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⇁ a saint in her halo (m)

pairing Seokjin x Reader

genre/warnings  college!au, sunbae!jin (i’m not sure how to tag this but there are scenes of public indecency bc i am a bad person) 
↳  drabble; 2.2k

beneath his immaculate appearance and flowery words, no one would expect such filth to spew from his lips

or; kim seokjin is simultaneously the best and worst kind of distraction

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Old Hollywood Trivia

Myrna Loy : One of a handful of great movie stars never nominated for an acting Oscar, she received an honorary Academy Award in 1991.

- Her profile was the most requested in the 1930s by women to their plastic surgeons.

Clark Gable : Proposed his headstone should read: “Back to silents.” It was not used by his widow though.

- In order to hide that she and Gable had an illegitimate child, fearing that it would ruin both of their careers, Loretta Young secretly gave birth to her daughter Judy Lewis pretending she was vacationing in Europe. When she returned to Hollywood, she claimed that Judy was adopted. Gable met Judy only once when she was a teenager

Katharine Hepburn : According to Anthony Harvey - the director of The Lion in Winter (1968) - she kept the Oscar she received for the film in a paper bag and in a cupboard for years after he’d delivered it to her.

- Graduated from Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania in 1928, with a degree in history and philosophy.

Lauren Bacall : Her appearance on a cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine at 18 years of age led to her first film role; she was spotted by the wife of director Howard Hawks,who gave her a screen test and cast her in To Have and Have Not (1944)

- According to her autobiography, “By Myself and Then Some”, she was always very self-conscious about the size of her feet,which she describes as big even for a woman of her exceptional height.

Rita Hayworth : By 1940, there were 3,800 stories and 12,000 pictures of Rita Hayworth in circulation.

- In 1989, Barbara Leaming published an autobiographical book entitled ‘If This Was Happiness: A Biography of Rita Hayworth’. In the book, Leaming alleged that Hayworth was a victim of sexual abuse by her own father.
Leaming asserts that Hayworth confided that secret to Orson Welles.

Vivien Leigh : She took her then husband’s first name (Leigh) as her last name when she began acting professionally.

- A lover of cats, especially Siamese.

Debbie Reynolds : Considered herself a “movie-oholic” and has an extensive collection of memorabilia, with over 4,000 costumes from the silent screen period to the 1970s. She had been known to gather posters from her collection of 3,000 and drive to homes of actor pals for autographs

- At one particularly low point in her career, she confessed to literally living in her car, a Cadillac.

Elizabeth Taylor : Elizabeth was born with distichiasis,a condition that gave her a double set of eyelashes.

- Her eyes are the most searched on google, with 325,000 searches every year.

Hedy Lamarr : She was billed as an unknown but well-publicized Austrian actress, which created anticipation in audiences. Mayer hoped she would become another Greta Garbo or Marlene Dietrich. According to one viewer,
when her face first appeared on the screen, “everyone gasped…Lamarr’s beauty literally took one’s breath away.”

- Although she earned a great deal of money during her career, she lost her fortune with her production company. She died impoverished in Florida in 2000.

Claudette Colbert : Is one of 14 Best Actress Oscar winners to have not accepted their Academy Award in person.

- Most shots of her in her films were of her left profile. She considered her left side to be her best and only rarely allowed full face or right profile shots; an injury to her nose had created a bump on the right. Once an entire set had to be rebuilt so she would not have to show her right side, resulting in some cameramen calling the right side of her face “the dark side of the moon”.


Character/Person : Alexander Hamilton

Pairing : Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Time : Hamiltime

Reader’s Gender : Female

Side Note : I made Reader and Alexander more childhood friends than sweethearts, but they’re both at the same time so

Warnings : non kinky smut, sorry tumblr

Possibility Of Having Another Part : not really.. if i wrote another part it’d be cliche, dull, and boring to read/write

Genre : Fluff, Angst, Smut

Request : Hamilton and Y/N saying goodbye the night before he sets sail for America. His childhood sweetheart if you will. Fluff/Smut. Please?

Word Count : 3127

Summary : Alexander Hamilton was set to have an arranged marriage with Y/N ever since he was nine. Instead of being awkwardly forced at hand, they grow to love each other and their love for each other remained still even at the lack of affection the other showed. Affections slowly come to a halt, and when Alexander admits he’s finally going to New York, Y/N doesn’t know how to deal with such a loss. He promises he’ll be back for their marriage and reminds her how much he loves her, without words. 

You’ve known Alexander Hamilton for what seems like an eternity, or at least to you. Anybody else that’s seen you both with linked arms and blinding smiles has known you were both attached to the hip since you were children. It was a sickeningly cute story you were planning to tell your children, whom of which you expected to bear with Alexander. When he offered to carry you back up to your bedroom after you had lost your footing while walking down a flight of stairs and broken your ankle and a finger, it was the first official meeting between you two, despite how much your parents talked about the other, you hadn’t met until you tripped down a few steps and came face to- well, foot, with the young boy. You could remember the distinct flushed expression your parents wore when you tripped. 

“An arranged marriage?” Your heart sped. You were just at the age of eight, definitely too young to hold a ring and proclaim your love for someone. Your eyes nervously darted towards your mother who only gently smiled down at your panicked expression.

“Aren’t I a little too young, mother?”

Your gloved fingers found each other, fidgeting and picking at them. Your mother took your hands, separating them, and held them tightly.

“You’re not getting married now. Of course, you’re just going to meet him, then marry him in a few years time.”

You let out an relieved sigh, placing a hand on your chest and leaning back against the mattress to give out an exaggerated look. Your mother laughed softly,

“Are you ready?”

In full shock, you shot up and ripped a hand away from your mother’s hold, instead using it to clutch at the chest piece to your silk dress.

“Right now? Mother!” Your breath became unsteady, slightly hyperventilating.

She only laughed as you flailed your arms around in fear, settling her hands on your shoulders, causing your actions to slowly cease.

“That’s why I got you ready, dear. Come now,”

Needless to say, you weren’t excited. Your parents had already chosen who you were to get married to, without your initial consent. You were only eight at the time, but the thought of not having a say in any of this made annoyance and frustration boil up in you. You fumed silently as your mother led you out of your large bedroom and into the hallway that led to a flight of stairs. Still walking with a million thoughts about how you should complain 

“Y/N, please, meet Alexander-” You raised your shoulders and felt your muscles tense as one of your feet had missed a step and slipped onto it’s side, breaking it. You yelped loudly, tumbling down on your left shoulder. Your dress tore and flung as your small body came toppling down. Both Alexander’s parents and yours stared at you in surprise, as Alexander looked at you in worry.

Your body came to a halt at the feet of a small boy, he looked around your age. From the information you’ve been given before about an arranged marriage you were quick to assume this was the boy you were going to marry, the ‘Alexander’ your father was going to mention before you cut his sentence off by tripping on your own feet, too distracted by your thoughts.

The boy blinked, multiple times as you took a second to clear your vision and look up to meet his gaze.

You painfully smiled,

“nice to meet you, Alexander. Y/N.” You slowly lifted an arm, waiting for Alexander to shake it. His eyes widened at your hand, pushing it away and lifting you up and passing you into your father’s arms.

“Likewise,” was his response, or what you could at least make out, before you drifted into unconsciousness from the overwhelming pain. 

You and Alexander got along well, even after that imperfect first meeting the two of you shared. You considered each other best friends more than lovers, despite knowing the fact that you were to wed in your twenties. Of course, it didn’t stop either of you from being overly affectionate both romantically and in a platonic sense.

“You know,”

At the sound of Hamilton’s voice, you glanced up to see his gaze focused ahead. You both continued to walk, heeled and non heeled feet clanking against the hardwood floor.

“We could have at least a little fun before marriage.” 

You quickly snapped your head away from him and kept your orbs focusing on a nearby couple, a red hue sneaking onto your ears. You heard him snicker and you could practically feel his stare burning into the back of your head, piercing your bonnet.

“Hamilton!” You hissed, pushing your shoulders upward to hide your side profile as best you could away from Alexander’s eyesight. It didn’t work so greatly as Alexander placed a hand underneath your chin and tilted your head towards his, taking in your heat-soaked face. He flashed you his signature smile.

“Tell me you wouldn’t enjoy that.” He chastised, using the time you took up to think of an answer or comeback as advantage to lean in and capture your lips with his. You were fourteen and he was fifteen, so this was the first kiss that had been shared between you. This was your first kiss, and vice versa. You loved every second of it. Not wanting the moment to end, you dropped your arm from his to wrap it around his neck. The way your lips molded against his was enough to keep Alexander attracted to you for an eternity, immediately wanting more from you but understanding that you both had to wait until your respective ages to actually turn the moment into something a lot more intimate then a kiss. 

At the need for air, you pressed a finger against your boyfriend’s chest, pushing him away.

“Before you oh so rudely cut me off, I was going to say: I would most definitely enjoy that. But I don’t think our parents would.”

He merely shrugged, simply not in the mood to give an argumentative response to your words as he was way too invested in the way your lips glimmered in the sun. Quickly disregarding your words, he leaned in, but only to softly lay a kiss upon your forehead. You stared as he did so, taking in the sight and inhaling the strong scent of freshly trimmed grass. He pulled away with the most heartfelt glint you’ve ever seen dancing in his chocolate irises.

“God, I just- I love you so much, Y/N. I know we’re young, and stupid,”

You laughed, but allowed him to continue to ramble.

“I love you so damn much.” 

His eyes scanned yours in hope that you felt the same way, that you returned his love. Which you did.


The corners of his eyes crinkled due to the bright smile that occupied his lips at your response. You mimicked his expression, smiling lovingly.

And you continued to return the love, even when he wasn’t by your side. And he wasn’t by your side for years, for the rest of your life, really. Ever since he had his sights settled on New York, he did everything he could to get there. He worked harder than you could imagine, and it pained you just to see him stumble into your house sleep deprived. You know it was selfish of you, but part of you wished he didn’t go. But whenever you tried to vocalize your words all that would come out was encouragement, telling him to go and come back to pick you up for your wedding.


You removed your eyes from the book Alexander had brought to you last week, and rubbed your eyes, tired. You ran your fingers along the spine of the book, feeling the rough cover and its indented words, shutting it as quietly as you could.

“Alex?” Your words were drawn out and were laced with exhaustion. Either from reading the book you currently held in your hands, or from the long nights where you stayed up and sat beside the windowsill, longing for Alexander. To just get a quick kiss from him, or for him to tell you that he loved you so, so much. He hadn’t done so in at least a few months, you weren’t counting the exact time.

Your smile faltered at the thoughts of Alexander hunched over his makeshift desk, rolling his shoulders from the knots that gathered, and constantly pushing up his glasses that somehow always slipped and made its way to the ball of his nose. Whenever you would visit him in his small office and moved a chair from across the room to an empty space right next to his seat, you would be the one to push up his glasses when he simply forgot. You were the one to rub his shoulders and soothe out the knots. He would thank you by giving you a kiss on the cheek, forehead, jaw, or nose, making you want more. But before you could take the situation even further, he returned to his work, a little more energy shining through his actions.

Of course, there were nights where he did nothing but work. Not sparing you a glance or even a polite ‘hello,’ as you walked into the room. Those nights were the sole reason you brought in both a meal, for him, and a stack of hard cover books, for you. When the days where he made no conversation but grunt and groan, it became a routine for you to whisper your love for him and run a hand along his arm, yet continuing to keep your gaze fixed on the book in front of you. 

But you still enjoyed those moments. Being in his presence was a gift to you from God. You were practically bathing in your love for him. So much so, that the love was overflowing the bath, and if you could drown in it, you would’ve been long gone awhile ago, taken by the ocean of passion.

“I’m leaving for New York!”

Your lips parted, pain struck through you,

“w-what?” You were at a loss for air, breathing heavily as your vision shook and blurred, unable to see Alexander approaching you, beaming.

“New York! Can you believe it! I guess all those late nights payed off, and my baby girl led me through all of it.” He leaned forward to place a kiss on your lips, missing the feeling of you on him. And he knew that you missed his contact too, so why weren’t you responding to the kiss? His eyebrows furrowed, pulling away to see your lips slightly parted and knitted brows. A frown taking the spot of the smile you almost always held.

“Y/N?” Your eyes quickly shifted towards his frame, causing your jaw to shake from sadness, fear, and shock at the happiness that was radiating off of him. You swallowed down as much nervousness as you could, the dryness of your throat definitely not helping. Composing yourself as best as possible, you spoke,

“you’re leaving me?”

Alexander, a man who once thought that love was a terrible concept, felt his heart squeeze at your words. He reached forward to kiss you again, unsure of what to do, but you turned your head, tears that finally gave out staining your cheeks.

“Never. I’d never leave you.” He hooked a finger underneath your chin and used it to push your face towards his, so he could take a proper look at you. The way you sniffled and rubbed at your cheeks only further added onto the pain Alexander was unable to identify in his chest.

“I promise, once I get things settled, I’ll come back for you and we can have our wedding in New York.”

Your eyes fluttered shut, taking in his words and letting it swim around in your mind. Unable to really comprehend what he said and deal with the idea of him being away, you lunged forward, capturing his lips in a kiss against yours. He was quick to respond, wrapping his arms around your waist to pull you closer, which you smiled at. Though your cheeks were still damp from the tears you leaked just a few beats ago, your frown was long gone and instead, replaced with a flashing smile that was slightly hidden due to the fact that Alexander’s lips were on yours.

He pulled away and pressed his lips against your neck, receiving a groan in response. He smirked into your skin and lightly lapped at it, desperate to find the spot that would make you squeal. Your hands clenched into fists, wanting to hold something to keep your arms busy. Instead of finding a bed sheet or blanket, one hand gripped the edge of your desk as the other lost itself in Alexander’s brown locks, releasing part of it from it’s ponytail. A few strands of hair covered his forehead and it only teased you more when he peeked at you through his messy, loose strands of hair. 

Alexander wasn’t much of a teasing type. For as long as you’ve known him, he was known for getting straight to the point. He was no different when it came to bedding, so you weren’t quite sure how long he’d last teasing you. Especially with the added months of no sexual interaction, wasn’t he dying to get his sweet release? Of course, he loved to tease you. Both sexually and playfully, but he never lasted long with the foreplay and was quick to drop his pants and do what he needed to. But in this situation, where you were both needy for each other, he took his time. Especially upon knowing that he wasn’t going to see you for, at the least, a year until he was able to come back and take you with him.

This only fueled the lust and passion burning in him.

Alexander peppered kisses down your neck and onto your collarbone, using it as a distraction to untie your corset and remove it from your body, taking in the sight of your exposed breasts. With his lips detached from your neck, he reattached them onto your lips, once more, using both of his hands to knead your breasts in the process. You were breathless, needless to say, but you still had a grasp on reality.

“Al-Alexander. We shouldn’t do this on my desk. I- oh,” you paused to let out a shudder and a moan that trailed right behind it. He chuckled lowly in your mouth and hovered his left hand over your right boob to tweak a nipple.

“Why not? It makes this so much more fun.”

Not caring too much about how or where you had him, you let your eyes roll into the back of your head and thrusted both of your hands into his hair to pull his head flush against your neck. A series of moans escaped your lips as his hands trailed down from your chest, down the valley between them, down your stomach, and stopping right at your dress, which was pooled around your waist.

As he grew teasingly closer to your core, you grew more impatient and bothered. Noticing your very obvious want, he pulled the dress off of you and swiped a finger against you, erupting a very loud moan from you. Your hold on his hair dropped to his biceps and only tightened even more when he lifted you from your chair and onto your desk.

Alexander’s fingers slowly entered you before quickly diving out. You twitched in excitement and from the loss of pleasure, you groaned, not in pleasure, but in annoyance.

“Hamilton, for the love of-” You stopped when the feeling of something definitely a lot larger than his fingers entered you. A moan bubbled up inside your throat, but you threw your head back and bit into the palm of your hand to keep it from rising. Alexander, who had noticed your lack of moans, fixed his attention onto your face and reached forward to pull your hand away from your mouth, wanting to clearly hear your sounds of pleasure. You took the time to glance down at him and noticed that he hadn’t fully undressed, must’ve been to impatient as always. Before you could continue with your observation, the overwhelming feeling of his hips slamming against yours became more prominent as he brushed against a spot inside you that you ached for him to reach. You bucked your hips down to meet his thrusts, causing both of you to groan and let out an airy chortle.

Beads of sweat dripped down your face and onto your neck, down your torso, and onto Alexander who was slamming in and out of you at an inhuman pace. Your stomach did flips as Alexander tightened his hold on you and murmured words into your neck. Cursing and whispering sweet nothings, you felt yourself only get tipped even more over the edge. Your breaths were no longer steady, instead irregular and in an uneven pattern you couldn’t trace.

Alexander’s thrusts became a bit sloppier at the feeling of you tightening around him, pushing him dangerously close to his release.

Your back arched when your muscles tightened and your propped up elbows, being the only thing holding you up, shook and eventually gave up on you as you collapsed on your back against the desk. Alexander wasn’t far behind, twitching spilling into you with a few curses and your name leaving his dropped jaw.

He turned to you with a smile and reached underneath your desk to retrieve the small box of wipes you stored underneath to clean any smudged ink you might’ve created while writing letters. But whenever Alexander was around, it was used for a very different purpose.

After cleaning both of you up, Alexander carried you into your bedroom and laid you down against your bed sheets. Your naked and exposed body was a very different contrast of color against your bright red, satin sheets. Your half awake form awaited for Hamilton to settle next to you and pull you close, which he did enthusiastically.

Even with your bare backside against his bare chest, you felt at peace with him, almost forgetting about his trip to New York that was going to take place the morning right after. You frowned at the thought and somehow, Alexander knew it was wavering in your mind as your bodies tangled.

“I’ll miss you,” he whispers into your hair. You sadly smile and shifted against his arm to face him fully, a twinkle glistening in your eyes, might he add. You stared at him and whispered back,



the town with an ocean view

request: “hey i heard you’re a new blog and i wanted to check ya out! i was wondering if i could request a josh x reader where the reader is feeling kinda down and josh spends the day cheering her up. like they spend the whole day together and stuff. can’t wait to read it <3 :)”

author’s note: so this fic isn’t the usual type of “reader feeling down” i wanted to be more creative with it and i hope you guys enjoy! please keep requesting (whether it’s josh or tyler) they make my day :-) 

Originally posted by tylerjosephappreciation

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Here’s another one! This one is called the mosquito or Kitturiaq. This song is less about mimicking the actual sound of the mosquito and more about the annoyingness of its high pitched whine in your ear.

Also towards the end my throatsinging partner decided to have a bit of fun and transfer into the Wind

(tumblr was a butt while I tried to upload this, it took forever)

Reasons why Diana > You

Because she is, indisputably, perfect af.

Totally the face of every Young Witch magazine out there. Can’t convince me otherwise.

Is a nice girl.

Would never let you fall to your death.

A nice girl who’d never let you fall to your death.

Pays her dues.

Better than my fucking tenants.

Aka “don’t kill yourself”.

When Diana cares, the ozone layer repairs itself.

Super competitive!

And doesn’t get distracted from concentrating to be nitpicky about the details. Win first, ask questions later!

Won the race fair and square w/o any cheats (woot, as it should be because INTEGRITY dammit!) but has the grace to acknowledge her competitor’s strength, even if it is Akko’s only redeeming trait atm.

Also, that side profile. Beautiful~ 8O

…yea, I don’t think anymore needs to be said.

Diana = BEST GIRL.