesigned her. -u-

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what is voidels... ? -ikusaba

  I feel like I explained this before but I’m too lazy to track down that post so I’ll explain it here again. VoidEls is the private server of the MMORPG Elsword Online, where you pick a character (and later on, a class that focuses on a specific fighting style) to play as. 

  Current characters: Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Chung, Ara, Elesis, Add, Lu/Ciel, Rose, Ain.

  The graphics are anime-based and it’s a side-scroller, so it’s not really that great, but for a free-to-play RPG it’s pretty cool.