side plank variation

#TRX side plank variation. Part 1. Crunch.
If you’ve finally mastered the TRX side plank, add the crunch and make it more dynamic. The trick; make sure to pull the knees in horizontally. Gravity wants to pull the knees downward. So you wind up working this plank variation in three (3)directions; 1. laterally (obliques, lateral flexion of the spine) to keep the hips away from the floor 2. Rotation to keep the knees away from the floor while the hip & knees are in flexion and 3. flexion (of the spine) while performing the crunch by pulling in the knees towards the chest. Working against gravity always makes things more difficult.
Tips: keep the top shoulder facing upward, shoulders away from the ears, elbow below the shoulder and bottom hip away from the floor. If necessary, place top hand on the floor in front of the body to readjust and stabilize but remove the hand once stable. If you have to do this with the other on the floor, continue the side plank statically until you are strong enough to hold it. Progressing to more difficult exercises before the body is actually ready is what leads to injury. Take your time 😊.

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Day 3. Side plank with tree pose.

CAUTION: This pose it’s hard! so if you have wrist/shoulder or back pain please avoid to do it and try the modification: side plank with knee on the flor.

How to: Start on plan, take a deep breath and relax your shoulders, slowly go to your left side with your knees straight, try that your wrist is right below your shoulder, brace your core, engage your abs and raise your hips, stay there inhale and exhale, slowly raise your leg and put it beside your tight or your calf, NEVER ON YOUR KNEE! you don’t want to break it!, take 3 breaths and come back to side plank, plank and rest on child pose.

Tip: Focus on one point!, for me it’s more easy to look down and I don’t lose my balance, find what works for you.

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Side Plank

This is a great pose for arm, shoulder, and oblique strengthening! It also has many modifications and variations for ALL LEVELS! Make sure to use your obliques to help reach your hips up higher in any of the variations.

beginner modification: place your top leg on the ground in front of you for balance support, an other option is to keep your top hand on your hip instead of reaching

intermediate variation: stack your feet, legs and shoulders. turn your gaze to look up

advanced variation: “play" reach your top leg up, and keep pressing out through the heel. you can also try coming into a side plank tree variation! (no photo)

watch my Sexy Arms - Mini Series HERE!


// #joytotheyogis day 30: side plank variations

here are the different variations to side plank. <: pick your options, and add in other funky variations if you would like!

i’ve always loved side planks because they are always such a great work out to my obliques <: i remember when i first started the whole fitness journey, side planks were nearly impossible (i remember falling over so many times while doing blogilates’ videos). come to think about it, it’s almost 1.5 years since i’ve started the whole fitness journey, and over 1 year since i’ve done yoga <: it’s quite an awesome journey thus far! <:

2014 is literally around the corner! do you guys have any new year resolutions? <: i’m never a new year resolutions kind of person, but i definitely have hopes and dreams and plans for the upcoming year! it’s definitely going to be better than 2013. it will be <: 

// #blossomingyogis day 26: side plank with tree pose variation

sorry for the late posting! i really enjoyed today’s pose, side plank poses always make me feel so strong! i love opening up my chest and shifting my gaze upwards, that makes me feel like a thin plane of glass.

it has been a pretty rough morning at work for me, but i can only hope that the day gets better! 

heylord  asked:

Hi Angie ! i'm doing the April intentions challenge, and this week I can't do any of the postures, too hard for me ! So i'm looking for variations... Also, I would like to improve my arms' strength, have you got some ideas ? Thank you a lot, I will be positive now !

hello love! <: i hope you don’t mind that i post this because i really think that this will be so useful to fellow yogis out there who may be struggling with this week’s challenge! <:

This list is definitely not exhaustive but will be useful for anyone who’s looking for a good workout for the core and upper body!

(However, do let me know if you want me to take it down!)

Here are some poses that you can work on:

Preparatory poses for arm balances:

1. Dolphin pose

  • Come into a dolphin pose and you can stay there if you like. Try to unclasp your hands and lay them flat on the ground, as this will make the pose a little more challenging.
  • To make this into a dynamic pose, from dolphin pose, come into a forearm plank, and then try to get your chin over your hands. If you can, try to touch your chin towards the ground. If this is not accessible to you yet, place your knees on the ground. This helps to strengthen your arms and shoulders. 

2. Crow pose

3. Chaturanga

  • This is the basis to many arm balances out there. Make sure to hug your elbows close to your torso, and when you’re going down, imagine that your elbow now forms a 90 degree angle. 
  • You can either opt to have your knees on the ground, or up the challenge by having your knees away from the ground, like tricep push-up.

Preparatory poses for inversions:

1. Boat pose

  • Either come into a static boat pose, or make it into a dynamic pose by leaning backwards and getting your feet and shoulders as close to the ground as possible, and then get back up into boat pose.
  • If this is not accessible to you yet, place your heels on the ground and lean backwards as close to the ground as possible.
  • If you have a yoga block, place your yoga block in between your thighs, and squeeze them real hard as you lean towards the ground. This makes the pose a little more intense, really works your core, and inner thighs!

2. Side Plank

  • There are many variations for side plank, one of the most challenging ones I’ve had so far is side plank dips. Dip your hips as close to the ground as possible in your forearm side plank for 20x, and change sides, and you do that twice on each side.

3. Plank pose + Forearm plank


  • I personally love handstand classes with Kino MacGregor on YouTube as they include lots of moves to work on your handstand (or any other inversions, really) so that is something that you might want to consider incorporating into your yoga practice <:
  • We will also be adding variations to each day’s poses so you can attempt those as well!


  • It’s yoga practice, not yoga perfect <: It’s okay if inversions are not in your practice yet, these are great poses to get started and inversions are always great targets to work towards to!
  • We really don’t want anyone to feel too discouraged with this week’s poses - attempt them to your best of your ability, have fun, laugh, and let go of what your body can or cannot do at the end of the practice.
  • STAY SAFE. no matter what, you are not supposed to feel a strain in your neck or head and if you need a spotter, please get someone to help you out!

anonymous asked:

I want to get into yoga but don't know where to start. what types of yoga do you do?

I do an vinyasa flow sequence that involves the basic Surya Namaskar (or sun salutation), warriors 1 & 2, side planks, variations of chaturanga dandasana, rotated side angles, half moon, upward warrior II, and a few other basic poses. I also do a bit of home practice for more complex poses that are hard to practice in the studio. 

I felt the same way you did about three years ago… But just buy a cheap mat and sign up for a class. Yoga is a learning experience and the best part is you never stop learning - about the practice and about yourself. You will always learn new ways your body will allow you to move, you will constantly be amazed by your strength, and there is always something new and extraordinary to learn about the practice. 

A lot of people say normal yoga is “too slow” and if you feel this way after a few trials, I suggest trying hot yoga (not bikram). Good luck on your journey!!