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Sketches! Sugawara, Kuroo and Nekoma   (^= ˃ᆺ˂)

I guess Kuroo received the lollipop from the nurse >w<

“There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? The Dark Side… And the Light.”

Just playing around with the #Cropic app on the “Awakened” pieces. Whatever you do, don’t align the halves of their faces together to create a new one! It comes out looking weirder than #SalaciousBCrumb !

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The Gammy one still lives...

@fishplague and all other friends and followers. Fear not! The Gammy one still lives!

I have no excuse. I felt like taking (what was meant to be) a small break from my PC by chilling on my Xbox One. But it turned into a bigger distraction then I anticipated.

I’ve been enjoying my Xboner playing Dragon Age Inquisition on yet another new play through yelling at little two faced Solas and flirting with everything.
And trying out Subnautica by seeing how deep I can go before imploding.

Plus with the sales I’ve also been side tracked with Dying Light which I could never afford before (OMG it’s such an addictive game, it has my palms sweating!)

Also bought Just Cause 3 in the sales, though I’ve yet to play it.

But yeah dem dar zombies are addictive. Air drops man air drops! Have to get all airdrops XD

I’ve been meaning to post about it but kept neglecting to due to family distracting me and my Xbox beckoning me every morning.

I’m such a bad friend I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to go quiet on you all.

I really need to get back to modding on my PC again soon, I have things that need doing….after I’ve killed a few more undead and romanced Culleywully for the thousandth time.

I’ll try and check in here more often if I can. In the meantime don’t be afraid to message me, send me asks, mention me in things you think I might like to read or shout at me and berate me for being a terrible fren :p

Also feel free to add me on Xbox One - gamer tag is Gamer Amelli

(For some reason the phone app ate my reblog of Fish’s reply to an anons ask about me, so if this pops up a few times then I’m sorry for the double posts, tumblr app is being a shit again)

Kylo Ren not being able to live up to his full potential with the Dark Side because deep down he’s Light at his core is a wonderful dilemma. The fact that he’s trying so hard to be what he thinks he should be but it goes against who he is/who he’s supposed to be and it’s tearing him apart inside is way more that I ever thought we’d get from his character.