side plank with a twist

My Exercises

(( i exercise five days a week! ))

•Monday Exercise (Booty Day) :

1. Toe Touch- 30 sec
2. Jog In Place- 2 minutes
3. Lunges- 20 each leg x2
4. Squats- 30, Pulse Squat at 15 x2
5. Hip Lifts- 5 seconds
4. Hip Flutters- 15 x2
5. Marching Hip Raise- 20 each leg
6. Single Leg Deadlift- 20 each leg
7. Kick Backs- 15 each leg x3
8. Wall Sit- 40 sec

•Tuesday Exercise (Ab Day) :

1. Upward Dog- 40 sec
2. Toe Touch- 30 sec
3. Jog In Place- 2 minutes
4. Bicycle- 20 each leg x2
5. Plank- 40 sec x3
6. Single Leg Bridge- 15 each leg x2
7. Lower Ab Leg Lift- 15 times x2
8. Sit ups/ Crunches- 20 times x2
9. Side Plank- 30 seconds x2
10. Russian Twists- 50 times x3

•Thursday Exercise (Leg Day) :

1. Butterfly Stretch- 30 sec
2. Jog In Place- 2 min
3. Toe Touch- 40 sec
4. Squats- 25 times x2
5. Side Leg Lifts- 25 each leg x2
6. Run In Place- 2 min
7. Walk/Run- 30 minutes (Optional)
8. Bridge Raises- 30 times x2
9. Wall Sit- 40 sec
10. Jumping Jacks- 25 times x2
11. Run In Place- 2 minutes
12. Leg Hold- 30 sec
13. Lunges- 30 each leg x2

•Friday Exercise (Arm day) :

1. Arm Across- 20 sec each arm
2. Arm Back- 20 sec each arm
3. Jog In Place- 2 minutes
4. Push ups- 15 times x2
5. Superman Push Ups- 15 each leg x2
6. Dips- 20 times x2
7. Plank ups- 20 times x2
8. Inchworm- 20 times
9. Plank Taps- 30 times x2
10. Plank Jacks- 30 times x2
11. Burpees- 20 times

•Sunday Exercise (Yoga) :

1. Toe Touch- 30 sec
2. Butterfly- 30 sec
3. Cat- 20 sec (back up)
4. Cow- 20 sec (back down)
5. Upward Dog- 20 sec
6. Downward Dog- 30 sec
7. Boat Pose- 30 sec
8. Tree- 30 sec
9. Warrior- 30 sec
10. Seated Twist- 20 sec each leg
11. Child’s Pose- 30 sec
12. Mountain Pose- 20 sec

Workout Log 4-24-17

Even though I usually rest on Monday, I decided I’d go ahead and do my ab workout. I actually really hate ab workouts, so I just wanted it done. I switched to reverse crunches from bicycle kicks. I dunno–I feel nothing when I do bicycle kicks so I don’t have time for them. Reverse crunches, though? Oh, my God! 

Anyway, I’m scatterbrained. I only slept 4 hours with several interruptions as well so don’t expect too much out of this post. I’ve also been on a walk already. Just couldn’t sleep and I live in a safe enough area of town so I went outside. So, it’s just before 9 AM as I type this and I’m at 10,000 steps. Upstairs is noisy so I don’t know if a nap will be possible. 

Running in place and jump roping (warm up)
Core Stabilizers w/ dumbbell: 15 lbs 3 x 12
Standing Side Bend w/ dumbbells: 15 lbs 3 x 12
Plank: 60s x 2
Side Plank: 30s each side x 2
Russian Twist w/ 5 lb medicine ball: 45 s x 3
Leg Lifts: 3 x 12
Heel Touches: 60 s x 3
Reverse Crunches: 3 x 12
Knee Tuck Crunches: 3 x 12

Playlist Picks: OK. Time to go back to my youth. Mest “Your Promise,” if you were an adolescent in the early 00′s who liked Good Charlotte, you may have also liked Mest! I don’t think we truly outgrow the music we grew up with.  Second, Cranberries “Ridiculous Thoughts.” 

OK, so now I just have to deal with the sleep deprivation. This, this is life.

Week 1 Workouts: July 1-7

I’m not going to post the heroes, because half the fun is finding out who it’s going to be that day, but here are the workouts for the first week of AvenJuly2017!

July 1: HIIT Sprints
Sprint as hard as you can for 30seconds (As though the Hulk were chasing you; “if you feel like puking at the end, you’re doing it right”)
*Rest 1-2min, then repeat 5 times for a total of 6 sprint/rest rounds

July 2: Arms
10-15x shoulder press
10-12x press and twist
10-12x front raise
10-12x lateral raise
15x dumbbell shrug
*Rest 2min, then repeat 2 times for a total of 3 rounds
12-15x dumbbell curl
12-15x overhead tricep extension
12-15x tricep kickback (each side)
12-15x wrist curl
Farmer’s walk x 1min
*Rest 2min, then repeat 2 times for a total of 3 rounds

July 3: Legs
6-8x (heavy) squat –if you don’t have heavy weights, do 12-15x
*Rest 1min, then repeat 2x for a total of 3 rounds
10-12x lunge each side
*Rest 1min, then repeat 2x for a total of 3 rounds
Calf raise AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
*Rest 1min, then repeat 2x for a total of 3 rounds
6-8x deadlift (heavy; if you don’t have heavy weights, do 10-12x)
*Rest 1min, then repeat 2x for a total of 3 rounds
12-15x hip raise
*Rest 1min, then repeat 2x for a total of 3 rounds

July 4: Chest/Back
4-6x (heavy) bench press/dumbbell press/dip activity (kitchen counter corners work great for dips if you’re at home)
10-12x (different/lighter) bench press/dumbbell press
Pushups AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
10-12x dumbbell fly
*Rest 2min, then repeat 2 times for a total of 3 rounds
Chinup/negative chinup on door AMRAP
*Rest 1min
Dumbbell Row AMRAP
*Rest 1min
10-12x lateral raise
*Rest 1min, then repeat from chinups onward 2x for a total of 3 rounds

July 5: Rest Day/Meditation

July 6: HIIT (Stairs)
Find some stairs. In your house, at the park, local school stadium. Run up them. Walk down. Run up them again. Do this as many times as it takes until you think your legs are going to fall off.

July 7: Core
FIVES—Pick five core exercises, do each one for 1min back to back, without stopping in between.
E.g. 1 minute bicycle crunch, 1 minute plank, 1 minute side plank Left, 1 minute side plank Right, 1 minute Russian twist
*Rest 2min. Repeat 1-2x (if you can)

anonymous asked:

I'm a pretty skinny gal, but all my body fat is on my stomach? I really want to get rid of it and have a flat belly, but I'm not sure how. I do a LOT of exercise, but it won't go away? Do you have any tips? (I also have fat on the sides of my torso?)

Drink a shit ton of water and green tea to boost general metabolism.

Make sure you do exercises that strengthen the muscles of your stomach area, so that your body is more likely to use some of that fat instead of your muscle cells or other sources of energy. Weight bearing exercises like crunches, push ups, sit ups, V ups, planks, side planks, side leans, and oblique twists can help bulk up those muscles.

Maintain a healthy, balanced diet.

Take biotin pills to boost overall metabolism (as well as clear up skin and strengthen hair and nails).

Good luck❤

Work your Abs & Core!

Do these 9 ab exercises for the prescribed number of reps or hold count:

  • Bear or Side Plank Crunch - 10-15 reps on each side
  • Toe Touch - 20 reps
  • Russian Twist - 20 alternating reps
  • Single Leg Crunch - 10 -15 reps on each leg
  • Crisscross or Scissor Kicks - 20 reps
  • Bicycle Crunch - 20 reps
  • Hip Raise - 20 reps
  • Jump Up or Donkey Kicks - 30 seconds
  • Cross Leg Crunch - 10 - 15 reps each leg

Rest and then repeat the entire sequence.

Workout Log 3-24-17

So, I worked out at home this morning. I woke up in the middle of the night and don’t remember much aside from having migraine pain and scrambling for anti-nausea. Then, I sort of just passed back out and woke up pretty OK-ish. OK. We can come back from this. 

Naturally, I’m a little run down, but I saved abs for today which luckily is pretty easy for me to do at home and not a huge production like an upper body or leg workout. 

Running in place and jump roping (warm up)
Core Stabilizers w/ dumbbell: 15 lbs 3 x 12
Standing Side Bend w/ dumbbells: 15 lbs 3 x 12
Plank: 60s x 2
Side Plank: 30s each side x 2
Russian Twist w/ 5 lb medicine ball: 45 s x 3
Leg Lifts: 3 x 12
Heel Touches: 60s x 3
Bicycle Kicks: 45s x 3
Knee Tuck Crunches: 45 s x 3  

I just let whatever play on my Google music, so my picks aren’t the most work-out-y of workout music, but hey, maybe I should share some of my favorite ballads anyway!?

Playlist Picks: Guns N’ Roses “Patience, and fun fact; I can whistle! Also, Within Temptation’s acoustic version of “Ice Queen.I am so obsessed with her vocal range. It is mind boggling. Here’s a live version of the original arrangement. She’s amazing. Like, I can’t even.

You seriously need to hear both versions of that Within Temptation song for the full effect.



I ate about 600 today and burned about 100-200 of that so my net is 400-500…and somehow I gained two pounds. I’m totally crying, it’s so frustrating. I’m so bloated I want to just rip my stomach out.

My only hope is that it’s muscle gain because I’ve been doing more toning stuff like sit ups, planks, side to sides, squats, Russian twists, etc. But I don’t feel like it is because my stomach is so fucking bloated.

anonymous asked:

piea i rlly wanna start getting in shape but idk where to start could u give a quick rundown of ur diet + workout for ideas? thank u ❤️❤️❤️

oh my god ive been cheating a LOT lately… but imma get back into my habits. i mean it takes a lot of patience…. ive been working out almost 1.5 years now. so like.. 

the first 5 months: 

  • 12 minute sprints on a treadmill
  • abs: 50 sit ups, 50 leg raises, 1 minute planks 
  • thighs: 50 squats, 1 minute wall sits, 50 lunges. 
  • lots of machines to get a feel for what i wanted to focus on i guess? 
  • i didnt care about my eating habits at all. 

6th-10 months:

  • looooooooooooooooots of cardio oh my gOD, i was on some crazy cardio high? idk, there were like 2 months where i would go to the gym ONLY for cardio?? it was so weird. literally 1 hour of cardio everytime i went in there. 3-4 times a week, so like…. almost 12- 16 miles a week. 
  • it slowly reduced down to like 2 times a week and eventually once a week of cardio because i was losing a lot of weight at a ridiculous pace.
  • i cared about my eating habits. i ate from smaller bowls, i replaced rice with couscous, i ate a lot of salads, eliminated soda completely from my life, lots more water and coffee instead. i use almond milk from time to time. 


  • i’m focused on toning. so like now ive been doing 15-30 minute runs
  • abs:  50 sit ups, 50 leg raises, 1 minute planks, 2 30 second side planks, 30 side crunches each side, some russian twists or whatever and yah
  • thighs: squats, 1 minute wall sits, other machines that are availabe. 
  • eating: breakfast is usually light for me. its pretty much a coffee and some fruit? water of course. for lunch i eat more fresh salads: kale, peppers, chicken chick peas, no dressing. dinner is usually couscous and something that i can stir up real quick with meat or some form or protein. snacks throughout the day will be fruits/almond butter. 



For Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

It’s still going to take myself some time and getting used to my reschedule to fully restructure my blog, so I thank all for sticking with me. I know I never need to apologize for being busy, but I’m rather aware of how much I used to post. LOL.

Right now, I’m pretty focused on psyching myself up for the driving lesson today. There is thick fog this morning, so I’m sorta shitting my pants and hope it clears before my appointment. Though, I guess that’s real life? First-time driver? Ehh. Rosh Hashanah also begins at sundown, and my fiance and I have plans together this year.


The pancake was absolutely incredible, but I didn’t expect it to be such a huge yield (for my pint-sized body, that is) so I’ll probably save this again mostly for running mornings or heavy lift mornings. I was active enough yesterday, but I could see it becoming difficult to calculate into other meal plans. 

Abs and Treadmill

Treadmill (10 minutes), also stepping in place between sets
Standing Side Bends: w/ 15 lb dumbbells, 3 x 12 (might replace these with another exercise, doesn’t feel effective anymore)
Core Stabilizers: w/ 15 lb dumbbell, 3 x 12
Marching Front Chop: w/ 5 lb medicine ball, 45s x 3
Plank: 60s x 2
Side Plank: 30s, each side x 2
Russian Twists: w/ 5 lb medicine ball 45s x 3
Leg Lifts: 3 x 12
Knee Tuck Crunches: 3 x 12

Apps featured in this post include Fitbit and CRON-O-Meter.

10 Exercises You Can Do Without Getting Out Of Bed

Don’t want to get up extra early to log a morning workout at the gym? Fine, stay in bed. You can still transform your body with exercises you can do right on your mattress. Choose a few of them, or complete every move, and perform as many reps as you can in 30 seconds. You’ll burn more calories than you would by repeatedly hitting the snooze button.

1. Marching Hip Raises: Lie on your back with your knees bent, heels near your butt, and arms along your sides with palms facing down. Press into your heels as you lift your hips up so your body forms a line between your knees and shoulders. Without extending your leg, squeeze your butt as you lift your right foot up off the bed and bring your right knee directly over your right hip. Place your right foot back on the bed and repeat on the left side. That’s one rep. Continue to alternate.
Where you’ll feel it: Your butt, abs, and thighs.

External image

2. Side Plank With Twist: Lie on your right side and place your right forearm on the bed. Keeping your hips, shoulders, and feet stacked, brace your core as you lift your hips up toward the ceiling as high as you can. Stretch your left arm straight up toward the ceiling. Without touching the bed, slowly lower your hips, then return to starting position. Keeping your core tight, twist from the waist as you bring your left arm down and underneath your body. Return to starting position to complete one rep. Continue for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side. (To make this move slightly easier, stagger your feet or place your top foot on the bed in front of you.)
Where you’ll feel it: Your abs, obliques, and triceps.

External image

(Image Credit: CosmoBody)

3. Leg Lift With Knee In: Lie on your right side with your right knee bent and foot behind you. Prop your head up with your right hand and place your left hand on your left hip. Point your left toes and extend your left leg to form a straight line with your body. Keeping your hips stacked, lift your left leg straight up toward the ceiling, then bend the knee and bring it in toward your core. Extend the leg back up toward the ceiling, then lower it with control to return to starting position. That’s one rep. Continue for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.
Where you’ll feel it: Your abs, butt, and outer thighs. 

External image

(Image Credit: CosmoBody)

4. Diamond Reverse Crunches: Lie on your back with your arms along your sides, palms facing down. Bring your feet together and open your knees out to the sides so the space between your legs resembles a diamond. Press into your palms and brace your core as you raise your feet up over your hips. From this position, lift your hips up off the bed to drive your feet straight up toward the ceiling. With control, bring your hips back to the bed. (Don’t drop your feet.) That’s one rep.
Where you’ll feel it: Your lower abs and thighs.

External image

(Image Credit: CosmoBody)

5. Jack Splits: Lie on your back on the bed with your thumbs interlocked, arms and legs outstretched, and feet together. Brace your core as you lift your arms and feet off the bed, keeping knees and elbows locked. Exhale as you lift your legs up and out to form a V, and lift your entire upper body off the bed. As you come up, swing your hands straight forward through the V. With control and without touching the bed, release your arms and legs, and lower back to starting position. That’s one rep.
Where you’ll feel it: Your upper and lower abs, chest, and quads.

External image

(Image Credit: CosmoBody)

6. Scissor Legs: Lie on your back with your hands underneath your hips and your palms facing down. Bring both feet straight up into the air and point your toes. Keeping both legs as straight as possible, engage your core as you lower your right leg down toward the bed with control. Without touching down, bring your leg back up to starting position. Then repeat on the opposite side to complete one rep.
Where you’ll feel it: Your lower abs and legs. 

External image

(Image Credit: Andrew Lyman-Clarke)

7. Dolphin Plank: Get into plank position with your forearms and palms on the bed, and your shoulders stacked over your elbows. Your body should form a straight line between your head and your heels. Keeping your core tight and legs straight, lift your hips straight up into the air. Pause, then release to starting position with control to complete one rep.
Where you’ll feel it: Your forearms, abs, and obliques. 

External image

(Image Credit: Andrew Lyman-Clarke)

8. Arabesque Leg Lifts: Get on your hands and knees with your shoulders stacked over your wrists, and your hips directly over your knees. Point your left toes, and extend and raise your left leg out to your left side. Bend your knee and bring the leg back in, then extend the leg straight out behind you. Bend the knee and bring it back to starting position to complete one rep. Continue for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side.
Where you’ll feel it: Your butt.

External image

(Image Credit: CosmoBody)

9. Around-the-World Abs: Start on your hands and knees, with your shoulders stacked above your wrists, hips above your knees, and toes tucked under. Balancing on your left palm and right knee, lift your left knee out to the side so your thigh is parallel to the bed. Keeping your ankle level with your knee, swing your knee forward as you tap it with your right hand. Then, swing your leg backward until your left ankle passes over your right leg on the bed. Simultaneously, reach your right arm back to tap your left heel. Continue alternating between left knee- and left heel-touches for 30 seconds, then repeat on the opposite side for 30 seconds, this time swinging your right leg and touching with your left hand.
Where you’ll feel it: Your abs, obliques, butt, and arms. 

External image

(Image Credit: CosmoBody)

10. Arm Extension to Shoulder Tap: Start in a plank position with your wrists under your shoulders. Your body should form a straight line between the top of your head and your toes. Engage your abs and glutes as you extend your right arm straight out and hold it for one second. Then, use the right hand to tap your left shoulder. Repeat with your left arm and continue to alternate sides.
Where you’ll feel it: Your core and arms. 

External image

(Image Credit: Luke Versalko)

inspirations-livelaughlove  asked:

Hey! Lol I hope you don't get annoyed by me asking you a whole bunch of questions. I know you're not a doctor or a personal fitness coach but you're the closest and most reliable person I can find. So thank you for that! I know you mainly focus on lower body but what are some abs workouts you use? I am trying to make my own routine for abs. Do you have any tips and exercises that I can do to target my core and lower pouch? Thanks again!!

I really dont mind questions :)

Body weight ab exercises:
Mountain climbers
Knee tucks
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Modified v-ups
Plank side taps
Single leg kick downs-
Alternating froggers
Brazillian crunch
Hold the world
Side sit ups
Sit ups
Side v-ups
Star fish
Single leg/arm crunch
Russian twist
Roll up
Flutter kicks
Full extensions
Crazy ivans

Elevated mountain climbers
Elevated knee tucks
Elevated knee to elbow
Plank jacks
Elevated froggers
Cross over v-ups
Modified v-ups
Russian twist with ball slams
Side plank dips

Ankle weights:
Mountain climbers
Knee tucks
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Modified v-ups
Plank side taps
Single leg kick downs-
Flutter kick
Six inches

Resistance bands:
Mountain climbers
Knee tucks
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Modified v-ups
Plank side taps
Single leg kick downs-
Single leg kick downs
Toe touchers
Boat pose
Kneeling ab crunch
Push through crunch

Swiss ball:
Knee tucks
Jack knife
Side jack knife
Single leg/arm crunch
Side crunch
Pike ups
Single leg knee tucks
Ball V pass
Kick downs
Reverse crunch
Roll outs

Mountain climbers on the treadmill
Sit up-ball throws
Side bends with kettlebell

You can use a medicine ball or a dumbbell if you want to make your bodyweight exercises more challenging. Most of the bodyweight exercises can also be done on/with a bosu. There are exercises that I always do that don’t really have a name so those aren’t stated. But I wrote most of it down !

Workout Log 3-29-17

Good morning, Good Lookin’! I stuck to my word and did abs this morning. I usually do my cardio sessions on Wednesday, but after clocking out at 25,000 steps yesterday I decided it best to lay those suckers up and recuperate them. Y’know, this is pretty nice for me because I can sometimes be so stringent with schedules and routine to point of irritation if I change a single thing. The skill of organization has an ugly side! 

Running in place and jump roping (warm up)
Core Stabilizers w/ dumbbell: 15 lbs 3 x 12
Standing Side Bend w/ dumbbells: 15 lbs 3 x 12
Plank: 60s x 2
Side Plank: 30s each side x 2
Russian Twist: w/ 5 lb medicine ball 45 s x 3
Leg Lifts: 3 x 12
Heel Touches: 60 s x 3
Bicycle Kicks: 45 s x 3
Knee Tuck Crunches: 45 s x 3  

Playlist Picks: Google Music was behaving a little bit better this morning, but only a little bit. Did they put out a borked update or something? When I hit shuffle, it really wouldn’t shuffle. It would just go to a random point in the list and play in a linear fashion. So, I had to keep hitting shuffle. Anyway, I choose NOFX “Franco Un-American and Flobots “Combat.”

It’s nice again outside, so I forsee another walk. Uhm, so we’ll see how this whole “rest your legs” thing works. It probably won’t. 

anonymous asked:

For someone who has never been to the gym, what workouts do you recommend I start with? I would mostly like to lose some weight and then later gain a little bit of muscle.

That really depends! But for a beginner I would recommend cardio, if you’re trying to lose weight that’s always where you should start. So run, bike, walk, do the elliptical, stairs, swim, play sports, whatever you prefer! Try to get in at least a mile a day, then you can build from there.

As for workouts, for a beginner I would divide your days up, aim to go to the gym 4 times a week because that’s pretty manageable. And I would split up your muscle groups, for example: arms, legs/abs, back/shoulders, chest/abs.

Basic arm workouts- bicep curl, hammer curl, triceps press down, dips, overhead triceps press, tricep kickback, reverse barbell curls, push-ups

Basic Leg/abs- squat, leg press machine, lunges, calf raises, leg extension machine, leg curl machine, weighted side bends, back extensions, planks, hanging leg raises

Back/shoulders- lat pull down, seated row, standing row, bent over row, pullups (assisted if necessary), rear delt flies, military press, shrugs, lateral raises, front raises

Basic Chest/abs- bench press, incline dumbbell press, cable flies, push-ups, Russian twists, toe touches, crunches, side planks

Start out with light weight and higher reps, light weight is important because you need to focus on your form. Correct form is necessary so you don’t hurt yourself and so you target your muscles correctly. I recommend the bodyspace app or the jefit app to walk you through exercise form, also they will have some great beginner workouts you can follow!

Keep in mind that a lot of fitness is actually accomplished in the kitchen, so eating healthy is really important. Another key factor to seeing results is consistency!

Additionally– I’m not a trainer so these are just exercises to look up and start from, if you need additionally information I would consult a trainer at your gym for instructional advice. Be careful and go kick ass!


anonymous asked:

hey!! I want to get into shape really with my stomach area and I feel like I've tried everything and nothing works! I just want a nice flat and tight toned stomach. HELP!!!

Here are some websites to help you out:,,20385798_2,00.html

Here are some workouts to try:

Sit-ups, supermans, stomach holds, bicycle crunches, leg lifts, planks (side, low, high), burps, mountain climbers, windshield wipers, inchworms, Russian twists, reverse crunches, vertical leg crunches, roll ups, torso twists, pulse-ups, and candlesticks.

Also, remember that you can’t just try one kind of exercise for a week and not see results and just assume it’s not working. These things take time and dedication and discipline, so good luck and keep working hard!