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I've been told you'd like to hear about my Grandmother...

My grandmother got married in 1962, to a young man in the military. For a wedding present, their parents bought them a house in a nice suburb. White picket fence, whole 9 yards. Not long after they moved in, the next door neighbor planted a mullberry tree on the side of his property, near my grandparent’s driveway. Nothing seemed amiss, but if you know Mullberry Trees, you know that sh*t is about to get real.

About 15 years later, the mullberry tree was OBNOXIOUS. The birds would come and eat the berries, and any car parked in the driveway would get sh*t on, and it would stain the cars and ruin paint jobs. My grandmother, upon realizing the culprit, baked a nice apple pie, walked next door, and asked the neighbor if he’d mind trimming back the branches of the tree that hung over her driveway. He told her not to worry, he’d get to it soon. Three days later, my grandmother opened her door to find a half-eaten pie in the plate, crawling with ants, and a note that said “I changed my mind.”

My grandmother threw out the pie, cursing up a storm, and swearing up and down she’d get him to trim that tree or get him back. City ordinance said she could not trim the tree, as the roots were on his property, so the whole tree was his property.

As the years went by, my grandmother repeatedly asked him, ever so nicely, to trim it back. His responses were always along the lines of “No” and “F*ck off.”
Finally, in the mid-90s, my grandmother retired, and received a large bonus from her employer for her 35 years of work. She took the money, and bought the empty lot on the other side of the neighbor, then went to a nursery and bought 16 mullberry trees, planting them along her property line, on both sides of his property. About 3 years ago, he became angry at the damage they were doing to his cars, and cut them all back without permission. My grandmother took him to court, and he was forced to reimburse her for the trees at a markup because they’d had 10 years to grow.

jikook fics recommendations MASTERPOST (PT.1, long fics)

(pt. 2)


  • *= smut

[3/3 chapters, 9k] shallow beds  (college!au)

[3/3 chapters, 8k] chemical reaction (canon!au)

*[2/2 chapters, 5k] digital (???? au)

*[2/2 chapters, 5k] how to seduce your dancer teacher by jeon jungkook (college!au)

*[5/5 chapters, 32k] once upon a timeshare (college!au, vacation!au)

[17/17 chapters, 57k] after hours (starbucks!au one of my favs)

[16/16 chapters, 58k] all the lovely unremarkable things (college au!)

*[12/12 chapters, 73k] dream maker (college!au, living together!au, poor!au one of my favs)

*[8/8 chapters, 30k] listen to my heartbeat (it’s calling you at its own will) (highschool!au, badboy!jk)

[18/18 chapters, 62k] riptide (canon!au)

[2/2 chapters, 13k]  you broke my heart (but i broke it myself) (jimin is marrying the wrong person!au lol)

[2/2 chapters, 19k]  wander (fantasy!au, nature!au, country-hotel!au, one of my favs too i cry everytime)

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George Harrison // 1965

Oh Sehun//Love Thy Neighbor - Part 2

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Summary: You move into a new apartment after your boyfriend leaves to go abroad, making your relationship long distance. You’re tired, stressed and missing him - and your next door neighbor isn’t making life any easier. (Part 1/Part 2)
Scenario: neighbor!AU, slightly angsty
Word Count: 4,724

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just remember that cobra starship was made up of the weirdest bunch of people

i mean….

gabe saporta:

  • a jewish latino (previously undocumented) immigrant and a former punk rock legend turned neon dance pop trash who knew like??? everyone in the scene from blink to mcr ???

ryland blackinton:

  • a trained actor who met up with his best friend from high school who he was in a band with? also they worked at a jewish deli?

alex suarez:

  • a skilled trained professional chef spaniard who also does his own djing on the side??? he was also NEIGHBORS with the midtown drummer????????????? he also had a catering business called thyme to dine???

nate novarro:

  • a former high school drumline merch boy with an emo fringe who drove from nashville to new jersey, had his car radio stolen (then his entire car????) to live with the frontman of the band??????

vicky t:

  • a film major from nyu who was found on MYSPACE and also the daughter of peter asher ??? also she directed the oitnb opener???

Die Kartoffelpuffer (Hochdeutsch) or Reibekuchen (various German dialects) exist in many European national cuisines. In Germany, potato pancakes are eaten either salty (as a side dish) or sweet as a main dish with apple sauce and sometimes extra sugar, with berries or cinnamon. They’re common at festivals, appearing at outdoor market stands, particularly during the colder season and at Christmas markets. In Swiss-German cuisine, they’re called Rösti and are usually savory rather than sweet.

Renner’s place is a Frank Lloyd Wright–style number built in 1964, set deep in a canyon in the Hollywood Hills on a quiet cul-de-sac with no cell service. It sits on its own man-made plateau, with no houses on either side, his nearest neighbors are actors Chris Pratt and Anna Faris, who live down the hill. But you can hardly see their house through Renner’s thick pines and 30-foot tall bamboo.

“I’m not too big on city views. So instead I’m just surrounded by these old-ass trees.”

Renner calls his house “the Nest” — first because it feels like being in the treetops and second because it ties in to Hawkeye, the avian, bow-and-arrow-toting comic book hero he plays in Marvel’s Avengers movies.

Hot Neighbor

Written for: Supernatural Hiatus Writing Challenge - Week 3

Prompt:  “Could you be any louder?” 

Relationship: Dean x Reader

Words: 1517

Warnings: Fluff, Language, Dean being awesome. 

A/N: Week three down. Tags are at the bottom. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Summary: Trying to collect her stuff from her exes apartment proves difficult until the hot neighbor next door helps her out. 

    You banged again on the door, “Arthur, open the fucking door right now!” Still, no response so you hit it again. All you wanted was to get your things and get as far away from your boyfriend as soon as possible. Well, technically he’s your ex now based on the compromising position you found him in the other night. Not to mention with your sister of all people. You banged again harder than before, “Let me in!”

    The apartment door behind you swung open and you turned trying to wipe away the tears from your eyes to face his neighbor. Your mouth dropped at how gorgeous his neighbor was with his sparkling green eyes, freckles, and his strong arms. The man was wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants with a tight white T-shirt stretched across his broad shoulders and looked like he was pissed, “Could you be any louder, Princess?”

   “God I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking I just want my shit back from this asshole and he won’t open the door. I know he’s in there,” you spit out falling back against the wall and sliding down as you felt another wave of hurt. “I’m sorry.”

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Chapter 4

Sanders Sides—A Novel

By: Yours Truly, SassyShoulderAngel319 (unless @thatsthat24 wants to adopt the rest…? *wink wink*)

Table of ContentsPrevious Chapter

Chapter 4—Patton

I sighed and glanced between Thomas and Virgil. They were both staring at their knees. I made a face of irritation and steeled my courage. Courage wasn’t my strong point—it was more Roman’s department.

Finally I swallowed my feelings and squared my shoulders. “So you know that these scars are from your emotional pain. It’s not your fault that we bear them,” I said, wishing I had my normal outfit on so I felt more like myself—and because then I’d maybe look a little more like a dad so Thomas would be more inclined to listen to me or something.

Thomas scrunched his eyebrows. “Did you say ‘we’?” he asked. “Do you all have them?”

I shook my head and pushed my purple bangs out of my way. “Nope. Just me and Virgil,” I answered. “I’m at the core of your feelings, he embodies your fears. Both of those have a bearing on emotional scars. Old wounds. Old heartaches. Virgil definitely has more of them than I do because the pain affects your fears and anxiety more than your emotions, but we both have them.”

Thomas exhaled. “Wow. I… I didn’t know,” he muttered.

“Why would you?” Virgil retorted. “We were just figments of your imagination until this morning.”

I bit my lower lip and pulled the Steven Universe T-shirt up to reveal a huge, ugly scar slicing across my chest, showing it to Thomas. “Th-that…” he stammered. “That looks just like Virgil’s.”

I nodded. “Your first big heartbreak was hard on all of us, but the others weren’t as involved. It got to me and Virgil the worst.”

“You let your guard down,” Virgil added. “You opened me up. Well, you opened us up. And… you know how it ended.” He rubbed at the scar through his shirt, grimacing. He looked younger and more defenseless without his eyeshadow under his eyes.

I pulled the red shirt back down. “There’s nothing simple about pain,” I observed. Thomas nodded. “Just… do us a favor and don’t tell Logan or Roman. They… they don’t need to know.”

“And I don’t need more obnoxious nicknames from Roman,” Virgil remarked darkly.

Thomas nodded. “I won’t tell them,” he promised.

“Good!” I exclaimed, slapping my knees. “Now that that’s over with, I’m gonna go pet a dog.” I got up off the couch. “Unless, Virgil, you want me to stay and keep an eye on Thomas.”

Virgil shook his head. “Nah. Thanks Pat, but I’m fine here for a while. Go find a dog to pet.”

I grinned and rushed out of the apartment.

Once I was outside, I rubbed my chest through the red T-shirt. The smile on my face dropped. Despite what Virgil told Thomas about his Sides being figments of his imagination until we manifested earlier, some form of us always existed. And those forms had memories that were part of us when he solidified us for YouTube.

I remembered the day that scar appeared as I walked.

No matter whether we knew it was coming or not, nothing could have prepared us for the pain.

Anxiety and I were near each other, feeling the same thing—fear and sorrow at the same time. The others were all off on their own. As far as I knew, we were the only ones in close proximity.

Not only were we near each other, but we were sitting the same way—curled up on the floor with our arms around our knees and clenching our fists into our sleeves. We were young. Gosh, we were so young. Young, inexperienced, and completely unprepared.

All I wanted was to hold Anxiety, to comfort him, to reassure him that everything was going to be okay. But I couldn’t. I didn’t know if everything would be okay. And I was in so much pain myself I could barely move. We were both trembling—me more so than Anxiety. I turned my head as much as I could to look at him. “Wh-wh-what’s happening?” I asked, voice quivering.

“I… I don’t really know. This isn’t like any emotional pain I’ve ever felt before,” Anxiety replied.

“I-I’m scared,” I admitted.

“Me too,” Anxiety agreed.

Then the burning started. I cried out, curling up tighter and trying not to cry. Anxiety grunted, his knuckles turning white where he was clenching the sleeves of his oversized black-and-gray hoodie. He seemed so much tougher than me—I almost envied him. Almost. I didn’t have enough brainspace to think about it at the moment.

I lifted my shirt, trying desperately to figure out what was going on. Anxiety followed my lead.

We watched as the thick, angry red marks carved themselves identically across our skin. They glistened—and I knew what that meant.

Scar tissue.

Anxiety met my eyes. “Heartbreak,” he ground out through his clenched jaw. “That’s what it is.”

“I don’t like it,” I whimpered.

Anxiety slowly released his grip on his sleeves and grabbed mine. He pulled me over. We wrapped our arms around each other, holding on for dear life. I wept unashamedly, tears soaking into Anxiety’s hoodie.

That memory was conflicting. The pain was terrible and the experience was awful, but that was the first time Virgil and I really connected—which I found important.

“Hey Thomas!” a familiar voice called out, jarring me from my thoughts. I recognized it from some of Thomas’ memories. I turned. I would have taken my glasses off to look more like Thomas but I found out the hard way when I was changing shirts that I couldn’t see more than three inches in front of my face without them. So I kept them on.

The girl who approached was small. Her eyes were a lighter brown than mine and her hair had less red in it than mine—also no purple—and fell to her waist.

I racked my brain for her name. Thomas had memories of humor around her but I wasn’t coming up with her name.

“Heeeeeyyy… Natalie!” I replied, her name smacking me in the face like a wet cat.

She smiled and laughed. “Forgot my name for a sec, huh?” she joked. I shrugged. “Meh. Don’t worry about it. My professors do too. All the time.” She blinked and scrunched her dark eyebrows. “What’s with the glasses, if I may ask?”

“Oh! Uh…” I scrambled to come up with some excuse. “I’m in the middle of filming a project and I just didn’t bother to take them off.”

Natalie nodded. “Ah. I see. That’s cool,” she commented. “Uh, I was actually on my way to your apartment when I saw you.” She cleared her throat. She and Thomas weren’t particularly close but they seemed to be pretty decent acquaintances—if not quite all the way to friends just yet. “Uh, Haldir has been a little lonely today since me and my roommate were both out a lot this weekend and I was wondering if you wanted to come play with him.”

Even though I had trouble accessing Thomas’ memories, I knew Haldir was her and her roommate’s dog.

I perked up instantly.  “I’d love to!” I exclaimed.

She laughed. “Alrighty then. Wanna walk with me? I mean, if you’re going somewhere, you can come over later—”

“No, no, no!” I interrupted. “I was actually just out exploring, waiting to find a dog to pet.”

She grinned. “Of course you were,” she teased, turning on her heel to head towards her house. I quickly trotted after her to catch up. “So, uh… you okay, Thomas? You were looking a little troubled when I saw you.”

I shook my head and waved my hand dismissively. “I’m fine. Just, y’know, this project is a big one and I’m a little stressed,” I lied.

“Tell me about this project,” Natalie requested. “Like, who’s the character who needs glasses?”

“He’s called Patton. He’s meant to represent T—my moral side. And, y’know, emotions.”

“So why’s he got glasses?”

“Because usually he wears an outfit that looks more like a dad. Polo shirt, khakis, cardigan tied around the shoulders. That deal. The glasses go with it. Also he’s supposed to be near-sighted because emotions are often more about what’s important in the present,” I explained.

Natalie nodded in understanding.

I whacked myself on the forehead. “What am I doing? Where are my manners? I should be escorting the nice lady,” I remarked, extending my elbow.

Natalie laughed and looped her arm through my elbow. “You’re so sweet, Thomas,” she observed. I tried not to feel too guilty. Technically, pretending to be Thomas when I was, in fact, Patton was lying. And lying was wrong.

Which went against everything I stood for.

But Virgil was right. We couldn’t just be ourselves out in the normal world. We weren’t… whole. “We” meaning us Sides.

So I just kept up the act. Pretending to be Thomas was simpler than explaining what I was to an unsuspecting neighbor.

Natalie was whistling as we strolled down the sidewalk—a Disney tune I recognized. I licked my lips and joined in, knowing that Roman would enjoy being in my place in the moment.

As we reached the apartment I recognized as hers, she pulled a set of keys out of her pocket and stuck one in the door. She jerked it and pushed the door open.

I passed her my glasses, instantly losing my good vision. “Hold these, will you?” I requested. She laughed and took them as a blur of chestnut hair streaked across the dark splotch that was the inside of Natalie’s apartment and thirty pounds of red retriever bowled into her. She laughed and petted Haldir’s head.

“Hey boy. I brought you a friend!”

I bent my knees and smiled at the dog—what I could see of him anyway. “Hi buddy!” I exclaimed.

Haldir growled.

“Hal!” Natalie protested. “It’s Thomas! You love Thomas!”

My heartstrings twanged at the lie. I was part of Thomas, but I wasn’t Thomas.

I let Haldir sniff my hand. He seemed to perk up.

“There we go!” I commented as the dog reared up on his hind legs to lick me.

I felt all the tension ease away. Dogs made everything better.

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Net worth (exterior only) : 21K

Hope you enjoy this tutorial and if you want to see me build other retro/midcentury modern houses, I’ll try to make more. Origin ID : DWould.

p-s : I forgot to talk about the fences. But retro houses usually have tall ones (Perfect Patio’s ones are a great choice). I also put some glass fences on the right side to match the neighbors house.

For other tutorials :

why is the mother a different skin tone from the protagonist


maybe her dad is super white??


I was worried when I first inherited Claudette that she would be lonely and depressed. I knew parrots were supposed to be social creatures, but I was barely equipped to handle one, much less get her a companion. Aunt June, who had “generously” given the bird to me after discovering how loud and energetic she could be, assured me that Claudette was an independent sort and would be fine on her own.

Claudette and I had a rocky start. I was timid around her large beak and sharp claws and she was slow to trust yet another new person. She’d apparently had a number of homes in her twenty-five years, all of whom had given her up much the same as Aunt June had. That was mostly why I kept her; I felt sorry for her and wanted her to finally have a home, even if it meant a steep learning curve.

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The Vastness Of The Earth

                                                    Chapter Two



A young girl rolled her [e/c] eyes at a taller man, she quickly pulled out a gum packet and slowly slid a bubblegum strip in her mouth.

 “What did I say about gum, young lady? No gum in the house.” Her father, Owen Montgomery, strictly said. [name] ignored him and purposely blew a bubble, just to tick off her father.

 “I don’t care. I’m leaving.” She snapped back, even though she had recently arrived to her home no less than ten minutes ago. She couldn’t stand seeing her father drunk as hell in the living room couch, she stepped back and automatically ran out the house. She made sure to slam the door, harshly.

Almost instantly, her father jumped up and chased after her, opening the door and screaming at the girl who got her skateboard. “[NAME] MONTGOMERY! Come back here this instant!”

The [h/c] haired girl snickered mockingly as she flipped her skateboard and rode her way out the place, she didn’t even care to look back. Leaving behind, her angered father to wonder just what the hell to do to such a disobedient child.

Quite ironically, a group of boys on bikes had just been passing by her house when this occurred. They gulped whenever [name] had come rushing out the damn house, she had suddenly lifted her finger and flipped her father off.

  “Quit your drinking, and I’ll come back!!”

Bill slowed his bike down, noticing that [name] was practically in the middle of them. The girl hadn’t noticed the presence of anyone for a couple seconds, she looked too deep in her own thoughts to bother look around.

Richie was the first to cut the uncomfortable tension, he coughed loudly. [name] blinked twice, eyes widening and finally looking around, staring at the boy’s with a confused expression.

 “Hey, it’s you. The boys from after school, woah, didn’t expect to see you so soon.” She acted casual, pretending that nothing had happen but they knew better.

 “Oh, hey um.” Eddie could feel his heart pounding against his chest, it felt as if a knot was in his throat since everything he could possibly say in the moment would come out as a jumbled mess. The young boy, panted slightly, wishing he could pull out his inhaler because, he felt like he was having a nervous breakdown.

 “So, what you boys doing? Mind if I join? I have nothing to do and I can’t really go back home.” [name] offered a smile, her eyes sparkling with something they didn’t know what to name.

  “W-w-w-we’re g-g-g-g—“ Bill stammered until he was rudely cut off by an impatient Richie.

  “The sewers, we’re going to the sewers.” Richie informed, sending a warning glare at Bill.

[name] nodded, furrowing her brows as if not completely getting what they were trying to do. “What are you guys gonna do over there? I mean, is that like your secret spot?” She questioned their antics, like any other normal person; why would anyone go to the sewers?

  “We’re trying to find leads on the missing kids.” Stan said simply, but the looks on the boys faces said something else was going on too.

[name] laughed causing all the boys to watch her in fear, possibly ashamed, “Woah, that’s so awesome. I’ve never tried solving a mystery, I want in.” She suddenly added, grinning enthusiastically.

Bill paused, along with the rest of the boys, having heard this from a girl was different.

 “R-really?” Even Richie was shocked, his jaw dropped in amazement. He had heard that [name] Montgomery was down to earth, loving and looking for adventure and always up and ready for a great time but he didn’t expect anything like this to happen. [name] hanging out with losers? Man, what a day to be alive.

 “Hell yeah, beats staying at home.” She cheekily responded, her eyes looking forward and her left leg pushing her self faster.

Out of the blue, Eddie stopped. He literally stopped his bike, noticing something was off. Everyone froze, halting with him, they all shared a look of utter perplexion.

  “Eddie? What’s up?” Richie questioned, crocking a brow up at his dear friend.

The extremely medical boy, blinked three times and took a deep breath preparing himself for what he was about to say. He, abruptly, snapped his head to [name] who flinched at the action.

 “Uh, um, [name] do you want to ride with me? I-It’s just that a skateboard wouldn’t be fast enough to catch up with our bikes and we wouldn’t want you exhausted. Being exhausted would mean you would be drained of your physical or mental resources.” He nervously rambled on about, the boys jaw slacken at the sudden guts their pal had.

[name] picked up her skateboard and randomly threw it to the side of her neighbors yard, “Sure.” She answered, mischievously smirking whenever Eddie stared at the ground and sighed in relief.

The girl climbed up on the back of his bike and sat down,  both legs on either side of the metal seat, and almost immediately wrapped her arms around the small boy’s waist.

Eddie shyly, nervously, smiled. Meanwhile, Richie glared at him not liking the sight of Eddie with [name].

 “Let’s go, adventure awaits!” [name] shouted, pointing to the clear beautiful sky up above. “Come on Eddie, let’s beat ‘em.” She whispered into his ear, smirking then, sticking her tongue out—whenever Eddie picked up his speed— at Richie who cracked a grin.

  “Oh no you don’t, Eddie Spaghetti!!!” Richie screamed, laughing his ass off.

The whole ride to the sewers, Eddie couldn’t wipe the grin off his face nor could he minimize the heat he felt in his face.


Request: Hello there!! I’ve been craving some spooky themed stuff and I was wondering if you could do something where the reader moves into a house that’s really old yet really cheap only to find it is haunted by the ghost of the original owners’ son, Kylo?? :)

A/N: I’ve had this done for a while and wanted to post it today because why not its Friday the 13th; it came out a lot longer than expected so I split it into two parts! Enjoy!

Warning: None

Word Count: 5.6K+

Standing under the blazing early afternoon sun, watching movers walk in and out of the home in front of you as they brought your furniture in, you let out a small breath. This was your first real home. You had been living in an apartment before and you were growing tired of sharing walls with others. It was about time you bought your first place.

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Friends With Benefits (Part 1) - Taehyung x Reader (M)

Group : BTS

Member : Kim Taehyung 

Genre : smut, FWB, cheating, jealousy, affair.

Word Count : 2K

Description : having a friend with benefits despite being in a relationship? not a good idea, right? 

next : part II


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