side effects of vaccination

My parents think I’m over exaggerating but I swear on my fucking life that I am sensitive to vaccines.
I get all the side effects. Magnified. My arm feels dead and the rest of me aches almost just as much as the arm I got stabbed with

Every Fucking year I get a flu shot. Never fails. And they think I’m playing it up or that I’m a wuss.

I swear. It’s actually that miserable though. I swear.

Hartwin and Roxelle group dates featuring resurrected!Harry and resurrected+recruited!Gazelle

Eggsy and Gazelle side-eye each other the whole time. Harry and Roxy share a glance that says “they’re ridiculous and totally unprofessional but we love them so let’s work together” and they’re both about to try and smooth things over when suddenly Eggsy and Gazelle are just–

“How the fuck did you survive that poison, bruv?”

“One of yours killed two of ours with it a few months before. Did you ever see the Princess Bride?”

“No way.


“You pulled a Dread Pirate Roberts?”

“It wasn’t hard. After all, Valentine’s team of scientists were some of the best in the world. It was like getting a vaccine.”

“But you turned green.”

“An unfortunate side effect. I didn’t have access to such a highly concentrated form of it in the process, but I was acclimated enough to pull myself together and crawl through the escape vault for the antidote Valentine had created.”

“That’s so fucking badass.”

“Congratulations by the way, I’ve never been bested in combat before.”

“I can see why. Got some skills on them badass legs of yours.”

“I could say the same thing about you. A poisoned knife in your shoe? Didn’t see that one coming. And excellent form on your flips. How long did you train as a gymnast?”

The next thing you know they’re sharing pro-tips and makign inside jokes about that time they tried to kill one another and Harry and Roxy are just staring at the two of them–the young man who co-saved the world and the young woman who almost co-destroyed it, now sharing enthusiastically like best friends– and then they stare back at each other in horror like what have we done

Okay lads what’d the deal with the fear surrounding the HPV vaccine? I stumbled upon a Facebook page called Regret which initially says that people have the right to be informed about the side effects of the vaccine, but ultimately goes on to scaremonger, with the comments full of “my girl isn’t getting that” and “the HSE should be ashamed” type stuff.

This is the first I’m hearing of anything like this, and I got the vaccine myself when I was in school. Is this some thinly veiled anti-vax stuff or have people without underlying medical conditions actually had really bad reactions?

Deadly Choices by Paul Offit // I finished this brilliant book today. The themes in this book are so incredibly important to our society and I highly recommend this to anyone remotely interested in medicine, biology, or statistics in journalism etc. 

It is outstanding some of the papers published and documentaries broadcast to the population by the anti-vaccine movement; claiming completely false side effects on no solid evidence at all, and consequently influencing parents all over the world not to vaccinate. The influence of those few not to vaccinate puts not only their children at risk, but all the children in their school/society who are vulnerable to contracting diseases and who may ultimately die due to a disease completely preventable by vaccination. Seriously, read this book!

Owner of homeopathic pharmacy Ainsworths, Anthony Pinkus sold sugar pills labeled “Pertussis Vaccine.” Pertussis is also known as whooping cough and “Jesus, that thing that killed 13 babies in the U.K. the previous year.” Pinkus was trying to beat Skeletor for Most Medically Impossible Evil Jerk. He insisted that the sugar pills had text warning that they weren’t real medicine. Because, as we all know, medicine doesn’t always come with a bunch of small text ignored by busy parents.

In the conversation with the BBC reporter’s “concerned parent,” he admits that homeopathy has absolutely no supporting evidence but implies greedy conspiracies in the medical industry. He also wrote that if a child took both, the homeopathic remedy would “offset the side effects” of the vaccine. So he’s using both homeopathy and anti-vaxxing scaremongering. That sentence contains so many outdated medical horrors his fingers should have fallen off while typing it.

The 8 Worst Wastes of Money in ‘Medicine’

I cannot for the life of me understand non-vaccers. Seriously. What the HELL is wrong with you?

“Oh my kid could get autism from them” - do you realize how absolutely and utterly MORONIC you sound when you come out with garbage like that? You understand that the UberFacts twitter is not the best source for medical advice, right? Nor is your paranoid conspiracy theorist friend’s Facebook page. Same goes for Jenny McCarthy. Don’t listen to anything that idiotic oxygen thief says.

But you know who knows about vaccines and the terrible side effects of not vaccinating for not just your child but every person your child comes into contact with? Doctors. Immunocompromised people. Pregnant women. Families with children that were born with neuronal migration, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, blindness and a whole host of other issues CAUSED BY CONTACT IN-UTERO WITH YOUR VIRUS-CARRYING UNVACCINATED CHILD.

YOU ruin people’s lives by having your head shoved so far up your ass that you can’t see sense. And your crippling selfishness is taking us back centuries where medicine is concerned. The diseases we’re seeing outbreaks of right now are PREVENTABLE with a damn VACCINE that your child doesn’t even remember getting a few days after it.

If you plan for you and your child to never come into contact with another human being, then fine, don’t vaccinate and be more terrified of autism than a deadly disease (btw that makes you even more of an utter douchetwat, but I could make a list at this point).

But lbr you’re going to go outside. You’re going to put other people at risk of PREVENTABLE DEADLY DISEASES. So, instead of being a totally idiotic and selfish jerk, GET YOUR DAMN KIDS VACCINATED.

Autism & Vaccines- PSA

If you think a “difficult decision” is deciding whether or not to vaccinate your child because you think it “might cause autism”, you really need to re-evaluate your life. Because…

1. Vaccines don’t cause autism!

2. Autism is not a disease.

3. By using autism as an excuse not to vaccinate, you are perpetuating the idea that autism is a tragedy to be eradicated (think what that does to the self-esteem of already existing autistic people).

4. While autism does have its downsides, autistic people are still capable of living happy and fulfilling lives. Are you really willing to allow your child to contract a potentially debilitating disease and deny them of such happiness, regardless of whether they turn out autistic or not?

If any parents out there are on the fence about vaccinations, I urge you to educate yourself! Don’t be quick to trust any scare stories you hear about the side-effects of vaccines. If possible, do your own research and make a final decision based on that. Vaccines have saved so many lives and one day they will probably save your own child’s life too.

On Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate

Simply put, I don’t trust capitalism to place my health before profits, but that does not necessarily mean that what is most profitable to a corporation cannot also be what is best for my health.

In short, I am not anti-vaccination but I sure as shit do not trust big pharma to be forthcoming about admitting the potentially negative, long-term side-effects of vaccinations if it means their profits might take a hit.