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In your opinion, did Bellamy realize that he's in love with Clarke in s3? If so, how do you think he's going to act in s4? More touchy, or avoiding every touch because he gets nervous or wants to control his feelings?

I 10000000% think Bellamy knows he’s in love with Clarke by now. Even with how clueless he is, lol, I can just feel the difference, that he understands. Imo, he’s loved her since season two but didn’t start to figure it out until around 3x02. At that point I feel like he had to really face (as the script said…*side eye emojis*) that he would go to any lengths to save Clarke, that he can’t think right around her, that he cares about her more than anyone. 3x03 I think is when he realized this was in love (I think Bob said the same thing ish? That his feelings were decided or something?) and of course it makes the end of that episode that much harder to watch. And this for me explains 3x05 in some ways because to me he didn’t seem like someone who was realizing his feelings or trying to hide from them. He seemed to have…if not accepted them, then recognized they were there already and that they wouldn’t leave. He knew Clarke leaving hurt, and he knew now a huge reason of that was that she left him–not just their people, HIM. He knew that despite everything he still loved her and like, frick man. No wonder he was so broken apart, so conflicted between opposing her and comforting her. That’s a lot to process

In s4…well, okay, there are like 19 different scenarios in my head of touchiness in s4 between them because I adore couples who have casual touches, but headcanons/fanfictions aside I do think he’s going to be more touchy, but not in a dramatic way. I mean, think about it. He already knows he loves Clarke, so what we see in the second half of s3 is how he acts with that knowledge. If you think about the number of bellarke touching moments/big lines/etc in the second half of s3, it’s SO MUCH PROGRESS, and it’s not even a dramatic shift (imo). Bellamy doesn’t get significantly more touchy, but he does seem even more aware of every word Clarke speaks, every touch they share (which is saying a lot because have you seen 1x08 like he started out high-key). I feel pretty strongly that their touches, like their relationship, is going to evolve as it always has–naturally, but surely.

So, I definitely think he’s going to get more touchy. It’s just going to happen; the longer these two know each other, the more they instinctively hold onto each other (physically and metaphorically). But he’s also going to get way more nervous about it I think, a lot more conscious of what he’s going. (Especially if/when the writers start to throw in more explicit hints.) A lot like that shoulder thing in 1x08, where it’s not just a big deal or special moment but he’s physically distracted by it (which, yes, happens a lot actually, Bellamy’s brain short-circuits around Clarke sometimes, haha). Tbh it’s my dream to have awkward nervous Bellamy and oblivious cuddly Clarke like can you imagine.

I’ll also note that I do think he’ll want to control his feelings; Bellamy just assumes he can’t be loved, especially by someone as good as Clarke, and he’ll definitely be terrified out of his mind to ruin their relationship or break her like Gina or lose her again or to just screw it up because he can’t think of himself as anything but a monster and someone who does wrong (which like @ writers can we please address this more like 3x13 instead of just hurting my baby let him rest and be happy for the love). So he’ll definitely attempt to hide his feelings, but I don’t think that equals a lack of touch because, let’s be honest, you can’t resist everything. Comforting touches are a fundamental part of his relationship with Clarke, romantic or not; it’s instinctive by now to have those.

Anyway that was really long for what you asked, sorry, haha. Anybody else got some good thoughts? @forgivenessishardforus @rosymamacita @abazethe100 @ anybody else

man I’ve gotta say, I didn’t grow up reading Harry Potter but all of my friends did so I know enough stuff, and while I don’t really care to read the books the house system has always interested me. But with that said, I have always hated the jokes aimed at Hufflepuff. I was sorted into Hufflepuff when Pottermore came out (due to a VERY enthusiastic friend at the time), and I knew which I was going to be put in before I took the test, and I knew they would look at me with playful disgust and a hint of real disgust, to which they did hiss and side-eye me as they lamented saying “We’ll always remember you were smart anyway”

which, I understand, is teasing, but it really rubs me the wrong way because, from what I gather, the ideals of the house is founded on loyalty and hard work and that it is renowned for being understanding and accepting of people from all walks of life and that the students are markedly empathetic, and when I see people making fun of something where those are the primary ideals it just reminds me that there is a tried and true tradition of linking heightened emotions with diminished intelligence, and writing off feelings as being stupid and trite and nonsensical and something for children or people with small minds. And this bothers the heck out of me, because yes, I am an emotional person and I am thankful for my emotions because they help me understand and sort out the world while also rationalizing how I feel comparatively to the events that happen, and I also remember the years of being called “the dumb one” in high school for being, say, an extrovert, an artist, a non-conventional thinker who conflicted with my friends different (and not incorrect or lesser) way of thinking. And also, even if someone isn’t as smart as you, it’s downright cruel to mock people just because they might not fit to your standard - there are so many jokes where people sorted into this one house based off one children’s book series seem to always boil down to making fun of kids with learning disabilities or saying they have nothing special to offer or calling them “challenged”, and that’s really a low attack on people’s self worth, y’know?

Not to mention, from what I gather (and part of the reason why, though not through reading the books, the house system always seemed particularly interesting to me), is that, ultimately, you don’t go to a house you are strongly opposed to, and that while you are perhaps strongly recommended into one, you ultimately have the choice in the matter? So it’s frustrating to see things like hard work, loyalty, and an open heart and mind be treated as foolish, lesser, or inadequate.

anyway tl;dr stop and think before you make fun of people k

Am I the only one who would love to see an episode where Miss Quill is forced to sit through parent/teacher conferences?

Can’t you just see Charlie beforehand being like “you can’t be mean to all the parents” and her arguing back about how she’s not going to lie to them about their children being morons.  But then he reminds her that if she annoys the parents too much, they’ll complain and only bother her more, so she reluctantly acquiesces. 

She holds the briefest and most direct conferences ever and finds all of the parents as annoying as the children.  She gives Matteusz’s parents the side eye over conservative values.  She'd tell April’s mum that she cares to much.  Ram’s dad would want to ask her about the non-physics role in his son’s life, but backs off and decides it’s not worth dealing with her glare any longer than he has to.  Tanya’s mum would be different–she’d be direct and to the point.  She’d like Miss Quill’s no nonsense teaching method and Miss Quill would end up wishing all parents were like Tanya’s mum.

okay I’m side eyeing that Asassin’s Creed logo on the newspaper

Does anyone know if some kind of team who worked on previous AC trailers worked on this as well? I know it’s in the description of the video but I am lazy searching up bc lemme tell you, if you compare this trailer to let’s say… trailers of AC Black Flag and Unity (maybe even Syndicate) there’s a similarity here

for starters… THE MUSIC!! idk what kind of magic Ubisoft has in its marketing team but damn. You can say that Unity sucked the big D but its premiere trailer I remember, with Lorde singing, was electrifying in the sense that it gave me chills.

The slow motion epic fighting of Noctis was like Edward Kenway did in Black Flag‘s CGI trailer, the dark tone of the music like Unity did… someone of Ubisoft’s CGI deperatment had to have worked on this… or SE got influenced.

But that logo be there on that newspaper for a reason

SE worked with Ubisoft before when Noel got Ezio’s outfit as DLC in XIII-2

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You think it's gonna come to the point where they explain why they have wedding rings on, and Rhett's like, "Yeah, we're married. It's for insurance purposes." And Link side eyes Rhett like, "Uh, yeah. Insurance purposes, that's it."

omG honestly i feel like that’s totally a thing they’d do at this point … after i’ve seen how gAY they’ve written their script to be askfdsjkaf

like someone’s gonna see their rings (or honestly it’ll be aimee meeting them in person) and be like, oh you two are married
and randl will be like mehh yeahh … we just figured it was logical after we graduated college and decided to spend our lives together i guess

omg would aimee get even more mad that they took their best friend boyfriendness to the next level ….. or would she try to initiate the threesome again ….

And, like every earnest tourist, they indulged in fantasies of how they would stop some pleasant-faced person in the street and say: We are ordinary people, completely representative of the people of our country. You are obviously an ordinary person, representative of yours. Please divulge and unfold yourself to us, and we will do the same.

Whereupon this pleasant-faced person would let out an exclamation of delight, strike his forehead with his fist and say: But my friends! There is nothing I would like better. With which he would take them to his house, flat, or room; and a deathless friendship would begin, strong enough to outlast any international misunderstandings, accidents, incidents, wars, or other phenomena totally undesired by the ordinary people on both sides.

—  Doris Lessing, The Eye of God in Paradise

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ok what do u think about DEAN N CATS i think that dean side eyes cats all the time. when sam brings home this huge ball of fluff he's like "put that thing back where it came from" but then sam is like PLEASE and the cat just ends up attaching itself to dean bc that's what cats fucking do. and dean's like "george is a great name for a cat" and sam's like "please stop petting him with your feet"

O lord Anon, somehow I missed this, but I love it. I think Dean side-eyes ALL PETS, to be honest. (I don’t know why, but some people are like that–they just don’t want the mess, the fuss, the extra responsibility, etc. How cool is it that stereotypical cool guy Dean, with his whiskey and his big car and his rock music, doesn’t like dogs because the hair would make his car messy he’s such a prissy little princess sometimes, I love it. Ahem.)

He’s allergic to cats, we know from that one episode with the familiars, so I feel like he regards them with great suspicion. They make him sneeze, and that is not a very cool manly hunter thing to do, so they are probably the enemy.



You have the privilege of looking at a Siberian cat, which are specifically bred to be hypoallergenic. What if Sam comes out from a murdered family’s house holding their soft little mewing confused kitten, and he’s like Dean, we can’t leave it, and it’s so small, and Sam isn’t a pushover, it’s just–it really is so small, and they’re in the middle of nowhere, and it’ll probably be eaten by an owl if they don’t take it to a rescue or something, and–and–Dean! and so Dean very very reluctantly capitulates, but only if it stays in the backseat, in a box. No, Sam, it isn’t riding up here with us–what if it gets away from you and gets under the gas pedal, don’t be an idiot. It’s only supposed to be for the night. But then, they’re running out of town because the cops realized their FBI badges weren’t legit, and then it’s hiding out on side-roads and getting fast food for a while (feeding the cat little crumbled bits of burger patty), and by the time they get back to the bunker, Dean realizes–hey, he hasn’t sneezed. Like, not even once. And Sam has started calling the cat George (what the hell kind of name is that for a cat, Sam, Dean says, and Sam says, hey, what do you care, it’s not like we’re keeping him), but–you know. George is pretty friendly. He likes burgers, which makes him pretty cool in Dean’s book. When they open up the box, he butts his little nose against Sam’s fingers and purrs, just, really loud, and it reminds Dean of the Impala. Just a little bit.

George starts following Dean around the bunker. Sam won’t let him sit on the ancient texts while he’s working, because Sam’s a nerd like that, so George takes to hanging out on one of the nearby cars while Dean’s working on the Impala. He sits on the island while Dean’s cooking, which isn’t exactly hygienic, but–well. He just tucks his paws under his chest and gets this slit-eyed content look, and, okay, sometimes Dean gives him a little nibble of chicken or steak or whatever. But only sometimes.

So, you know. Dean slouches down in the library and George rubs himself over Dean’s boots, and Sam sighs and rolls his eyes, but, you know. It’s kinda nice.

(Also, Siberian cats can get up to 20, 25 pounds. Dean knows he’s in deep when George pads into their room, a few years later, and jumps up on his chest–all the breath goes out of him and he kinda feels like he’s going to die, but–hell. He just pets the damn cat anyway, and lets the V8 purr lull him back to sleep.)

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UO: I think 1D is done for the foreseeable future. If/when they "come back" it will be a "we're getting the band back together" situation sometime way in the future. I don't think they are trying to be misleading by not blatantly saying this for now. I think they are bound by whatever is keeping BG, DC and Chiam going. Plus, hiatus is a generic term with no definitives. They could say they are on a hiatus and could technically remain that way for 2 decades and be telling the truth.

you sounds like my gf lol

i am of the opinion they’ll be back sooner rather than later. i think there is some weird something that is keeping them in this weird state - the stuff that you mentioned is all stuff that makes me side eye the current situation and i think until that stuff ends, it’s hard to predict what is really going on. 

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Mole caught word of Nathan having thrown smelly eggs on Kyle's house. Because Kyle was Mole's best friend, this wasn't something the French would let slip. So he decided to follow Nathan home the next day. From the branch of a tree Mole watched then snuck into the door behind him as Nathan carelessly entered his house. After the boy had gone to sleep, Christophe started painting eyes all over the walls of the bathroom in fake blood, the mirror reading "I SEE YOU" and the cupboard "BEHIND YOU!"


Nathan turned onto his side and sighed, his eyes scanning the dark room he was supposed to be dreaming in. His eyes were wide, and he felt slightly sweaty as he shifted in his bed. Maybe he should just get a glass of water, he thought, sunglasses being removed to rub at the imprints they left.

He got out of bed, cautiously walking through to the bathroom. He was always uncomfortable in the dark, every step he took making his eyes glance around as to make sure nothing heard him. He finally made it to the bathroom door, his eyes widening at the fact the light was on. He didn’t know what to do if there was someone in there, but his hand had already grabbed the doorknob and cracked it open. “Hello? Someone in here?”