side release buckle

Collar Masterpost

My collars come in two different types; nylon and fabric which are both the same strength just have different looks. 

Nylon Collars are collars with fabric mounted on top of webbing, typically black, but 1″ collars have more colors options

Fabric collars are fully covered in fabric

Buckle Collars

Buckle collars are collars that are the standard collars you find at pet stores with a side release buckle. 1″ collars come with a metal buckle as a standard, and the other widths have a plastic buckle as the lowest price point. 

Latch Collars

Latch collars sport the buckles that resemble belt buckles, they come with 5 holes, the middle one being your dogs neck measurement, allowing +/- 2″ adjustment.

Martingale Collars

Above is a Martingale Collar with a fabric correction, A martingale is a type of dog collar that provides more control without the choking effect of a slip collar. Typically sight hounds use this type of collar, but it is not limited to them. They’re helpful for dogs who have necks wider than their heads by allowing them not to slip out. Below is the same type of collar with a chain correction

Semi-Slip/Limited Slip Collars

These collars are kind of a mix between a martingale and a slip, where it fits like a slip, but instead of tightening all the way, it only allows for 3-4″ of correction so the dog can not choke themselves.

Slip Collar

The ones I make adjust to the fit you want around the measurement you give me, these fit loosely around the dogs neck and will tighten if they pull. 

Cat Collars:

Can’t forget about the kitties! Cat collars are made with a breakaway buckle to keep your kittens safe!

Padding/Lining Options

Polar Fleece: This is very soft and does not readily absorb moisture. This should be able to be applied to all collars and leash handles but have only been tested on the semi slip. 

Neoprene: A material that can be found in wetsuits. This can only be applied to latch collars and leash handles. 

Satin: Satin is a smooth fabric that typically stops the breaking of the dogs fur. It is typically used to compliment brocade fabric, but is not limited to brocade fabric, could be able to be used in all collars and leashes.

I will be adding waterproof and velvet lining options in the future.