side gunner


Main battle tank T-72B of the sample in 1989, the year the armed forces damaged during the operation to force Georgia to peace in August 2008.

The car got hit cumulative grenade in the side, causing the gunner of the car was stunned and suffered burns.

The author of the photo: Anatoly Kozyrev.

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Hello, I have a prompt (again)! Rexobi, “so… did you miss me?”, pretty please?

I was so tempted to write this as post-Hardeen reunion fic. SO TEMPTED. But Obi-Wan isn’t that much of a dick, and I couldn’t think of another way to spin that scene, so I’m going with something else. And I apologize in advance, because this got LONG.


“Rex,” his comm lights up, Cody’s ID flashing across his HUD, “have you got a lock on my General?”

“What- No! Am I supposed to?” Rex keeps one eye on the terrain passing by underneath the open bay doors as he pulls up the call signs on his internal map, checking friendlies versus clankers, enlarging the clusters of squads in close quarters to make sure Kenobi’s sign isn’t hidden in among them. Nothing. “He was supposed to stay with you!”

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A burning airplane falls from the sky.  A British army chaplain recalled how both sides stopped fighting to watch an aerial dogfight on July 20, 1916, during the Battle of Fromelles: 

“The only occasion when we have heard troops in battle break into a spontaneous and whole-hearted cheer was when after a half-hour’s single combat on July 20, 1916, a German aeroplane crashed behind out lines, with the full glory of a blood-red sky in the background.  The excitement had been so intense that on both sides the gunners had stopped firing to watch.”

Author-nim, let Kang woo go. He has his own friends to protect him now. -Baekhyun

“Wings To Carry You Home”

A/N: World War II Olicity AU. Rated T for now, possible M for violence. Can a one time meeting amongst the chaos and danger of war be enough to allow love to take hold?

This story is loosely based on the 1990 movie, Memphis Belle.  My edit above is made from actual photos of a WWII B-17 and crew.  I’ll try and update once a week. I hope you enjoy the story.

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Chapter 4

Two hours later, Oliver blinked the ache and burn from his eyes as he folded the letter he had finished writing to his mother and addressed it.

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