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Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is one of the best kdrama of all time and it continues to be overlooked as hell. It doesn’t even rank top 20 in Korea despite having one of the most well-written, organically developed plot AND characters for a kdrama. This is the first kdrama I’ve ever seen where they actually show a healthy, supportive relationship between the main leads without using over-exaggerated storylines to drive the romance. Also it’s one of the few Korean dramas that actually talks about mental health issues without downplaying it or use it as a plot device for ratings. I honestly love this drama so much and it deserves so much more love. It’s so fluffy and fun but also serious and relatable when it’s important. 

Every minute I close my eyes and see that it’s all nonsense, all nonsense.
—  The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Jon Snow, probably the most noble and level headed character on this show, almost killed Littlefinger in blind rage with his bare hands because he told him he was in love with Sansa.

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Warframe personalities from how I see them, by my first glance at them.

Heads up, this is a long post. Enjoy~!

Ash: Aloof mofo with a stabbing habit. could rob you of all your money in texas hold ‘em. Too much damn side eye. Kills everyone is the room, then breaks for coffee like nothing happened. Ninja who steals the last slice of cake from the fridge.

Atlas: would kick your ass then be your best bro. is dead inside? somewhat likely but can’t tell anymore. makes shitty jokes. I get he’s a one punch man stone golem, but c’mon, the guy gives pretty good hugs.

Banshee: Resting bitch face, but is sound sensitive so she has a reason. Most likely up to god knows what hours listening to music enjoying synethesia sensations. Knows a thing or two about where to find the best obscure books. Caring protective friend.

Chroma: Moody guy who just wants some fucking peace and quiet. Hoards things like trophies from kills, bet this guy has so many hunting trophies? ffs, his ult is a dragon pelt, might as well be a dragon! Really good at pissing off people without even trying.

Ember: Sassy friend wants all the tea. Best booty to boot. You see that guy over there? He’s on fire. She fucking murdered him with sick comebacks. Don’t get me wrong though, she might like her bacon crispy but she’s a pretty loyal friend. Probably would come get your ass for a revive with intent to raze the fucking field with wildfire.

Equinox: Calm balanced friend??? Has two sides she shows to different people, everyone who talks to her might find something different about her. Likes keeping a lot of houseplants in her room in the dojo. Courteous and polite and gives the best backhanded compliments under a pleasant facade.

Excalibur: Average Joe. Good at a lot but not the best, really doesn’t give his best. Very athletic. rushes through missions impatiently. Might play too many hack’n’slash games in his spare time.

Frost: Stoic, quiet, probably has some thought going on at all times. Reads a lot of mythology from before the orokin era. Procrastinates and stalls for his buddies while holding down the fort. solid person to talk to if you need someone to listen.

Hydroid: The guy has enough mentions about tentacle porn, it’s safe to say he’s hoarding a hentai stash somewhere. or people assume. just a guy who loves the water, could talk for days about fish and where to find all the best seafood restaurants. has had enough people mentioning pirates around him. has a good, hearty laugh.

Inaros: Tired, always fucking tired. Sleep? I’ll sleep when I’m dead. if you can kill me, that is. Mmm. nom. Corpus tastes metallic. Grineer tastes like really bad slimy chicken. I’m not sharing what infested taste like. Shields? What the heck is that? Appreciates old architecture and hoards ayatan statues.

Ivara: Sneaky sneaky~ I got an arrow for just about any job. Just because i am a cyclops doesn’t mean i don’t have depth perception, dumbass. Carefree happy lady, fun to talk to. Makes lots of banter with teammates on missions.

Limbo: Trolls might love this guy, why doesn’t he have a fedora helmet yet? I’ve not seen enough Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure to know what those references mean. He’s a real gentleman, very inquisitive. He’s a scientist? Aw, cool. Prolly spacing out while carousing through the rift, thinking about his next project.

Loki: The Cheeseframe is what people call him. Knows where all the loot is, all the time. Giggling and pulling pranks 24/7. Can do shit effortlessly and stares at his team wondering why the fuck the had to trigger the damn alarm in a mission. Also, hammerhead shark. This guys likes playing card games too.

Mag: In a state of calm and panic at the same time. Doesn’t show much though. Magnetic personality? Could crush your heart in a minute. Has a good taste in interior design, rather good at art deco/ industrial. Has some walls to get through before befriending her, but melts like a marshmellow when ya do.

Mesa: 360 no scope!!! It’s high noon! okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s keep going. Keeps an orderly schedule, off doing solo missions all the time. Loves a good movie, could talk about her favorite film for hours. Deserts are dry? So is her humor. Would shoot you without even thinking.

Mirage: You thought Loki’s pranks were bad? At least her enemies get these night mare shows and not you. This chick loves horror films, special effects make up and disco. Pretty good at good at lighting up the room and your smile. She really just wants a good time, okay?

Nekros: Sick mofo who tells dead baby jokes. Has some interesting kinks. Rarely eats, if ever. Would look you dead in the eye and try to tell you bad puns seriously as possible. Has seen the dead walk again, thinks they’re best buddies. good guy to go to a graveyard with.

Nezha: Srsly good looking.. guy? girl? oh idc he can be genderfluid and i’d still think he’s attractive. Got serious hula skills. Never takes himself seriously and just loves going for long missions. Knows a thing or two about culture, rather classy guy but can be a bit childish. Never really grew up, but you don’t notice that behind the charm.

Nidus: This is the I-don’t-give-a damn guy. He wrecks everything he touches, spreads space aids, yet his personality is far from cancer. Very good with animals. A bit messy. Too many damn things talking in his head from the infested and ignores them like a champ. They bend to his will.

Nova: A Good Egg, if slightly cracked. Giggles at the mention of inane words. Everything explodes!!! ADHD in a frame. Good natured wholesome friend who loves everyone. Bad habit of breaking appliances and electronics. Geiger counters near her start playing Imagine Dragon’s Radioactive?

Nyx: Look at this frame. You took a good warframe and gave it anxiety, sheesh. Shy, kinda hard to deal with hearing everyone’s thoughts sometimes. ain’t got time for your drama. Loves talking about current events, but not much of a gossip out of respect for others. giant personal space bubble, do not touch!

Oberon: Royal pain in the ass, but a lovable doofus so you kinda just let it go. Very protective dad friend, complete with dad jokes. Probably would like to finish your sandwich if you’re not gonna eat it. Would open his home to you if you needed a couch to surf on.

Octavia: This girl loves all music, could help you find just the mix you were looking for. Got sick dance moves too. Might have been in band. Would happily binge watch any tv show with you and discuss everything about it. You don’t know what so charming about her, but you really like her so you always accept her invites. Had a bad habit of fidgeting.

Rhino: This guy could bench press a grineer ship in one hand and corpus ship in the other. you don’t move out of his way, he runs you over, simple as that. gym rat, for sure. somewhat impatient. watches way too many superhero blockbusters and devours the comics. Mows down the entire enemy wave just get your sorry bleeding ass back up and fighting again.

Saryn: Oh, good lotus, this chick has got good looks and a deadly touch. Cunning girl could outsmart anyone. Low key annoyed in general. Would back stab you without a thought, given a reason. Knows a lot about cooking. I mean, if you’re going to poison someone or at least know how to work in the biolab you should probably know how this type of chemistry works. dodges responsibility a lot tho.

Titania: flighty as fuck, gets startled easily. graceful; she has good fashion sense. you have no idea where she came from in the room. fairy tales are definitely her thing, but happy endings really aren’t true with that state of things right now in the solar system. too many butterflies, but is fine with it since they help her stay calm. Actually really good at flying archwings, I think?

Trinity: First one to rush into the fight, last one to leave until everyone is okay. Is the Mom friend. Likes to be helpful. Rather much a bitch to those she hates. She may have an open heart, but don’t walk all over this girl. Cross her once, shame on you. Cross her twice, she leaves you for dead on eris, end of story.

Valkyr: Look, she’s been through some shit, has ptsd, the very least you can do is give her a cat plushie and your support, okay? Gets angry easily and has meltdowns. She’s not a pushover. She knows what’s best, she can endure. semi serious, jokes fly over her head. it may take a bit for her to like you. literally a cat frame, you don’t know love until you’ve been loved by a cat.

Vauban: Forget Limbo being a troll. This is THE trollframe. Went to college for engineering, came back out a smart ass. Don’t loan money to him, he prolly won’t pay ya back. Pretty good drinking buddy tho. Reads a shit ton of shakespear to know what that sense of humor really is. Shit poster, meme hoarder extrordinaire. you can have a grenade! And you can have a grenade! YOU ALL CAN HAVE GRENADES!

Volt: Impeccable taste mixed with sharp commentary. Why does he have a helmet that’s a boob? maybe he has a high schooler’s sense of humor? would be honest with you and tell you straight up what needs to be done. This guy likes expensive suits. Has a tendency to be impulsive.

Wukong: Has loads of stories to tell. Good memory. Can comeback from just about any setback. determined and will happily grind with you in missions for hours. Also pretty damn stubborn and doesn’t listen well to others, kinda has to speak first.

Zephyr: Life’s a breeze here, right? Kinda goes with whatever and has a hard time deciding on things. Kinda clumsy too. Crashes raids and blows away the enemy. Usually minds her own business with her head in the clouds.

Lost In Your Arms - COMPLETE

Title: Lost In Your Arms (Tales of the Special Branch series, book 1 of 3)
Author: Femmequixotic
Final Word Count: 257,686
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: Oh so fucking NC-17, babes. Like 60K of his has to be sex. I mean it.
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson, Harry Potter, Blaise Zabini
Summary:  Three months after their brief encounter, Draco has almost forgotten about Potter–or so he tells himself. Then a Dark wizard shows up on the Auror radar and all hell breaks loose. Draco will have to choose between everything he holds dear–everything he’s worked so hard for–and a few stolen moments of passion with a certain green-eyed Inspector, once his sworn enemy and now something rather different entirely. He’ll make the right choice, won’t he? Who is he kidding? He’ll ruin everything, as per usual. Bad choices and the name Malfoy go hand in hand. (Prequel is here, ~15K.)

Well, folks, here it is. I’ve just posted the very last chapter of Lost In Your Arms, all 44K of it, and the novel’s now marked complete. You can read chapter ten here or (for those of you who I know were waiting until it was no longer a WIP) start from chapter one.

At 257,686 words, this story is officially longer than Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which clocks in at 257,045 words and is the longest book in the HP series. (So you can’t say this fic’s too long to read–you’ve all read that book, I know, LOL. *side eyes everyone*) I really can’t believe it turned out this long; when I first planned it, I thought it might be 120K at most. Shows you how much I know. GOD HELP ME I STILL HAVE TWO MORE BOOKS TO WRITE IN THIS SERIES. WTF.  I HAVE OUT JKR’ED JKR WHEN IT COMES TO WORD COUNT. IN 10 WEEKS. I CAN’T EVEN. *breathes into paper bag*


This has been a wild ride for the past ten weeks. There were times I wasn’t certain I’d make my weekly deadline, but I did, and I have to give huge thank yous to @noeeon and sassy_cissa for being there with me on this journey and providing advice, sympathy, prodding, plotting, and editing along the way. They are my rocks, and this story wouldn’t have been finished without them.

I also want to say thank you to those of you who’ve been reading along with me. Your love of this story and your wonderful, beautiful, amazing comments have sustained and supported me along the way, and I can’t tell you how incredibly happy each one of you has made me. Your thoughtfulness and insight kept me going during difficult writing moments and influenced this story more than you might think. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for coming along on this ride with me. I hope you’ll join me on the next one. I’m throwing myself into starting chapter one of book two tomorrow. \0/ After I go drink a lot of wine tonight. Because DAMN GIRL that’s a lot of words for 10 weeks.

Which reminds me. LIYA is only book one of three planned for this series. I know. I’ve obviously gone round the twist. But I love these boys and I love Pansy and I love Blaise, and it’s making me wicked happy to write their stories. This is the team of my heart. More than I can even articulate. I fell back in love with them all writing this story, and I plan to be here with them for a little wihle longer.

The next installment will start posting on Saturday, June 3. You can follow me here on Tumblr for updates or subscribe to the series on AO3Let’s face it. It’ll probably be long too, lolz.


This!!!! This is so exciting!!! There’s so much that can be done with this!! Imagine future attractions at Disney and other theme parks, or the uses for teaching. And I really really really want to know how every part works.

RFA + V & Saeran react to a suave as fuck MC

RFA + V & Saeran react a smooth as hell MC


• You were just walking to your next lesson wondering when the fuck you could go home
• When you entered the classroom you picked the seat near the back
• I mean of course who wouldn’t pick that seat?
• -Fuck social interaction-
• It seemed like not many people were coming in so imagine your surprise when someone just raced in front of you and pulled out the chair for where you wanted to sit
• And of course you tripped from the sudden chair leg in your way
• There was a loud ‘oof’ and the idiot who caused it looked down.
• And shit was he speechless
• Fucking gob smacked
• 'Holy hell he’s so pretty.’
• He looked down at you with wide ass eyes and you wondered if they’re contacts
• “Are you okay? I’m so sorry, I just really wanted this seat an-”
• And of course you interrupted him with a smooth ass line
• “It’s fine. Besides I may have just fallen for you in more than one way.”
• The wink sent him fucking reeling
• “I-I urm uh.”
• You did score his number though so that was amazing


• He did not expect to be beaten at his own game
• Much less in such a way that left him weak in the knees
• He had just been walking down the road, heading home with a beer case happily in his hands
• Glad that he’d just gotten the lead role
• *He already knew that he would but you know.*
• When he crashed straight Into someone
• Luckily they didn’t fall, just stumbled
• “So-”
• He’s fucking struck by the beauty and his eyes widen
• You laugh and rub your head grinning cheekily
• “Are you an angel? Because you’re the only one who made me see the light.”
• You wink and his jaw’s on the floor
• Zen does not compute. Error error
• “Um, thank you.”
• “No, thank you! I think all my sins just erased from witnessing such radiating beauty.”
• You were about to walk away when he hurriedly is like “um miss.”
• You turn around and raise a brow, while looking him up and down and grinning
• *Oh my god, was he dying inside*
• “I just wanted to say that you really are a masterpiece.”
• “Nothing comparable to you of course. Perhaps I should escort you to the museum so you can be with all the other priceless artifacts.”
• He has been beaten and he can’t recover


• Baehee is tired and drained from work
• Practically a zombie with everything she’s doing
• Too many damn cat projects
• She had some free time so she decided to head down to the cafeteria go grab some coffee
• Apparently there was some guests today looking around and evaluating the company
• -Not that she cared, she just wanted to sleep-
• Happily refilling her coffee cup and paying
• She began to walk back up the stairs
• When BAM
*She was KO'ed into oblivion*
• Jk
• A bag got in her way and she tripped
• Right into the hands of someone in front of her
• And oh my god were you attractive
Insert glasses sliding emoticon
• A wide grin came onto your face as you helped her up
• The coffee has also gotten on your shirt but you didn’t feel it
• Either that or you didn’t care
• “It seems as though you were the perfect one.”
• She’s bewildered
• “Excuse me?”
• “Maybe you should come back into my arms, you fit just fine.”
• Her face was red and you only grinned wider
• This was not what she signed up For
• “Ah, um-”
• Instead you take her cup and write your number, adding a smiley before walking off
• What the hell just happened?


• He was forced to go to another one of these parties
• Of course his father had made him do so
• This particular party was bland and no one seemed to do much other than talk about politics
• *Like fuck off already, amiright?*
• He sees you in the corner, side eyeing everyone
• -Of course while elegantly sipping wine-
• Deciding that it wouldn’t hurt
• He goes over and strikes up a conversation
• “I couldn’t help but notice you here by yourself.”
• You glance up and grin
• He doesn’t really know what the meaning behind it was, but he can’t say he didn’t like it
• You invite him to take the seat next to you
• All while being hella smooth and fluid with your actions as you place your head on your chin
• “So how is it?”
•"Pardon me, but I do not quite understand?“
• "My heart, how is it? It would only be hitting to ask you, since you are the one who had stolen it of course.”
• He’s at a loss
• Congrats! You made the Great Jumin Han, corporate heir, speechless.
• Upon seeing him not respond you dip your head and take your wine back again
• Just as you were about to take another sip he spoke
• “Your heart is doing just fine. But perhaps the bigger question is how you’re going to guide me. For it seems as though I am lost in your eyes.”


• He was just out and about
• Jk as if
• The lazy rat never goes outside unless it’s for food or because Vanderwood wanted to taze him
• He had been forced out of the house because he’d ran out of Dr.Pepper
• He was sincerely regretting not getting another pack earlier
• So here he was, in the local store just casually buying like two full 24 packs
• The cashier looked like they couldn’t have given less of a shit
• And for that he was grateful
• He was about to leave when suddenly he he slips on the wet patch and the top pack goes flying towards the floor
• Cue dramatic music and him screaming NOOO
• Somehow though
• You come out of no where and save the packet, diving down and grabbing it
• He swears you’re an angel because all he can think of is how cool you looked
• “Wow.”
• You stood up and placed the pack back in his hands
• “Here you go.”
• “Thank you.”
• “You could really thank me with a kiss. Although, I may need an insulin injection afterwards because damn, are you sweet.”
• He was not expecting that
• His face is red af and he just wants to pull the strings on his hoodie so his face is covered
• “Ah, um…”
• Instead you just smile and wave, walking off before he could give you that kiss


• You were just checking out the art gallery
• As one does when they’re bored
• One particular photo of s really beautiful woman caught your attention
• But it was in black and white for some reason
I wonder why >.>
• As you were staring at the picture
• You realised that it was that the photographer was someone named V.
• “V? That’s a cool name.”
• Dumbo, said it out loud.
• “Do you really think so?”
• Holy shit man this guy was a ninja, you didn’t even hear him come up behind you!
• “Hm? Yeah. The picture is really nice too.” You turn around and your brain stops working
Oh my god
• This is where your natural flirting instincts has kicked in and you couldn’t control it
• “Maybe so, I personally think that the lighting could have used a bit more work.”
• You only nodded
• He was so fucking cute, you couldn’t even
• “It’s almost on par with ond of my personal favourite works of art.”
• His eyebrows raised and he looked at you with a small smile
• “Really? May I see it?”
• You nod and take out your phone, setting it onto front camera
• Before lifting it up and taking a picture of him
• “Beautiful, is it not?”
• He looked so damn gorgeous with that blush on his cheeks
Fuck I’m smitten


• He was just in the park
• Ya know
• Doing normal shit like looking at the sky and eating some ice cream he’d bought from the truck
• People were coming and going as always
• And then he saw this you walk past
• Even if he wasn’t into ogling people
• He couldn’t help but think you were hella smoking
• And of course
• By his amazing luck
• You turned around and looked him dead in the eye, before sending him a cheeky wink
• First off, what the fuck
• And second off, WHAT THE FUCK
• His face was 50 shades of red and he looked away
• That was until he sensed someone sit down beside him
• “Hey. I couldn’t help but notice a bright ray of sun brightening up my day. Do you perhaps have their name?”
• Saeran was deceased
• Why would someone so pretty and soft speak to someone like him?
• “Um, I- Saeran.”
• He wanted to slap himself
• Like so damn hard
• “Saeran. It’s a fitting name for someone who ran away with my heart.”
• Who the fuck was this? The pick up line guru?
• Also he had to applaud them for that ingenuis pun
• Just as he was about to speak , you said something again
• And this time he almost melted into a puddle of goo
• “Perhaps you could assist me in my book writing?”
• “What?”
• “I’m writing a phone book, and I’m missing your number.”
• Saeran Choi has disconnected

Black Paladin Lance????

Okay I’m about to make a long theory about why I think black paladin Lance can AND SHOULD happen DISCLOSURE: I may be hard core reaching so don’t get your hopes up (uh or down if you want black paladin Keith???).

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“it’s just a cut, really.” MC x Jumin :3333

Title: Shadow

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Genre: Angst
Characters|Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

Disclaimer: This post is word heavy.

1. | [ you’re currently reading Shadow’s Part 2. ]

a|n❗️ henloo! so i did another … thing. no further warnings apply! since everyone really asked me to do a continuation, here it is lolol. *side eyes everyone inside my askbox* and this is my 8th prompt entry! enjoy!

I thought heaven can't help me now
Nothing lasts forever
But this is gonna take me down
He's so tall, and handsome as hell
He's so bad but he does it so well
I can see the end as it begins

What are you doing? Really, you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve asked yourself that. You’ve lost count of how many times you tried to smile and pretend as if everything is fine. You’ve lost count of the nights that your tears dripped sore, as if getting tired was never an option. You’ve asked yourself, why? Why are you still here? Why are you still trying to suppress everything and stay? You fool, is what you would’ve said.

And indeed, it is true. You’re truly a very foolish, foolish girl.

Love has caught you inside its cage, sending your heart in a maddening craze. And you felt trapped in a scheme you didn’t want to play. Forced, out of circumstances, to continue a plot that should have ended a long time ago. A love story that should have been buried the same time it barely even began.

Where has the woman who knew when and where she should put a line in between gone into? Where is the woman who knew her rightful place? Did you lose her along the way? Did love make you lose yourself in the process?

Truly, love played its cards against you and you don’t have the winning hand in your own deck to win the game.

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