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im not sure if youve been asked this but hows nat feeling about having younger siblings? excited, nervous, upset?

Nat when the twins arrive: 


she’s like LOL wow i never knew family could be this fake. sDKJfsdf.. Nat isn’t amused tbh.. like she’s used to being the munchkin of the household and having her way with everyone so she kinda sees having new siblings as a threat almost but she doesn’t want to seem like a whiny baby so she’s putting on her good face and pretending she’s okay with it. 


tbh Nat was suppose to be the only child between Granix ‘cause i didn’t think i’d still be playing sims for them to have more but here i ammmmm. like i’m ready to start my toddler cc folder because i haven’t downloaded anything at all but i need to! i’m lowkey annoyed with prego Fenix ‘cause i don’t have much maternity clothes and i’m too lazy to go out searching for it knowing that she’s already 18 months so it’s like lol let’s just skip all of this. it’s also partially why i keep neglecting my main save. i know i’m gonna have to rearrange the upstairs of their home to accommodate a bigger nursery than the one it came with and dzsfkjhsdkfjhsd. i’m gonna start working on some baby skins though and see how my luck does with that because i actually have no idea how the babies will look at all and i wanna actually put effort into them because Nat’s baby version looked like a foot.

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is one of the best kdrama of all time and it continues to be overlooked as hell. It doesn’t even rank top 20 in Korea despite having one of the most well-written, organically developed plot AND characters for a kdrama. This is the first kdrama I’ve ever seen where they actually show a healthy, supportive relationship between the main leads without using over-exaggerated storylines to drive the romance. Also it’s one of the few Korean dramas that actually talks about mental health issues without downplaying it or use it as a plot device for ratings. I honestly love this drama so much and it deserves so much more love. It’s so fluffy and fun but also serious and relatable when it’s important. 

Highlight of The Crown (2016)

(The most expensive prestige drama to date)

(Written by the same Oscar faves who wrote The Queen)

(An Emmy contender before it even premiered)

Most definitely, the highlight of this entire season is the delighted expression of Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Regina, when Prince Philip suggests that she get on her knees and blow him

when you ship Lydia and Izzy but also Clizzy, but then there’s Sizzy but you also root for Saphael but you’re lowkey shipping Jimon but then you remember Jeliorn however you also like Clace but then there’s Clary and Lydia but you’re also shipping Lydia and Jace on the sly

I’m laughing because well knowed newspapers and news networks used the terms “bloggers”, “activists”, “social justice warriors” more often to de-legitimate them, meanwhile they informed me about:

  • Ferguson 
  • Syrian Refugees
  • chinese activists disappereance
  • Orlando
  • Aleppo
  • Ni una Menos
  • Poland women’s right march
  • Flint
  • Philippines’ president Duterte
  • Standing Rock protest
  • and Boko Haram nigerian massacre

faster and better (and sometimes were the only ones), and with more accurancy and proofs that said newspapers and news networks did. 

So how about, instead, @well knowed newspapers and news networks, you examine yourself, your ethic, your morals, the present and your work, and start doing what should be YOUR  FRICKING JOB?!? 

Every minute I close my eyes and see that it’s all nonsense, all nonsense.
—  The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

OK but for real, Carl and Negan are that ‘embarrassment to the neighborhood’ couple

they have loud enthusiastic sex several times a day then Negan will be an asshole about it and go out and water the lawn or something, jeans still undone, and shirtless so everyone can see the scratches Carl left on his back, and like, wave at the Joneses across the road washing their car

And u just know Carl is a pushy PTA Mom who volunteers to help coach the kids soccer team so he can personally cheerlead his little cherub, but has to be physically restrained from getting into fistfights with the Ref because “that absolutely was a goal are u blind???!!! I literally have one eye asshole and I still saw it go in-”

Everyone side-eyes them in the playground trying to calculate the age gap, unsure if Negan got himself a midlife-crisis trophy and Carl is just waiting for him to die because he’s a golddigging hussy, or they should be calling the police cause Carl sure looks a lot like that kid that went missing a few years back…

But no one says shit to their faces cause Negan is rich as fuck and probably owns half the town, and paid a huge sum to have the school renovated and its named after him. U know he’s on the board of governors and all that so surely he must be a trustworthy guy???

Though who knows how he deals with that hothead of a husband, do u remember that time at the bake sale when Carl literally launched himself over the cookie table yelling “you got something to say? Come at me Brenda!” and Negan actually had to pick him up and carry him out over his shoulder to get him to chill

Funny how the crime rate kinda went down since they moved in, except of course for the mysterious disappearances of notoriously rude, dominant alpha male types…


Vikings vs Ao3 tags  Part 8/??

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Oh gee... I hope the both of you guys are able to relax and unwind soon.... I haven heard anything about flooding? I feel very dense for having not... anyhow, I'll actually use this wonderful thing called the internet and look~ lol I hope you both have a wonderful night~~~~~!

All I’ve heard for now is that (me and my family more than 626′s i believe) need to be on our toes because the leevees down the street are getting boils and they’re trying to fix them (plus all of the dam stuff up north) but hey! Don’t feel dense for not hearing anything! It’s more of a NorCal thing right now, even most of the people in SoCal havent heard about it ^^;; But!!! Thank you!!!! I hope we can relax and all soon too, but I hope you have a wonderful night as well!!!! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° ~Admin 404

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Chris saw everyone side eyeing him for celebrating Tom Brady, so he decided his redemption arc was gonna be to take on the fuckin kkk I s2g

what do i say every fuckin year? if chris and i were dating i’d move out during football season because i don’t need that patriot fan energy clouding my field, he always does some dickhead shit around the superbowl and then resumes his usual routine, it’s like clockwork, he’s a gemini