El loved outer space.

Something about the unimaginably vast universe, the last frontier, the far reaches of human exploration, sparked her curiosity like nothing else.

Perhaps the ever-extending universe was her escape from the walls that she felt confined her, even when she had escaped her prison long ago. No matter how far she drifted, through planets and stars, she always felt gravity tugging her down into the world of confinement that she was born into. Though she was imprisoned by transparent walls, she could stare up into the rich blackness of the night sky, and dream of lying on the moon. On the silvery surface of the moon, where the world was quiet, she could finally be free to drift along the Milky Way, without orbiting the fear of being pulled back down.

On the moon you weigh six times less than you do on Earth. El wanted to be weightless. She wanted to float through time and space, capturing every detail of the cosmos and storing it somewhere she would never forget. She wanted nothing holding her down as she explored the beauty of everything beyond walls, because the universe was void of walls. It was constantly growing and expanding and it was unbridled and free and not weighed down by imaginary walls that follow you even when you’re sleeping so far away from where you once were trapped.

The universe was free. El wanted to be free.

And when she looked out upon the constellations, the same ones that stung in the back of her mind as she tried to sleep, she couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to feel freedom as you’re floating through miles of stardust.

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You know what sucks?

Falling in love with a character that gets BARELY ANY SCREEN TIME WHATSOEVER.

the stepladder thing is great but there are a lot of other great running jokes in ace attorney:

  • phoenix not knowing the names of any plants aside from tulips and sunflowers
  • maya/trucy trying to steal things and bring them back to the office
  • edgeworth being unable to get his witnesses to state their name
  • multiple people, on different occasions, failing to see critical evidence because they didn’t look at the other side of a piece of paper
  • “Anyone could wear that ______! Even me!”
  • edgeworth glaring at things
  • phoenix/apollo’s obsession with their hair
  • in the third game, phoenix cleaning the toilet
  • in the first game, gumshoe never remembering phoenix’s name
  • edgeworth being a super steel samurai fan
  • yelling ‘objection!’ in everyday, non courtroom situations
  • franziska referring to everyone by their full name, all the time
  • phoenix being super into gossip and tabloid magazines

Legends of Tomorrow | 2.14

Wait, Haircut’s on the moon?

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for the palette challenge could you do Pidge in a swimsuit for 16?

This was a VERY DIFFICULT PALETTE and in related news I am never using it again

I don’t think I’ve drawn Promised Day Riza. Whoops

I need straight men to stop playing all these iconic gay roles because you fall in love with these characters and you end up falling in love with the actors who portray them and I can’t be out here thirsting after straight men because I love myself and that’s not the tea


@danielhowell hallway of dans. 2017. watercolor on paper.