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Fall-time Finn and Rey.

[image: Rey leans into Finn and they smile at each other, sitting side-by-side on the front porch. Rey is bundled up with a red plaid scarf, her hair pulled into a bun, and Finn is wearing a grey beanie and jean jacket. Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are lined up on the stairs and wet autumn leaves blow in the air.]

Anything Could Happen

Dean exhaled roughly, shoving his hands further into his jacket pockets as he strode down the dark, icy street. An early snowfall had turned to slush, and thick brown wedges of crisped mud lay stacked at the side of porches and next to the curb. A car drew up to the sidewalk just in front of Dean as he walked, and a family piled out, laughing and pushing each other whilst the exhaust spewed out hot, grey smoke into the biting air. Dean sneaked a glance back over his shoulder to watch them as they made their way into the house, the older kid pretending to push the younger one into a patch of ice; their shrieks and yells echoed down the street, and Dean smiled – a little grimly and coldly, the glassiness in his eyes slightly muddied by sadness, like the soil-stained snow beneath his boots. He pulled one hand out of its pocket, gripping his cell phone; after a moment’s hesitation, he swiped the screen and flicked through his contact list, stopping when he reached ‘S’ and selecting the first name: Sam. He hit call and brought the phone up to his ear, continuing to make his way down the road, the cold chewing inquisitively on his fingertips as the dial tone buzzed in his ear.

“Hello?” His brother’s voice was tinny and distant, but Dean could still hear the smile on his face through that one word spoken. He found himself grinning, too.

“Sammy, it’s me,” he said – unnecessarily, he reminded himself, since Sam would have seen his name on the caller ID. Maybe he’d said it for his own benefit more than Sam’s. It’s me, he thought. It’s me. It’s Dean. Big brother Dean. That’s who I am.

“Dean, hey! How are you?” There was the faint sound of laughter, as though Sam had stepped out of a crowded, happy room to speak to Dean.

“I’m great,” Dean said, the phone pressed too tight to his ear, as though he were hoping to squeeze himself down into airwaves and travel to where Sam was, along with his voice. “I just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas, little brother.”

Sam was quiet for a moment. Dean swallowed and blinked hard a couple of times, his breath pluming like cigarette smoke in the cool air.

“I miss you, Dean,” Sam said, his tone defensive, pre-empting Dean’s scoff. “You know, if you started driving now, you could be with us for lunch tomorrow.”

“What, and interrupt your week-long hot date?” Dean teased, making his voice as relaxed and natural as he could. It came out a little throaty and taut, like a roughened finger on a trigger. “Nah, I’ll pass. Jess seems like a great girl, I don’t wanna screw that up for you.”

“You wouldn’t,” Sam said, now sounding confused. “The Moores said they’d be happy to have you for Christmas. Dean –”

“Listen, Sammy, I gotta go,” Dean said, suddenly desperate to get away, his brother’s voice too small to fill the space yawing inside him. “I’m gonna hit a few bars, see if I can’t find me another lonely heart. You have a good time tomorrow, yeah? I’ll call you, see if we can get together for New Year, or something.”

“Dean, I…” Sam sighed like a balloon deflating, and Dean could’ve kicked himself for bursting the happy bubble his brother had been living in for the past few days. He really did have an amazing power to screw things up. He was doing the right thing, keeping as far away as possible from Sam and Jess this Christmas.

“I’ll be fine,” Dean said, and this time his voice came out just how he wanted it to, warm and reassuring. “You know me, I’m not one to get sentimental about the holidays anyway. You enjoy yourself, and I’ll see you soon.”

“OK. OK,” Sam said, sounding as though he were trying to convince himself and Dean at the same time. “You enjoy yourself too, Dean.”

“Sure will, Sammy,” Dean said. “Happy Christmas.”

“Happy Christmas, Dean,” Sam said, and Dean hung up. He tucked the phone back into his jacket pocket, keeping his fingers curled tightly around it, so that he’d feel it vibrate if someone called him. Was he half-hoping that Sam would ring him back to convince him to make the drive to the Moores’? He wasn’t even sure himself. Every thought he had seemed as muddy and slippery as the slush-slick sidewalk. He needed a stiff drink to lean against.

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Hoop Madness

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Yawning, you glanced at your watch. Only an hour had passed, and you were not even close to cracking the case yet. As Sam and Dean continued to talk to the parents of the victim, you turned your attention to the little girl sitting off to the side of the porch, a hula hoop in her hands.

She seemed so lost, so scared and forgotten that your heart broke for her. It was her sister that had been killed and you knew that it was hard on her.

Sitting down next to her, you were about for a moment, just letting her get used to you being there. Slowly, you began drawing her into conversation, talking about the only thing you could think of, her hula hoop.

“I used to be pretty good at that, once upon a time.” You told her, watching as her interest sparked. “The champion of the playground, if you would.”

“Really?” She had asked, looking up at you with her big, blue eyes.

Nodding your head, you took it from her, showing her that you still remembered how it worked. It worked, and soon she was giggling as you moved your hips, keeping the hula hoop going.

As you smiled back at her, you caught Dean staring at you with an unreadable expression on his face.

Later that day, you relaxed in the hotel room as Sam and Dean went on a food run. Sitting up when you heard the door open, you couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that he was carrying a sparkly pink hula hoop.

“Dean, why do you have a hula hoop?” You asked, climbing off the bed, as he tossed it your way.

“Happy Birthday princess. Saw you having fun with one back there.”

“Is that the only reason?”

“Nah. I enjoyed watching the way you moved your hips.” He admitted.

Tossing it back to him, you winked at him. “Well now it’s your turn. Show me what you got.”

Standing there with your arms crossed, you watched as Dean pulled it over his head, settling it around his waist, moving it back and forth. “Come on, don’t tease me.” You told him, just as Sam walked into the room, his hands full of fast food bags.

“Really Dean? A hula hoop?” Sam asked, rolling his eyes. Tossing the food onto the table, he headed straight for the door. “Let me know when the two of you are done playing.”

As soon as he was gone, Dean swirled the hula hoop, and you laughed as it did nothing but fall to the ground. His hip movements had been jarred, not smooth at all.

“Here, let me show you.” You told him, moving to take the hoop from him. With a sudden movement, Dean had the hoop over your head, pulling you to him, before pressing his lips to yours.

“Hmm. Maybe I should keep one of these things around.” He said softly, keeping you trapped with him in the small circle.

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A three-bedroom, two-bath Folk Victorian with charming period details in Goldsboro, North Carolina need love and a new owner…for only $12,000!

Why Save It? The exterior retains simple clapboard siding and porch spindle work. Inside are pine floors, an elegant balustrade, and several wood mantels.

What It Needs: The 1,878 square-foot house will require a significant amount of work, including putting in all new systems and repairing the roof and siding; future restorations will be eligible for a state preservation tax credit. While it’s a sizable job, saving this gem would create a home base for life in a charming town, just an hour from Raleigh or Durham.

See full details in the September 2016 issue of This Old House magazine.

Yerba Del Diablo 

This talisman is used to aid in Witches’ Flight, astral travel, amplifying Crossroads and Spirit work and (as the name suggests) is particularly (though not exclusively) useful in works that involve the Devil – and other diabolical entities. I have always had a particular fondness for Datura stramonium – a.k.a. Jimsonweed, the Devil’s Trumpet or as we always called them: Moonflowers – as it was the only plant my grandmother couldn’t kill. Because of that, she grew them everywhere – they lined the porch, the sides of the house, the driveway, she even planted them at the wood’s edge! While is has been used as an entheogen for centuries, for the sake of safety, I offer this alternative means of use:

The Flying Stone

Given that the plant is technically toxic – handle with care; it has been known to cause contact dermatitis and the seed pod is quite obviously “pokey,” so…


  • Datura Seedpod – unopened
  • Twine/Sturdy String – red, black, white or natural-tone
  • Candle/Wax – in a corresponding color to your twine/string
  • Ash – of the above sigil
  • Oil/Alcohol
  • Black Square of Fabric – 8x8 should work


  • Sealant
  • Additional String
  • Powdered Mayapple – root or leaves **also poisonous, read proper handling procedures before use**
  1. At an hour or event befitting your desire, burn the sigil and mix the ashes with a few drops of oil or alcohol (note: if using alcohol, you’ll want to work rather quickly, given its quick evaporation time) and apply the mixture thusly to the Datura seedpod. You may speak a few words of blessing or name it in the honor of a spirit or entity if you prefer, but such is not required. (You may also add the Mayapple powder to the oil, but make sure to use gloves)
  2. With your string/twine, tie around the center once, then at a 90 degree angle (to form an “X”-shape)*, then once around the circumference, at which point, begin wrapping the pod ‘round and ‘round in all directions until it takes on the shape of a ball and covers the spikes. *If you intend to wear the charm as an necklace, fashion a long enough hoop to accommodate your head and neck before tying the circumference. (You can take this opportunity – if you haven’t already – to add your Mayapple powder before proceeding to the next step.)
  3. Light your candle or melt your wax in a double boiler. Either dip or melt the wax upon the charm, molding the wax into a shiny outer shell while it is still warm. Melted wax is much easier, but there’s something about dripping candlewax and molding a little at a time that just seems more… right. It also hardens a lot faster and gives a more stone-like, mottled appearance.
  4. Once the wax has dried completely, wrap the “stone” in the black cloth and tie up the corners. Bury it then at the Crossroads – or another location that is more suitable for your desire – and allow it to stay beneath the ground for three night before exhuming the charm. It is complete and may be carried or worn. If you choose, you may seal the stone before using/wearing it to prevent the wax from softening or leaving an oily residue on any clothes, as well as strengthening its exterior.

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warmest memory: i don't get to see my dad that much but i recently spent 3 days staying over his house & one night he was upset bc the radio kept playing the same songs over and over so i went & got my speaker & showed him how spotify worked haha & he got so excited he was like "ALL of the beatles' songs??? And bruce springsteen?? Janis joplin what!!" & so we spent the entire night side by side on the porch showing each other music til 1 a.m. just drinking tea & beer & lookin at the stars 🌌

this is so cute omg yes i lov when this kind of stuff is shown to parents and they just light up!!!!!!!


Local Hardware Store AU

You have to understand that Jack Zimmerman never meant to retire young. He never meant to move to the middle-of-nowhere Georgia but it was about as far away as he could get from hockey at the time. He also never meant to end up with a fixer-upper but he fell in love with a little yellow home with droopy siding and a sagging porch. The boy ends up spending a lot of time in his local hardware store (I’m not saying that it’s an Ace Hardware but it’s totally an Ace Hardware Store). We now move to a series of beautiful bullet points:
• Bitty is a cashier. Bitty is totally the head cashier. He stands behind a stainless steel cabinet and is all “Good morning, can we help y’all find anything today?” He also knows who comes into the store and keeps track of things. He’s such a great cashier, he also get to know a lot of the customers (granted he already knew a whole bunch of them from living in town his entire life). He also totally keeps the break room stocked with baked goods
• Lardo is in charge of the “service station” (aka paint, keys, and UPS).
• Shitty is the UPS driver (Legally Blond Anyone?).
• Chowder is the resident plumbing expert (so this is totally just because of the fact that there is a brand of plumbing products called SharkBite).
• Dex and Nursey are the inventory guys. They drive each other crazy arguing over count sheets.
• Ransom and Holster are totally the ridiculous managers.
• Johnson is the “big boss” he only shows up occasionally and drives them all crazy.
• The tadpoles (WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot) are high school students working there part time.
• So anyways, Jack comes in several times a day for like a month straight because he really wants to fix up his cute little house by himself and so Bitty gets him signed up for a rewards card because Holy Cow thhe money that this boy is going to spend here.
• Also: IDK if I mentioned this but Bitty totally still lives with his parents and there’s definitely a reason for that and it definitely is angsty and sad.
• Anyways so they get our little cupcake a rewards card and find out his name and someone (Probably Holsom TBH) knows hockey and is like “UM DO YOU KNOW WHO THIS IS.” But anyways they’re like “shit the things this guy has been through we should just treat him normal”
• So Jack is also that precious customer who always has his rewards card out before the cashier can even ask for it.
• Anyways they end up helping him find a plumber and electricians (even though that’s not what hardware store employees are supposed to do). But one night Bitty goes out on a walk with Coach and Suzannes dog and happens across Jackie Z. doing some work outside in the garden and they start to talk and they like become friends.
• And They bond and get drunk together and then things get angsty
• And honestly I had no idea where I was going with this because this is what I get for working at Ace Hardware all summer.
• But anyways yeah this is a thing now in my mind.

Neighbor!Ashton made sure to always bring his younger siblings out to play whenever you had done the same with yours. He thanked god that your little sisters got along with Lauren and Harry, because when the four would play together he got a chance to talk to you about your day. He’d go straight to the spot by your side on the front porch steps and flash that dimpled grin that made you so happy that looking after your sisters was considered a “chore.” The flirtation always seemed harmless, though, and you over time began to worry that you were just a fun fling on weekday afternoons. That is until Harry came jogging up to his older brother with a frown on his face. “One of the girls hit me and I wanna go home.” Ashton’s gaze flickered from his upset baby brother to the pucker in your brow that began to form at the thought of him leaving early. “Harry, you don’t look hurt. I’m sure it’s fine!” He grinned at Harry, only to be answered with a shaking head. “I’m not gonna play with mean girls just because you think our neighbor’s pretty!” The red that spread through Ashton’s cheeks was all the confirmation you needed that this was a bit more, and you stood up to call for your sisters. “By the way, just ask me out. If it helps, I think you’re pretty, too.” You smirked at the astonished boy as he fumbled to a stand, and reached out to give him a reassuring pat on his toned upper arm. “Pick you up at eight tomorrow?” Ashton asked, and you nodded with a fighting grin before turning around and racing to your room for a victory dance.

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Mikayla hummed softly as she reached up to wipe at the sweat that had gathered at her brow from the heat of the sun that shone down on her. Out front in her flower gardens, she was working on clipping the dead flowers off, giving them room to grow new and continue blooming for as long as they were able to. The blonde woman loved gardening, loved flowers, and her yard showed as much. The flowers lined along either side of the front porch, a pleasant combination of blues, lavender and yellow flowers accenting the pale yellow house with white shutters. 

Hearing somebody approach, Mickey turned and looked up from beneath the brim of her sun hat. Grunting with the effort it took her to get to her feet (she certainly wasn’t a young woman any longer), she moved to take her gloves off before looking back to the person and offered a gentle, kind smile. 

“Hello. Can I help you?” She prompted lightly, her posture and expression both showing the gentle nature of the woman 



Imagine being a hunter’s kid (not direct relation maybe like family friend or uncle/ aunt) Jody adopting you 

Requested by Anon~

The house in front of you seemed like any normal house. The grass was a bit on the brown side, but the porch was clean and the windows were grime-free. It was already better than any house you’ve lived in, to the best of your memory.

“Jody’s gonna take real good care of you, Y/N.” Dean stated as he came up to your right side. “She knows about us and what we do. She ain’t gonna try to change you.”

“Somehow, I doubt that.” You mumbled, and when Dean squinted at you, a heavy sigh forced its way up. “Why can’t I just hunt with you and Sam? I can be helpful-“

Before you could continue, the front door opened and a woman came out. She looked like she was in her mid-thirties or something; really old. Dean’s promise seemed shallow. “Dean, that’s not a hunter. That’s a soccer mom.”

Dean nudged you roughly. “Hey, have some respect! Jody’s had mine and Sam’s backs before. She’ll be good for you.”

“Hey, Dean!” Jody exclaimed. After the two embraced in a hug, Jody smiled down at you. “You must be Y/N. Glad to have you here. I’m sure Alex and Claire would love to have someone like you around.”

Thrill – an Everlark Drabble

Written for my incredible friend, Marcella, who always tells me I’m fabulous even when I haven’t earned it, and sends me the most adorable pictures of her dogs. If anyone deserves cute high school/best friends Everlark, it’s you, girl.

Summary: Something about being caught in a tornado warning bring Katniss Everdeen to look at Peeta Mellark, her best friend since diaper-dom, in a different light.

“We should probably go inside,” Peeta said.

Katniss frowned, glaring at him from the other side of the porch swing. His wary eyes were focused out on the western sky, which was spiraling and darkening with storm clouds. His fingers curled around his mug of tea.

She could physically feel the temperature dropping, so she knew the looming storm wasn’t entirely harmless, but she still considered Peeta to be overreacting.

“Nah, I think we’ll be fine,” she replied, leaning back to rock the swing.

“Katniss, we’re in a tornado watch—”

“And I’m an adrenaline junkie. C’mon, let’s stay out a while longer.”

Peeta groaned, but he wasn’t about to argue. As her best friend and resident doormat, he was powerless against her. Usually, blissfully so. His type-beta personality meshed almost too well with her natural governance – it was why they’d been inseparable since diaper-dom, when she stole his pacifier in daycare, and he didn’t even shed a tear.

They were indivisible.

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Okay so, I forget who started it, but I love the Gardener!Sam headcanon that’s been floating around. All I can think about is Sam tending to plants, deadheading his morning glories. Opening up the windows for his indoor plants everyday.
And then Bucky being a complete and utter black thumb. Like he kills anything he even looks at. So Sam has quarantined him from touching any of his favorite children and he’s only allowed to water the others under his supervision because Bucky doesn’t understand how succulents work.

Also, point blank, Sam has venus flytraps that he keeps on the shady side of his porch and he loves them very much.


Seeding, sowing, watering, harvesting. My garden is turning out beautifully. The tomatoes are thriving on the other side of the porch, whereas my herbs have yet to sprout their leaves. I love springtime.

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I finished up Bungalow #7 before I went to bed this morning. I think I’ve decided to do 10 of these, and then maybe I’ll think about building that cottage-y subhood I was talking about. I’ll be putting these lots up for download, but they’ll be completely unfurnished and all the interior walls/floors will be replaced with plain Maxis ones, to save on CC and so that you can furnish them in your own style with your own stuff. I’ll include all the stuff for the exteriors, though, since those are really more the point of these.

The pics are captioned, just cuz.

This one’s floor plan:

I really seem to have a thing for diagonal walls lately. :)