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Zodiac Sign? scorpio
Dual Signs - who? i only know that leo is my moon (?) sign or sth
Which of the 7 Deadly Sins fits you best? sloth…or gluttony…or envy….maybe hubris/pride…. theyre all Me
When picking a brownie, do you pick the middle, side, or corner piece? we dont rly have ‘brownies’ in germany but…the middle i guess,..where theyre not as dry….anyway stop this americanisation
When it comes to sound, which is prettier: Violin or Piano? piano….when u fuck that up it doesnt screech like violins do…..i guess
List your OTP’s here, as many as you can think of! nah lad

What colour lightsaber would you have? im not a god damn star wars nerd….i watched TFA but i didnt get Invested
What is your aesthetic? absolute chaos
Jewel tones: rubinrot…..saphirblau….smaragdgrün…. lmao @kerstingier 
Hogwarts house? slytherin @agardenintheshire ur scorpio ass aint no hufflepuff bruh all scorpios are slytherins its just the deal of life
Which one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse do you think you could totally be/want to be? which one was magneto in the new xmen movie? im that
What’s something that can always make you laugh? that vine of the boy staring at the camera at a football or baseball game or sth…its insane i love this guy
Aliens or ghosts? aliens are real and i hope that ghosts arent
If you could live in any past era, what one would it be? maybe the 80s but without the cold war and germany is united and there was never any war to begin with but the fashion and music are the same
Would you ever swim with sharks? With proper safety precautions? this body will not touch any ocean water
What’s your favourite word?  language is much to broad to answer this my guy
Favourite band? i only listen to 1d ever in my whole entire life
Have you ever wondered, even for a moment, what another human tastes like? …….yea…h….dude…my ass watched hannibal ok 
Fire or ice? 

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.
   - Me, 2016
Light or dark? vague
What’s your favourite romantic trope? ok not to be THAT person but enemies to friends to lovers……like when they think they dont like each other at first bc of some minor petty misunderstanding but then they realise theyve been in love w each other this whole time 
What’s your favourite quote of all time?
man…i dont have that….but the lyrics from awolnations “kill your heroes” rly spoke to me when i first heard them…theyre not That Deep but i feel like….they represent my sentiments towards role models and ‘icons’ and self worth and they just kinda reassure me idk man usw usf:

I say ya kill your heroes and
Fly, fly, baby don’t cry.
No need to worry cuz
Everybody will die. <——- this makes my ass sleep at night
Every day we just
Go, go, baby don’t go.
Don’t you worry we
Love you more than you know.

What’s your favourite holiday? all
How far would you go to keep the person or thing you love the most? id die for my mother
Who or what are you most loyal to? im a very loyal person so im loyal to everyone who deserves it and i guess even to those who dont….loyality is very important to me
What’s your favourite flower? im not a flower fanatic…. i enjoy the big ol plants who are actually of use other than to look pretty….so maybe flowers like….chamomile idk man i really dont care about flowers that arent trees
Favourite amusement park ride? the fast ones
Favourite board game? scrabble
What’s your favourite meme? i dont want to say bc there might come a meme that outmemes all the memes weve had til now
Favourite ice cream flavour? from the three classics? chocolate… from the crazy flavs? idk
Disney character you are going to FIGHT: im a lover not a fighter…..but maybe Goofy….(:
Last book you read/book you are currently reading: animal farm
What characters are your “children,” so to speak? charles xavier is my son and he didnt deserve to lose his hair at such a young age (both cartoon and film versions….fucking bald james t mcavoy…rip)…
Favourite comic series? xmen, asterix…und obelix? yall i dont read comics much and i dont want to list the mangas from my manga phase
Favourite Tim Burton movie? maybe batman? im not much into tim burton mainly bc johnny depp and helena bonham carter are in every single movie hes ever made
What character, and it can only be one character, do you ship yourself with? im not into shipping myself w fantasy characters but my fanart from quite sometime ago revealed to me that i was into peeta from the hunger games apparently noah fence

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Side Chick.

I do NOT like sharing my men. If we’re going to date, my only focus is on you and yours should be on only me. I will NEVER be anyone’s side chick because I deserve better than that. *flips hair and does a 360 spin* Do I look like side chick material to you? HELL NO! … I will never understand how females feel comfortable being a side chick.

THE FOXTROT - by SimplyKorra

Years after the fallout of the war separated them, Ruby and Weiss’ lives have taken very different paths. Weiss runs the Schnee Dust Company as it continues to thrive throughout Remnant. Meanwhile, Ruby lives alone in Patch and continues to work as a huntress. They haven’t spoken in years - but when their teammates suddenly announce they’re getting married, Weiss and Ruby will be forced to coexist and reopen old wounds.

~ art by the lovely @plastic-pipes, she’s amazing.