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I wish people would stop directly comparing Cuphead to Dark Souls. Sure, they’re video games and perhaps you die a lot in both, but saying “Cuphead is the side-scroller’s Dark Souls” is a totally incorrect statement.

Have you heard of Salt and Sanctuary? How about Hollow Knight? These two games (which I highly recommend) are vastly closer to Dark Souls in every aspect. Now I’m not saying people who equate Cuphead to Dark Souls are totally incorrect. The Dark Souls series didn’t even make it to the gaming mainstream until Dark Souls III. Due to Cuphead’s initial popularity, I believe less experienced gamers struggle to compare it to other games.

In conclusion, Dark Souls and Cuphead are as comparable as Dark Souls and my student loans, potentially frustrating.

MarioxRabbids is still a fever dream to me.

We all thought at first it was fake as fuck when it was first leaked. WE all thought it was another “E3 game list leak meme”. The lady who leaked was getting shat on and she basically said “Wait and see”. Then Nintendo and Ubisoft announce the game and we all felt fucking stupefied.

But now we knew nothing about what this game was gonna be like and we saw mario and the gang with mega man blasters so maybe it was going be a action shooter game or side scroller?

Come E3 2016 and we get to see what this game is and its something we did not come close to predicting: a fucking XCOM like game,down to the 2 action movement,full cover and half cover and the cinematic shots. I even remember screaming in hilarity at the first sight of the 2 action movement I easily recognized. 

The bonus that is the cherry to this cake is at the PC conference,a new XCOM 2 expansion trailer is shown and coincidentally…

Both the developers of XCOM 2 and MarioxRabbids did not know about  each others game. They both didn’t plan on this at all and I remember Jake Solomon (head honcho on the XCOM devolpment team) even had a good laugh about it and also liked the game had influence from XCOM.

Back at it again with another painting everyone’s favorite Dishware and Blimp Wife!
I now have the game and when people say that it’s the Darksouls of side scrollers hawt dog they weren’t kidding!
But the artwork and characters are just so darn adorable I can’t be mad when I die 363 times in a row.

Anyway just thought I’d paint my favorite boss fight in the game
and I hope to draw more Cuphead in the future.  

Cuphead, Hilda, and Mugman belong to Studio MDHR.
(Please support the game!)

It’s July 1st 2017

Welcome to July! As of right now my music has been reshuffled for your listening pleasure! Here we go again!

Here’s a good Dan song remix to listen to today: All These Feelings by Atpunk

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Super Mario Galaxy: Full Fledged Friends - Part 20

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
Dan was an old school gamer and so “passionately in love” with side scrollers that when the generation of Nintendo 64 rolled around, the 3D space freaked him out and he skipped out on playing any of those games. “It was very confusing at first and it took a while for me to get used to.”

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips on drawing house's/buildings, particularly in rpg maker?

Always decide what perspective you’re using & keep it consistent for that map.  RPG Maker’s default graphics are in ¾ths perspective, a very popular perspective for 2D RPGs like Pokemon and Chrono Trigger.   3/ths maps look like this:

They show the top & front side of things.   There’s other perspectives like isometric, side scroller, & top down, but this is your default way of mapping things.  All of your buildings should be in the same perspective whenever you map (most of the time).  It’d look weird if you had three cube houses, then one 2D house that looked like a sheet of paper next to them!

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Update #2! I tried to get a gif, but the quality was… really not great. Instead I’ve got this screenshot. The game’s going to be a side-scroller, and I haven’t made an exact count, but I think it’ll be about twenty or thirty maps that need making. I’ve got three done so far, and I’m working on the fourth, which is… easily the biggest and most complex one in the game. But it’s also the overworld map, so it gets used a lot.

I’ve also completely finished the walk sprites for all major characters and two of the four side ones! Overall I’m… kinda happy with progress so far. But it’s no excuse to start slacking off now >:C