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Pink Bug Drug

“Hey, Lance, you have a visual on Keith?” Pidge asked.

Lance peered through the scope on his sniper rifle, the technology zeroing in on Keith despite being forty feet up an alien tree. Through the dense canopy, he could see the red armor dart in between the sentries posted, dispatching them quickly with little to-do.

He tore off his helmet; sweat matting his black hair to his forehead and neck. Shaking his head, with the help of the scope, he could see every drop of sweat that was flung off of him. Setting his helmet down he took a leather-like strip he got from a planet from a hidden compartment in his armor to tie his hair up, a stumpy little ponytail in the back of his head.

He cleared his throat. “Uh, ye-yeah, I got a visual.”

“You okay there, buddy?”

“Yeah, I’m fine, Hunk. Just need some water. This is a very humid planet. Just stay on standby until we need ya.”

“Well, it should be relatively low populated. Whoever was here before must have either gone underground or escaped when the Galra arrived.” Pidge intoned, sounding just like a nature documentary voice over. When he said so he could hear her eye roll over the comms. “Really?”

“Well, I’m not calling it your hacker voice.”

“Uuuggghhhhhh. Shut uuuppp!”

“Guys,” the voice of reason sighed.

“Sorry, Shiro,” they chorused.

Lance cleared his throat again. “Well, it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone here but me and Keith. And a few sentries but they’re dead now.”

“Hmm, okay, just be careful, you too Keith, okay? The scans said the place was abandoned but you can’t be too sure.”

“Uh, yeah, he can’t hear you, he took his helmet off.”

”Goddamnit Keith.”

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bedside manner

in which kat is a useless blob when she’s sick and adena is patient af.

Pairing: Kat Edison and Adena El-Amin

Adena isn’t surprised to see a phone call from Kat coming through. That’s par for the course these days, usually no more than a day or two between their phone calls, especially now that she’s back in New York.

She is surprised, however, when it’s not Kat’s voice on the other end.

“Hi, Kat. I was actually just about to-”

“Adena, it’s not Kat, it’s Sutton. I need your help.”

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Deep Breath

Originally posted by threxody

Request: “Hi can I request a scenario?(smut😎)Its when Jongin suddently got psycho but in a sexy way(many expressions like in his Deep Breath dance)and says scary things but he notices you got scared and starts acting like a real gentleman and cares about you” -anon

Genre: Smut, Vampire Au

Characters: Kim Jongin ( a.k.a. Kai) x Reader

Summary: One of the most powerful vampires had come in town looking for you and you have no choice but to surrender to him. He was a very dangerous man and you’re aware of that, but why does the way he tries to intimidate you and dominate you to follow his commands turn you on so much?

A/N: The quotes in italic are lyrics from Kai’s Deep Breath performance.

“I want you

Cut away all the painful memories

I know, I feel

I’m gradually dying”

It was already 3AM. Everyone had warned you at this point; your friends, family, your clan, everyone. You left your home as soon as they told you what happened, leaving your belongings because you knew they were only going to get in the way. Some offered to hide you but you couldn’t accept. You didn’t even know why this was happening and you didn’t want to get anyone hurt.

4AM, you’re running through the forest. No one was chasing you, not yet. But still, the fear was not letting you stay still, you had to keep moving. You were desperate to get away but something inside you told you that there was no use, that he would catch you sooner or later.

At about 6AM, you stopped running. Your feet couldn’t carry you any longer and after running for hours, your energy was drained. From a few feet away you saw that there was a tree with orangey-reddish fruits hanging from it’s branches. You had never seen them before but you figured they were the only food you would find close by so you started to pick out some to eat. There was always the chance that these exotic looking fruits could be poisonous but you had no choice, you had to eat to gain energy and go. You consumed the fruits and continued walking. You didn’t run because you simply couldn’t anymore, you were barely walking at a fast pace.

Not even 10 minutes passed since you ate and you started to feel like something was wrong with your body. Your feet didn’t hurt anymore but you felt heavier making it even more difficult to walk. Dizziness and nausea also start making an impact on your system. You stopped walking, the sick feeling wasn’t getting any better. As you were catching you breath and trying to get the symptoms to where off, you heard something. You turned to the sound and looked around frantically but saw nothing. Maybe it’s just hallucinations you thought, god damn it, I’m going crazy.

You started walking again but you stopped, startled by another noise. And this time, you could hear it closer. Fuck, fuck, fuck, you thought as your mind was racing to look for the most logical move. Because it could be your imagination running wild as a side effect from whatever the hell you just ate, or maybe it wasn’t. You couldn’t take any chances at this point so you started running the opposite way in which you heard the noises.

In your mind you prayed for it to just be nothing. For it to be a fraction of your imagination and for a minute you were starting to believe it was. But you heard footsteps right behind you, chasing you. Your breathing was ragged as you fought internally to keep going but your legs were giving out on you. Great, you thought, this is the end, I will get tortured and God know what else for the rest of my life until they decide to kill me probably. You slowed down but it didn’t, who ever it was. But you already had an idea of who it could be. It grabbed you by your waist, throwing your body on their shoulder, turning direction and running again. You were too tired to even fight it, you knew it was coming to get you sooner or later, so you let him grab you and carry you to where ever it was that they planned to take you. Your eyes slowly came shut and you fell asleep the whole way.

“You’re the light in the dark

You disappeared

I chased you

My heart is cold

You’re the thunder”

Upon waking up, you started feeling around where you were. In your hands you could feel light cushions, cold sheets and soft pillows. You were definitely in someone’s bed. You stayed silent and layed there for a few seconds trying to decipher if there was someone there but you couldn’t hear anything so you opened your eyes. You looked around to see that you were in a room, a visibly expensive one. You were laying on a bed and across from it was a door. You then hurried to get on your feet and walked to the door. You were already thinking that this was possibly your pass back home. But as you placed your hand on the door knob and twisted it, you realized it was locked.

“You honestly don’t think I would be that stupid to let the door unlocked, do you?” A voice said behind you, startling you. There was someone here the whole time? you thought. You turned and you were faced with the one and only Jongin. The famous prince of the supernatural world, one of the most powerful vampires known. His facial structure was inhumanly perfect, as well as the rest of his body. Clothes nicely fitted and a smirk was directed solely at you. His presence radiated not only dominance, but also danger and those weren’t a very good combination.

“Because if you do,” he added “you have a bad misconception of me, little lady”. You shook of the strange feeling you got from hearing his velvety voice and asked him with an angry tone in your voice “Why am I here?”, making him chuckle. He put his hand in his pockets and walked closer to you. “You know, people tend to try and make themselves seem look bigger when they are the most scared” he said walking behind you and stroking your hair with his hand.

“But to answer your question, you’re here because you’re special” he said, creating a confusion in your mind. He continued to explain “You see, I’ve heard various things about you and I think you would benefit me in many ways” then he got closer to you and put your hair behind your ear to then whisper “So many different ways”

You were holding your breath as he stayed there hovering over your ear. You didn’t know what to say, think or do. You couldn’t just run away from the situation because the door was locked but also, a part of yourself didn’t want to leave. Such a dominate demeanor and manly voice was pulling you in without you even noticing it.

“I certainly expected you to be more aggressive by of my sudden request but hearing you be so quiet is making me thing you like this” he said now looking into your eyes as he looked for any sign of fear in them. But there was none. You weren’t scared in the moment, yes you knew how dangerous he was. He could probably kill you at any second and you didn’t deny his request because of that. But you also didn’t deny it because of how attractive he was being, so much attention specially from this man was having an effect on you.

“I-I’m just not scared of you, if that what you’re expecting” you stuttered but managed you say in a more quite tone. Yeah, he was totally affecting you by the second, you thought. The smirk grew back on his face as he said “I see” and walked closer to you. You started walking backwards until your back hit the door. He placed his hands around your head and leaned his face closer to yours. You could feel his breath on you and you were pretty sure he felt yours too.

Then he said “Maybe you’re not scared but your heart rate is going up fast, so you must be feeling something, or am I wrong?” and you now noticed how loud the pumping of your heart was being. You opened your mouth to reply but closed it, not knowing what to say. “Relax love, I’m not going to kill you or anything alike,” he said but then added “Or maybe I am” and leaned to your neck, licking it slowly. Your breath hitched and you moaned at the contact from his tongue and your skin.

“Traces that remained


You’re already addicted to me”

He kissed and sucked on the sensitive skin on your neck, leaving you a moaning mess. You held on to his shoulders as he continued slowly torturing you. “J-Jongin, please stop” you said to him but he wasn’t having it with your lies “Stop? I don’t think you” he replied. He grabbed the hem of your shirt and ripped the shirt in two. Looking in to your eyes, he started caressing your exposed skin making his was up to your breast.

He played with the straps of your bra for a few seconds and later slipped them off to reveal your breast to him. “I think you really want me to stop. If you wanted me to stop, you could have. But those little moans, hmm” he hummed, closing his eyes and massaging your breast “and your nipples are so hard, and I haven’t even licked them or sucked on them yet” he added.

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” he said “But we’ll have to skip the foreplay for some other time, love. Let’s both get just what we want”. He got his hands for you and walked to his bed, sitting in the edge of it. He unbuttoned his shirt just enough for his collarbone to be seen and he looked up at you. His gaze was filled with lust and it felt purely sensual having his eyes on you.

You wanted to follow your mind, which was telling you to get out of there while you still could. He was still a dangerous man under that hypnotizing stare, and you were just a mere mortal. You knew this could all be a trap to do who knows what, but his seduction made your heart beat so loud you couldn’t even hear your own thoughts anymore. You started feeling your feet move and without thinking it, you were already in front of him. You choose to silence your mind and gave into the temptation.

Eyes still on yours, he lowered his hands to his pants and unbuttoned them. You couldn’t help but to lower your gaze to his hands and notice the bulge that had appeared in his pants. You licked your lips at the sight and looked back at his face to see him smirk at your reaction. He stood up and grabbed you by your shoulders to lead you to the bed and push you down. 

“You realize who I am right?” he asked as he took of your clothing piece by piece. He continued “I’m the most powerful and evil vampire there is to know in this area. I came looking for you and caught you. Now you’re here and you’re not even fighting back?” you stayed silent as he added “How sick do you have to be to let such person like me do whatever they please with you? How sick do you have to be to like it?”.

In a moment, you were already naked while he was still fully clothed on top of you. You went to touch his pants and pull them down but he stopped you. He said “You don’t have a say on what happens now, darling. Remember, you’re mine now and I get to do what I please” leaning down to you he then continued “And you’re going to love it”.

Then Jongin couldn’t wait anymore and slid his hand to your folds, rubbing and stroking lightly at your clit to get you ready but with how turned on you were by now, you were more than ready. He chuckled and said “Well, it looks like you’re excited for what’s to come, huh? And here I was thinking for a second I’d have to persuade you”, and with that he pulled your legs apart and placed his crotch in front of yours. He didn’t waste any time and quickly took out his member to align in your entrance. You only got a quick glimpse of it but you saw that it was red and straight up, which made you think he wanted this as much as you did.

He started sliding his member in you, inch by inch. Both of you let moans as it got in. When it was fully in, Jongin stopped to say “Fuck, you feel so good and tight around my cock, sweetheart. I swear I could stay here all day inside of you” and then started to thrust in and out. In mere seconds he got his rhythm going and let out grunts as he continued to fuck you.

You couldn’t help but moan and whimper at his actions. The way he was moving and hitting you in the right places was driving you to insanity. His face contoured with pure lust and pleasure was a blessing to witness in person, and also to be the one causing said pleasure. Jongin, himself wanted to control his noises and have you completely dominated and wrecked by him but he got lost in the way and couldn’t help but give in to the pleasure he was receiving. It’s not like you needed to be dominated anymore since in your mid, you had already submitted to him.

As time got by, his thrusts got sloppier and rougher. He pounded into you hard enough that you couldn’t even stop to think, you were screaming his name over and over again. When he felt his climax close, he let his hand down to your clit and rubbed it to push you over the edge and make you come. He said to you in a low tone “That’s it love, let go. Come for me, I want to hear you as you cum”.

And as if it was magic, his command was made when your body as overflowing with pleasure and you felt yourself about to come. You held his shoulders as you moaned out, his pace never stopping and helping you come. As you came, he kept his eyes on your face and let the sweet melody of your moans flood his ears.

Almost as if that was what he needed to get off, he felt like he was about to come and quickly took his member out of you. He stroked it at a fast pace and let his head fall back as his cum spurred out of him and on to your stomach. He moaned and breathed heavily as he was riding out his own high. After stroking himself and letting all his cum fall on you, he got out of the bed, buttoning his pants and grabbing something from then which you assumed to be a key because he then walked to the door, unlocked it and walked out.

He left the door opened and that made you think you had a chance to escape. But you couldn’t find yourself walking out for two reasons; first, you’re body was completely worn out so you couldn’t physically move and second, you didn’t want to leave. You found yourself intrigued by this man and it scared you because of who he was. You started thinking he may have hypnotized you in some how to think this way about him and not leave.

Minutes later he arrived back in the room, closing the door behind himself and walking to the bed with a wet towel in his hand. Jongin sat next to you and with the towel he wiped the cum from your body. You looked at him dumb fooled, confused and asked him “Why would someone like you worry about cleaning me after that?” and he chuckled. He replied “I may be a powerful man but I am at least a bit considerate” and you said back to him “Considerate? Was hunting me down something a considerate person would do?”. He said “Well, would you have come here to meet with me if I had asked you nicely?” and you stayed silent because he had a point, you wouldn’t have came if it wasn’t this way.

He sighed, placing the towel beside the bed and laying down next to you. He started saying “Look, I have a proposition to make. You’re here because I’m looking for a companion, to be clear, I am not asking for a girlfriend, wife or something similar. I need someone loyal, smart, brave and honest by my side. I’ve heard a lot of things about you and I personally think you could fit those qualities. You are also a very beautiful woman, even more that some described which is a plus. But I’m not forcing you to be my companion, this is on you. If I did force you to a decision, I doubt our future relationship would be genuine. So, it is up to you to decide” and then he got up from his place, walking back to the door.

Before leaving he stopped and said “The door is unlocked, you are free to go if you wish but which ever decision you make, you have to tell me. I will be around here for when you’re ready” and then walked out. You lay there thinking and processing everything. The man who just conversed with you seemed completely different from the man who intimidated you a few minutes a go. He seemed normal to an extent.

You finally gained your strength and stood up. You grabbed your clothes and pulled them on. You were eager to find Jongin and ask about this called companionship he was in need for. You didn’t have a clear decision yet but your mind was surely swaying you to the more reckless but inviting option.

“You’re already addicted to me”

A/N: Hi, hello anyone. I hope y’all like this one. I don’t think I’m really good at smuts but I try. Any questions, my inbox is always open! Now I have to go and make a school project so if you excuse me, I have to get going. Ciao, babies *waves goodbye*



Can you do 9 with that set of kisses with stiles or Liam - @meganschuster07

//I really like how this one turned out, hope you like it!!

Words: 397

Liam/Reader Fluff

“Li-” You start, biting your lip to hide your grin as Liam leans forward to press another kiss on your cheek. You can’t suppress your giggle as he wraps his arm around your waist, scooting his chair closer to yours and pulling you closer at the same time. You look up from the history book currently open on your dining room table as you took notes from it, turning to your boyfriend as you attempted to look annoyed with him. You can’t help but crack a smile at the grin he flashes you. You shake your head with a chuckle, turning to look back at the sentence you were in the middle of writing.

 You’re able to successfully take down a few more notes and turn the page, but just as you begin to write down a date that seemed to be important, you’re interrupted by the feeling of lips on your shoulder.

 "Liam!“ You exclaim, turning to look at him with a only slightly sincere glare. "I am trying to study!”

 "But I’m bored…“ He whines, his bottom lip forming a pout as he gives you his puppy dog eyes. You can only glare at him for so long before turning away, huffing out as you mumble under your breath,

 "Your puppy-dog eyes should be illegal. You can’t use my weaknesses against me.”

 "Yes I can-“ You don’t even have to look at his face to know the blue eyed boy was grinning. He pulls you closer to him, leaning over to nuzzle your neck affectionately, his wolf like tendencies a side effect of the supernatural blood running through his veins. He places another kiss on your neck, and you can feel his smirk as he proceeds to leave a few more, scattering them slightly.


 "What?“ He whispers softly in your ear, his hands resting on your hips as you struggle to focus on the notes you’d been taking for the past half hour.

 "You’re distracting me….” You whine, weakly attempting to push him away. The wolf boy doesn’t budge, and you decide to finally surrender to him. 

 Placing your pencil down on the wooden table, you turn in your seat and proceed to leave your arms around his neck, pulling him towards you with a smirk. You don’t miss the glint in his eyes as you speak up,

 "A short break won’t kill anyone….“


Originally posted by visual-17

Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff?
Word count: 1,279

based very loosely off of that one scene in New York, I Love You

Wonwoo was scared to write about you. Every time he had ever committed his thoughts to paper much like the pen he was writing with, the love bled out. The love bled out until it was an abstract ink blotch that reminded him of what a therapist would show him when he used to visit. He didn’t want you to become an abstract blotch so he kept the thoughts of you swirling around in his head even though they were unorganized and kept him up at night.

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Ticking Time Bomb 3

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language

Russian Terms:
Malyutka (Little One)

You’re a hot headed, risk taker, who doesn’t want to blend in, and doesn’t see the fascination in Captain America. When Fury black mails you into joining the team, he sends you under cover with Mr. America himself, and you couldn’t be more resentful. But what if you and Rogers have more in common than you ever imagined? You wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for him, or would you?

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anonymous asked:

i'm looking for some angsty war-time h/d fic, do you have any recs? especially ones where they struggle with allegiances / aren't on the same side immediately, maybe like a "sleeping with the enemy" situation at first. sorry if that sounds overly specific, i was just listening to "between the bars" by elliott smith and it's soooo h/d and it gave me war-time fic cravings! thank you!

Here are some war time Drarry;

Temptation on the Warfront by Alizarincrimson (180k)
Draco Malfoy is forced into hiding with the Golden Trio and dragged into their search for horcruxes. What ensues is a journey of redemption, unexpected friendships and an unwanted, turbulent romance with Harry Potter. Warnings for swearing, sexual content, and dark themes. [Oneshot Sequel Let them Hear]

Walking the Line by Silentauror (180k)
Sixth year is over and Draco Malfoy is on the run. The war is on and an unwanted assignment is forced upon him by the only people he trusts - and a one-time arch-enemy just may be out to kill him. DM/HP, HPB spoilers. Complete!

And I Know the Spark by Firethesound (15k)
All Draco cares about is keeping Potter alive, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

A Thousand Beautiful Things series by Geoviki (168k in total)
Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.
Delicate Sound of Thunder (Sequel):  Draco Malfoy has always known that happily ever after is only true for fairy tales.  When someone threatens to expose his wartime past, he risks his life to protect his secrets, but learns he’s not the only one with something to hide.  The sequel to A Thousand Beautiful Things.

Not Through With You by Dark0feenix (11k)

Draco doesn’t remember, and Harry doesn’t let him forget.

The Eighth Tale by Lettered (12k)
Draco Malfoy tries to fix the past, but instead mucks it up some more. For Harry, it all becomes quite clear.

It Started in the Shower series by Chickenlivesinpumpkin (124k)
When Harry finds Malfoy in his shower at Grimmauld Place, the two boys struggle to keep their hands to themselves, not realizing that their ‘enemies-with-benefits’ relationship will eventually become considerably darker and more powerful. That relationship will influence the search for the horcruxes–and the war–in unpredictable ways.

Love is… by Melusinahp (13k)
This is a story about love. It is not a romance.

Angels and Devils by Aj_socks (28k)
Draco is captured by the Order and during his time as a prisoner, he realizes that both light and darkness can blind you to the truth.

Boys Don’t Cry by Furiosity and Pixies (50k)
After the eventful Christmas in Harry Potter’s fifth year at Hogwarts, his godfather gave him a badly wrapped package. Inside was something Harry could use to get in contact should the need arise, Sirius said. Harry resolved never to use whatever it was – he would not put Sirius in danger. When Harry had a vision of Sirius in terrible danger, he did not think of using Sirius’s last-minute gift. Hermione, however, did. This is the story of what happened after that.

A Fruit Tree in Winter by Bryoneybrynn (29k)
After failing in his task of killing Dumbledore, life doesn’t go as Draco expected. Sometimes just surviving takes everything you’ve got. And sometimes healing is something you can’t do alone. Story goes AU/AR from the end of Half-Blood Prince.

Promise Me by Frayach (4k)
Draco made two promises that pulled him in opposite directions. He can only fulfill one.

For All That Ails You by Frayach (17k)
Voldemort forces Draco to drink a love potion so that he’ll fall in love with Harry, and he does - madly. But then Harry does too. When Hermione finds an antidote for the love potion, neither knows who loves who. But then along comes the anonymous poetry contest to save the day.

Allegiance and Sedition by SilentAuror (98k) 
The war is in its fifth year, and Harry finds himself caught up in the confusion of friend versus enemy, spy versus traitor.

Consequences of Redemption by Bobbirose (120k)
When Draco makes an impromptu decision to rescue Harry Potter from Malfoy Manor, the two find themselves completely alone and facing the looming climax of the war against Voldemort. Harry must start from the beginning with Draco–and starting over has more consequences than either of them anticipated.

Beneath You by Cinnamon (114k)
Draco had no idea that the repercussions of stealing Potter’s journal and shoving it down the back of his trousers would be so extreme. Featuring nefarious plots, the mating rituals of Slytherins, double-crossing spells, Ron/Pansy, and Draco/Harry.

Under the Cold, Wan Moon by Slytherincess (38k) 
He does not seek war, but when attacked he knows better how to die than surrender.

A Dream of Running Water by Lomonaaeren (35k)
Driven nearly mad by his bitterness against the Dark Lord, Draco becomes a spy for the Order of the Phoenix. The device they sneak him to aid in his reports has unpredictable side-effects—like allowing Draco to dream of a landscape with a river running through it. That would be soothing, if Potter wasn’t there.

Wolfish by Femmequixotic and Noeon (7k)
With wolves surrounding him, Draco seeks safe haven. But as his godfather warns him, wolves come in many forms.

Finite Incantatum by Alysian_Fields (159k)
What should have happened after ‘Half Blood Prince’! It’s the autumn after Dumbledore’s death, the Death Eaters are steadily gaining power, and Harry and his friends are desperate to find the remaining Horcruxes. But then Draco Malfoy arrives at Grimmauld Place, traumatised, starved and drained of all his magical ability. It falls to Harry to show the Slytherin how to adapt to his new way of life, never guessing that Draco has a few things to teach him in return.

The Boys Who Lived by distempered and Writcraft (49k)
The Battle for Hogwarts is over and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix have lost the war against Voldemort. When his father is killed for treason, Draco Malfoy is forced to return to Hogwarts and finds the school under the control of a much changed Slytherin House, and the cruel leadership of the Carrows. Yet even in the darkest of times, there is light and Draco finds an unlikely ally in Harry Potter. Battered and bruised by the war, Harry’s tenacity and determination gives Draco hope and the two boys forge an unexpected alliance in a post-war world where secrets tear friends apart and nothing is quite as it seems

Secrets by Vorabiza (411k)

Beginning with Draco’s unexpected arrival at the Dursleys, Harry’s summer after sixth year becomes filled with activity and many secrets. As his summer progresses, Harry generates several unexpected allies as he finds himself actively becoming the leader of the Light side.

hope u enjoy them♥

Big sis amanda: briar, hazel, and river edition

-woah okay, amanda thought her dad was gonna struggle with being an empty nester, but then he goes and gets three more daughters??
-okay, she’s not complaining. Like, now she gets to practice her third twin abilities.
-briar and Amanda are as thick as thieves. When briar gets into trouble for spray painting all the towns stop signs into ‘STAPLES’ signs pointing towards the nearest staples, she laughs for five minutes straight and high fives her
-not to say hazel and amanda don’t get along, in fact, they both seriously enjoy kicking it back and watching reality tv shows. Hazel absolutely hates it when the judges are mean to the toddlers, so they have to change the channel often.
-amanda gets river to take her first few steps on her own, and after that, she’s always chasing her down because she’s running all the time! (I mean hey, her earliest memories was of her father running. It was bound to have its side effects).
-when briar and hazel manage to get to go to the statewide junior softball league competition, she is THERE with pompoms and she is yelling herself hoarse for those kiddos!
-starts the infamous 'bro jar’ every time their dads call each other 'bro’, they have to put a nickel in the jar. The first week they have 20 dollars, and they all go and get ice cream. It becomes a tradition. (And doesn’t seem to hinder the amount of bros going on either…)
-when hazel breaks her arm, amanda cheers her up by drawing a bunch of swirly signs on the cast, with hearts around all the names that people wrote on it.
-whenever amanda is home for the weekends, she makes a point to read river to sleep every night. Rivers favorite books are the ones she’s allowed to gum on. Yuck.
-when briar gets her eyebrow pierced and is hiding it from her dads, amanda helps her when it becomes infected, and when she’s ready, amanda helps her tell her dads what she did.

Top Tips for starting Nursing!

1) Breathe. Your first week studying nursing will seem like a whirlwind. There’s so much information given about your course, about your timetable, assignments, and requirements on your first week, but trust me it all gets a little easier. 

2) Don’t go out and buy every book on nursing that there ever was. I made this mistake in my first year and i totally regret it now. Most books you’ll maybe open once or twice, but you’re better off just checking out books from the library for when you need them! (Unless it’s mandatory you get them)

3) Use the library! Your college or university is very likely to have a library, so make sure you use it! There could be a great range of books related to your topic, be it an assignment or simply something you want to read up on. Libraries are a life saver during exam/essay time. 

4) Do not leave your assignments to the last minute. Some people can pull this off and get 90% + after only starting it the day before, but trust me, start a few weeks in advance. This way its much less stressful and leaves you time to get good references and to proof read.

5) Don’t feel left out from other students. Enjoy freshers week, go out and have fun with other students. There will be times, such as during clinical placements, when you’re not able to do the same things as regular students, so enjoy your theory blocks! 

6) Always ask for help. I know, this can be so daunting, but if you’re unsure about a topic, or are struggling with the course or assignment, get help! Lecturers and your tutors are always there to help and are usually nurses or ex-nurses themselves so they often offer the best advice. 

7) Take care of yourself. When out on placement, you can feel drained, but always remember that you have the right to go to the bathroom, and get something to eat and drink. Always try to be hydrated and well fed for those long shifts, it’ll help.

8) Always always always have at least 3 pens on you during a shift. Because i can almost guarantee that you will lose at least one and get one stolen from another nurse or doctor who has ‘forgotten’ to return it to you. 

9) Start studying common medications. This can be a bit easier if, like me, you’re specialising in a certain area and have less drugs to learn, but knowing what common drugs do what and the side effects/dosages will help you in the long run. 

10) Comfy shoes will change your life. A good investment in comfortable shoes early on in your course will save your feet during those long gruelling shifts. 

11) Take notes. There’s never enough time to write down an entire lecture’s powerpoints, but write down what you think is important. These notes will be helpful come assignment time.

12) Bring snacks to lectures and shifts. A little sugar rush can do a world of good for your energy levels. Be prepared to share, though.

13) Try and make friends. Hard for some, easy for others. But having fellow nursing friends can be so helpful, someone to talk to about assignments and placements, and someone to battle through your 3 years with.

14) If you’re being treated unfairly, report it! 

15) Enjoy!!! Your three years will fly in. It may not seem like it when you’re sat in your very first lecture, but believe me, next thing you know, you’ll be starting your final placement before qualification. There will be times that you want to quit, times that you’ll laugh, times that you’ll cry, but at the end of it you’re going to have a whole new career waiting for you. 

Welcome to the next 3 years of your journey, freshers!

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thelastdoujin  asked:

Hey Jax-senpai OuO I gots a question. What do you think is Better for getting Lean. Intermittent Fasting or Cutting out Carbs and just eating meat and veggies? I want to start the new year off right and Ive been slipping on my diet but MMA has helped me keep the fat in check and your tips as well but diet-wise I need some help? what do you think is better?

Oh Hey Britney! and sure thing. I’ve done both a Ketogenic Diet and I consistently have done Intermittent Fasting for the last 3 years. and I want you to remember this about IF. 

Intermittent Fasting is not a Diet, its just a way of not eating for certain periods of time and then getting your calories in a certain window. You can follow any diet plan with intermittent fasting since all you are doing is giving your body a break from eating so it can burn more fat.

But lets get to it Starting with Carb Depleting

Now with Carb Depleting You cut out starchy Carbs from your diet

So you wouldnt be eating foods like

-Potatoes (unless they are sweet potatoes)

And since you are doing this you are putting your body in a glycogen deficit which is Glucose which we store in our muscles and is one of our primary sources of energy. So when this happens your body will start having these side effects. Your body has to become accustomed to running without the Glycogen and there have been studies shown that self control relies on glucose as a limited energy source. If you read this book

It talks about how when your glycogen is low that you have lower self discipline. And then there are numerous studies for it but enough science BS how does it work. 

Well with this Diet plan you lose a TON of water from the lack of starchy carbs in your diet and for most bodybuilders and fitness people myself included you start noticing more fat loss quicker because your body has to turn to fat stores for energy since its so low on glucose

Originally posted by leiliananimeword

Sweet you are leaning up and losing fat quickly just by eating Meat and Veggies? What could go wrong?

You see there are many annoying Side effects to cutting out your carbs since your brain has primarily been using Glycogen for fuel. 

Side Effects include
-MASSIVE Irritability 

 Also it takes a while for your body to get accustomed to Carb Depleting. On average I’d say about 4 days- 1 week. It sucks LIKE THE WORST HELL EVER

But my God your Gainz will be Badass and you’ll look like a fuckin action figure if your training has been on point as well

This is what most Bodybuilders do before they step on stage and then they refuel with carbs because the muscles get really flat looking when you are carb depleted.


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I’ve gone in depth numerous times on how to do Intermittent Fasting 

Heres a link if you’re interested How to start Intermittent Fasting

All your doing is giving your body a rest from eating so that it can burn more fat and if you are in a deficit for the day BOOM it works better.

If you wanna start just fast 16 hours of the day, and eat in an 8 hour window

Examples of eating windows w/ 16 hour fasts would be




but it could be any time just as long as you fasting 16 consecutive hours. And yes you can drink water and beverages with zero calories otherwise you would eff yourself over.

Originally posted by eternalevangelion

Also Intermittent Fasting is a lot better when it comes to adapting. For me it took 2 days for my body to adapt to it. and I’ve been doing it consistently for 3 years now. 

I notice every morning my body has more lines in it when I do a Strict Intermittent fasting. But if you REALLY WANT TO KICK UP THE FAT LOSS Big Time with Intermittent Fasting you could try the Warrior Diet style that I’ve been doing since the start of this month. 

With this Intermittent Fasting routine you are fasting 20 hours of the day and feeding in a 4 hour window. I’ll say this the Fat loss with this is FUCKIN QUICK like it’ll be dropping off at your ankles when you see how fuckin fast it works

For me the way I do this is I make my eating window either

12pm- 4pm


1pm - 5pm

and then I have a BIGASS Feast in 2 meals and then Im good the rest of the day.

Now if you attempt this one you may feel like you want to skin an elephant and eat it at first but the results are fast But be careful the results are really fast and can make you look like skeletor if you go too far with it and you are not adequately feeding yourself.

But if you are asking which works better test on your own body and see which works best for you. I love IF so thats what I stick with but a lot of my friends still do the low carb diet so find your own path. and Good Luck this New Year

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Imagine 2x19 with director Sanvers though with Lucy trying to mediate Maggie and Kara and Gertrude Danvers really and Lucy looking after Maggie as she crashes from her 17+ hour shift + Danvers saving and Lucy only letting herself feel any kind of emotion once Alex is more or less comfortable and Maggie is out for the count and she can watch both her girls and keep them safe

the first chance lucy has to breathe - to really take a breath that isn’t a choked sob of terror, or a tear filled sigh of relief - 

is late that first night. the room medical is keeping alex in overnight for observation is a little crowded. with kara slumped in a chair, her hand tangled with alex’s as they both sleep. with maggie in the damn bed next to alex, cradling her, letting alex sleep with her head on maggie’s chest. they’re all, finally, finally asleep.

and lucy, lucy manages to take what feels like her first real breath in days. but when she exhales, her vision blurs with tears. she can feels the sobs swelling in her chest, in her throat. they almost lost her. 

lost alex. 

she almost died. and not, 

not from an alien attack, not from a gunshot wound or any of half a dozen things that feel like ‘normal’ reasons to nearly die. 

no this? 

this was planned, this was torture. this was alex facing a death by drowning in freezing cold water. 

it makes lucy burn because how could she not see this?

it’s her goddam job and yet, 

alex was followed, they all were followed. they were stalked and they were monitored. the most private of moments were observed by someone who had no business being there. 

it makes lucy shake. it makes her tremble and feel small. 

head of a secret government organisation she might be. us military trained solder she might be. 

but none of that mattered when it came to being able to protect alex. to being able to keep her safe. 

what if they’d taken maggie too?

[maggie who can’t swim, lucy remembers] 

what if they’d been another few minutes longer? 

what if alex hadn’t been able to hang on? 

lucy tries not to dwell, but here, with her girls safe and the silence of an empty deo, lucy’s mind runs rampant with the possibilities. a side effect, lucy thinks, of forcing herself to stay calm, stay in control of her emotions. to betray nothing of the fear she felt inside - 

except when alex had asked to speak to them alone. except when she had started talking about all the things she needed to say. 

there were tears then. and fear, 

so much fear. 

because lucy didn’t want alex’s last words to be spoken with such well masked fear in her eyes. with her hands shaking ever so slightly because the water is rising quick and sure, there’s the unwavering faith, 

but god. 

lucy realizes she’s crying only when kara stirs. when kara blinks in the near dark of the med bay, when she mumbles “lucy?” and then kara’s standing, and in he blink of an eye, 

she’s in front of lucy. 

lucy who is shaking. who is breathing in uneven rasps. who is crying tears she’s been holding back all day. lucy feels the pads of kara’s thumbs swipe across her cheeks, and then it’s kara’s hands on her shoulders, skating down her biceps, pulling lucy into a tight hug. where it’s kara murmuring 

“it’s okay,” and “she’s alive.” and “i know.” 

and lucy shatters

she curls her arms around kara, and lets kara pull her close. and god, lucy thinks that somewhere along the line she should be embarrassed to be crying in the arms of her grlfriends little sister. 

but kara’s not just alex’s little sister. 

kara is lucy’s friend. 

and right now, with maggie and alex both asleep, both safe and calm and in the quiet protection of the deo, 

lucy need a friend. but of course, she gets more than that. where there’s a queit shifting and lucy doesn’t notice maggie is awake until it’s maggie’s hand on her back. until it’s kara shifting and it’s maggie running a hand down lucy’s back over and over again. and it’s maggie cradling lucy’s head. and it’s kara slipping back to sit with alex. 

and god. 

lucy feels. 

everything she didn’t - couldn’t, during the day, it’s rushing out of her now. and all the while, maggie holds her, even when lucy’s legs start to shake, maggie’s got her. 

“you hear that,” maggie whispers eventually, and she pauses long enough for you to register the steady beeping of the heart rate monitors attached to alex “she’s here.” maggie breathes “she’s alive.”

and her voice is choked, there’s the sense of fear inspired awe and they both know how close they came to losing alex today. 

“she alive’s.” lucy repeats.

“we got to her in time.” maggie says, all but carrying lucy over to the bed where alex is asleep - still, finally, luckily. kara has her hand tangled with one of alex’s and her head resting on the edge of the bed, her glasses askew on her face. 

it’s a tight squeeze, wherein alex shifts only once, to drape herself across maggie, who wraps an arm around lucy and pulls her close. 

[and medical can frown all the want, but fuck it] 

[alex is here, alex is alive. and they all need this dogpile to be reminded of that simple, precious fact.] 

lazy-lousy-lizy-jane  asked:

Um... what about one for Static Worms? I did enjoy that one

Hoo boy, Static Worms. Alright :D

(If anyone wants me to do this for anything else, ask away! I’ll probably queue it instead of posting it all at once though.)

This was one of the first things I wrote after a ridiculously long writer’s block. I wasn’t focusing much on emotional impact or themes or whatever, I just wanted to write about something cool.

The original idea came to me, as many of my ideas do, when I was talking to a friend about silly stuff. Specifically, what if Dipper was playing human once, walked into a bar, and then got roofied by a couple pricks trying to steal his kidneys? (You might have seen the writing prompt: “WHY DON’T YOU HAVE ANY KIDNEYS? WHAT ARE YOU?”)

Obviously that is not what I wrote, though I still kinda want to. It did get me thinking about situations where someone would need to cut him open for less nefarious reasons, and being an insufferable biology nerd, I of course invented a horrifying parasite.

Let’s get into it.

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Topi’s Daily Card #1074:  Caged Sun

While Gauntlet of Power gave you nearly this same effect, for one mana more you have Caged Sun effect only your side of the board instead of everyone running that color.  That one mana makes all the difference and makes this card generally the more powerful version of the artifacts, although some people would run both for redundancy.  Doubling your mana of a single color and boosting creatures of that color are all great, and that color-matters theme means it’s best in a monocolored or two color deck at most.  Any deck can be super mana hungry, so if you’re looking for some great late game ramp in any color deck, Caged Sun is a perfect fit.

The Rose of Tacloban: Costuming “Here Lies Love”

Tragedy struck and the original post I made about Here Lies Love disappeared into the ether, so I’m going to do my best to reconstruct it here. Many thanks to the anons who suggested this production to me, and to @conradricamoras and @annbradleys for sending me information about the show itself!

I have a confession to start off this review: until I got the Anon asks, I had never even heard of Here Lies Love, and that is a tragedy. Having now had the opportunity to look at the costumes for this production and listen to the music thanks to iTunes, I can safely say that this is an amazing show that deserves a full Broadway run. If you haven’t come across it, there’s probably a reason for that; while well-received and critically acclaimed, the show only had an off-Broadway run and a Seattle revival. But despite that, it attracted an amazing cast, including future Tony Award winning actress Ruthie Ann Miles and How to Get Away With Murder’s Conrad Ricamore.

First, a little background on what this show is. The genesis of the show is in a concept album by British producer Fatboy Slim, based on the life and times of Imelda Marcos, the fashionista diva First Lady of the Philippines during the years of Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorship. Eventually converted into a musical, the production follows Imelda’s life throughout a period of the dictatorship, including her dating of democracy icon Ninoy Aquino, marriage to Ferdinand Marcos, and her time as First Lady.

Imelda Marcos is still very much the subject of a disputed legacy in The Philippines, and I’ll offer a few more comments on why the musical has been called problematic after the costume review. But to give you an idea of the dispute, on the one hand she has been frequently accused of robbing the country blind to sustain her lifestyle, but on the other hand is beloved enough to have been elected to the country’s House of Representatives some four times, and is in office today. Contested legacies always make for the most interesting stories, so this is already quite a production.

The costume designer for this show is Clint Ramos, himself of Filipino origin, who relied on his memories of the Marcos regime (including, as a child, meeting Imelda herself) in crafting the production’s rich costumes. He focused on bright colors to match with his memories of Filipino fashion and the woman herself, who was always styled to the nines. But in relying on traditional elements, the color scheme could come off a bit garish–and he notes that’s by design. In an interview with the New York Times, he commented that when he found out Vogue editor Dame Anna Wintour would be in the audience for a show that, “If you say anything to her [Wintour], please tell her that it is intentionally tacky.”

Some are indeed tacky, but others? Other costumes are a sheer delight. Let’s take a look at some of them:

I’m starting with this group spread from Chance magazine because it features two designs (the far left and center right) that I want to talk about in detail, but also offers us a look at two of the simpler costumes. On the far right is a blue dress in a sateen fabric that has one of the trademarks of Filipino design and Imelda Marcos herself: powerful butterfly sleeves, that is, sleeves that resemble butterfly wings in the way they pop up above the shoulders of the dress itself. 

The other dress just briefly touched on is the one at center left. Mr Ramos adapted the flag of the Philippines, and while some credit has to be given to the flag’s designer, I love the way he made it work as a costume. The red and blue are rich and satiny, and the triangular element at the center is absolutely perfect for the bust of the dress. It’s a simple, but tasteful, design that I greatly enjoy.

The dress at center right is the first I want to take a closer look at. This dress comes from the “The Rose of Tacloban” number, whence I took the title of this overall review. Let’s take a look at it in the context of the musical and a bit closer up:

I’ve talked about patterned dresses before, and this is an example of a multicolored floral that absolutely would have been accessible to a Filipino women in the era of the musical. It’s a classic A-line dress decorated sumptuously in a series of red, orange, gold, and purple flowers. What I really like about the dress is that it has a simple series of lines that allow the individual flowers to stand out against the white fabric; it looks almost like a set of wildflowers that have been arranged, rather than being a specific pattern, and that gives it a little bit more of a visual pop. Take a look at this closeup of the group shot for a better idea of what I mean:

The dress is designed to stand out because of the pattern rather than any kind of adornment, and because the pattern is abstract rather than specific or geometric, the eye is able to sort of just take in the whole rather than focusing on specific parts. I like that, though I think there is something to be said for a repeating pattern; here, Mr Ramos’ design works and makes the overall appearance quite pleasant.

I noted I also wanted to take a look at the far left entry in the above group shot. This dress is visually stunning and there’s a clear reason why. Take a look at it in isolation first so I can offer some general comments:

I’ve mentioned in the past that I love the two polar extremes in costuming: sleek and traditional, and overtly showy. This dress manages to combine both of those elements and makes it one of my all-time favorite costumes. We’ll start from the top and go down. The dress itself is in a rich white fabric and has slight butterfly sleeves, smaller than those in the blue dress I referred to earlier, but nonetheless impressive. Below the waste, on the bottom of the dress, however is what makes this so visually stunning. The red elements resemble roses or rose petals falling to earth against a white background. The color is a rich ruby-red and is pretty clearly embellished with beadwork and sequining. I’d even go so far as to say that, under the right lighting, this could even appear to be blood red (and there is definitely metaphorical value there) Compare the finished product above with the original sketch:

Many a time in the past, I have talked about how vital a costumer’s sketch is to the overall costume design process, and how a dress will often evolve greatly from first draft to final product. Here, we see that the original envision was for splashes of red, and given the context of the end of the musical (where this costume appears), that idea of blood-red definitely makes sense; while the focus of the musical is definitely not on violence, there are references to Ferdinand Marcos’ imposition of martial law and the repression that Imelda played a part in defending.

But Mr Ramos’ design changed from spatter to beautiful pattern over the course of the costume’s construction, and while elements of the original design were retained–the flower petals I talked about earlier definitely feel like the splatter of the original design–the hem of the dress became far more rich and detailed, and is what instantly elevates this costume in my mind. Take a look at the sketch above, and then take a look at the finished hem of the dress:

The flower petals continue to fall until they intersect with a series of paisley-like lozenges that run along the entire circumference of the dress, in a stunning, rich red color that matches the upper design elements. There is clearly some sequining and beadwork evident in these pieces, which adds a little bit more sparkle and heft to an already weighty dress. I love the way there’s an almost lacy quality to the lozenges themselves and the way they are linked into a chain by the hem of the dress. Each lozenge also has a single rose rising out of the top, which I think has to be seen as a tie to the earlier Rose of Tacloban dress.

These two dresses together offer a view of some of the more classical looks that are used in the musical, but so far, we haven’t seen much in the way of what Mr Ramos described as intentionally tacky…so let’s take a look at one of those dresses now. Prepare for a stunning shock of color (and design work!):

You really cannot beat the shocking electric pink of this dress for WOW factor, even if you are not a huge fan of the color itself. Pink is a color that was associated with Imelda Marcos, and so costuming Ms Miles in it in various scenes makes quite a bit of sense. There is a lot going on besides the color, however, when looking at this dress. There are layers of satin fabric with an almost sheer chiffon tone to parts of it, lacework in the bodice, sequins on the body of the dress and the bodice itself, and then there are those roses.

The sateen roses are my favorite element of this dress, even if they add to the overall over-the-top feel of the number. Having worked with fabrics before, it is not easy to create the look of a realistic flower and fix it to a dress in such a way as to avoid it being cumbersome, or the design effect being lost. The roses run up the side of the dress and form a bouquet that the eye absolutely has to drink in; what I also like about the roses themselves is that they are in differing shades of pink rather than just the electric of the dress itself.

Looking at the bodice, we can see the overlaid netting or lace work, which comes together to form another floral pattern that I am almost positive has a plastic element to it; plastic isn’t used a lot in dressmaking, but it can sometimes offer a stiffness to a piece of design work that you could not get otherwise. The bodice gives way to butterfly sleeves that are richly patterned with flower petal-like elements and capped off with yet more sateen roses. The overall effect is akin to a beauty queen dress (which makes sense given the character of Imelda Marcos in real life and in Here Lies Love). It’s ostentatious, it’s showy, it’s dramatic, and it’s memorable.

Mr Ramos uses pink for another costume, which is no less beautiful or interesting in color, which is far more reserved. Take a look at this dress in a scene where Imelda is pictured alongside her husband, Ferdinand Marcos (played by Jose Llana):

If you looked at this and immediately thought of Jacqueline Kennedy’s classic couture and Chanel suits, you are not alone; that was my first thought as well, and it makes sense. In this scene, there is even a lyric referring to the Marcos’ as “our Jackie and John.” The idea behind this pink dress is to show off Imelda as the chic, sophisticated spouse next to her politician husband. The lines are simple, the pink is strong but feminine, and it does not distract from anything around her.

The pink changes color depending on the lighting (as most costumes do, as I have noted in a multitude of reviews). Take a look at the dress in motion, which also lets us look at the few detail elements that the outfit possesses:

The hat is clearly a pillbox type in the vein of Jackie Kennedy and the perfect roundness of it matches the buttons that are the only real adornment to the dress itself. It is a business suit, designed for a woman playing a supporting role, and the color and sheen of the fabric is what is allowed to do most of the work. That’s a good design choice on the part of Mr Ramos; there can only be so many overpowering costumes at once, after all!

Another understated but beautiful dress can be seen here, in shades of blue and purple, with stitching that is reminiscent of traditional design elements in Filipino fabrics and textiles:

I’ll start with the easiest part of this costume to review: the skirt itself. It’s a pretty teal blue that would cling to the figure of the wearer and accentuate their femininity, while not detracting from the coat element of the dress.

The coat itself is richly designed in grays and blues, with a metallic thread designed to catch the light and look different depending on the context. Here, with neutral lighting, it looks very much like a dull gold or silver depending on the layer of the dress. The embroidery is replicated in rows, which gives an interesting, almost geometric look to the dress overall. But it’s when the costume is viewed in the context of the lighting of the show that it’s most interesting. Take a look at how the metallic threads in the embroidery help the dress to almost glow with purple:

This is not an easy effect to muster, and I love the way that the purple lighting hitting the dress causes the dress–itself gray and gold and blue–to light up in purple as well. The metallic threads used for the design work catch the light and reflect it, softening it a little bit but still retaining the purple hue. The effect is to make the actress really be the center of the audience’s attention. You cannot help but pay attention to Ms Miles in this costume, because every movement makes her look just slightly different as more or less of the metallic embroidery is illuminated by the stage lights. It’s an effect that is subtle, but with a monumental impact.

The last two costumes I want to look at are a study in contrasts, one extraordinarily tacky by Mr Ramos’ own admission, and the other far more muted and somber. First is the discotheque dress that Mr Ramos designed for Ms Miles to wear in her guise as Imelda Marcos. This is one that has to be seen to be believed, but it absolutely screams 1980s tackiness and club culture:

Hel-lo, plastic! And yes, I do mean that literally; this dress is constructed entirely out of plastic elements stitched together with thread. The overall impact is one that shimmers with even the slightest movement. Each plastic circle is capable of independent movement, and the coloring of each disk is slightly different, though overall the dress is a gold color. I’ve talked about dresses catching the light a lot, but in this case, the dress itself basically becomes a disco ball unto itself, and it really is the peak of Imelda’s character Not Getting It. It’s the “let them eat cake” dress, the privileged Imelda dancing the night away as her country is oppressed by her husband’s regime.

Compare that tackiness to one of the most somber, elegant pieces in the musical, and the one I’ll conclude the costume portion of the review with:

Gone are the garish colors, gone are the adornments, gone are the design elements. Instead, we have a simple (if elegant) cream frock that imbues the character–stunningly–with a sense of innocence or naïvety. That’s an interesting choice on Mr Ramos’ part; there’s a mournful quality to this piece that isn’t present in any of the other costumes. The buttons harken back to the buttons of the Pink Suit from earlier, but otherwise this dress is utterly demure.

The richness and elegance of the dress are brought by the circular design elements that are part of the fabric itself. It swirls and flows all over Ms Miles’ figure, as though mapping the whirlwinds of change surrounding the character at this point in the musical. There is, however, a little bit of the metallic threading seen on the gray and blue dress from earlier. But whereas that helped the character to stand out, this time they make the dress glow in a way that shows that despite every event in The Philippines, Imelda is a victim in her own mind, and the dress reflects the innocence she feels, rather than any innocence that exists in reality.

Overall, I find Mr Ramos costume choices to be absolutely perfect and beyond beautiful. Even when they run towards the tacky (the beauty queen dress and the gold disco number), they still have something that makes them enjoyable to behold. The red and white dress definitely made it into the pantheon of my favorite dresses, and I think there is a lot of symbolism there that only adds to the beauty that the audience is able to appreciate.

Since this was an off-Broadway production, Mr Ramos was not eligible for a Tony Award for his design work, but he was the recipient of the Lucille Lortel award, and it was absolutely deserved in my opinion, and I would like to see these designs get some wider exposure.

As promised earlier, I’m going to offer a few thoughts about the musical generally at this juncture, because Mr Ramos’ designs and his own comments are so much a part of what makes this musical interesting.

People often draw a comparison between Here Lies Love and Evita, and I think those comparisons make a lot of sense. Both musicals deal with a woman who was in a supporting role to a husband whose government was dictatorial and repressive, both deal with a woman known in large part for her style, fashion, and outsized personality, and both musicals try to address how we should view these women. But whereas Evita makes one feel sympathy for the character of Eva, the effect is much more muddled in Here Lies Love.

Imelda Marcos is portrayed as very much a creature and product of her circumstances, happy to play a key role in her husband’s regime while still trying to retain some distance and play the innocent. Whereas the 11 o’clock number for Evita is “You Must Love Me,” a love song to the people of Argentina and her husband, Imelda’s last song is “Why Don’t You Love Me?” and she’s costumed in the red and white dress for it.

The song itself makes clear that the character of Imelda doesn’t understand why she is so reviled by so many of the people. After all, what more could she have done to show them love and affection? And that is where the design of the dress comes in and plays a key role. As Mr Ramos himself said, he wanted to give the audience the idea of Imelda having reached the pinnacle of fashion and beauty while wading through the blood of the victims of her husband’s regime.

And she simply doesn’t understand that. She doesn’t understand that she was the public face of the regime, and that the victims of the regime were numerous. Even her former boyfriend, democracy activist and Senator Ninoy Aquino, is slain as part of Ferdinand Marcos’ effort to hold onto power. She thinks of herself as the people’s heroine when the reality is that she is a hero only in her own mind, and maybe a few others.

I think this is an important story to tell because it allows us to see this woman as more than a one-dimensional character. She believes in her own purity, all the while not seeing the rot and horror around her. There’s an innocence in that which is captured well in the elegance of most of Mr Ramos’ designs, while her devil-may-care attitude towards the repression she is happy to reap the rewards of is displayed in the tackier costumes.

As I said at the start of the review, Here Lies Love is a musical that has been criticized as problematic because it does not portray Imelda Marcos as singularly evil. But that’s part of the point. Still alive today, her legacy is still being debated. The audience should walk away questioning what they just saw, and questioning whether a person can ever truly be innocent when they play a role in a regime that could be as repressive as the Marcos government. As Mr Ramos said in the interview I linked earlier, the audience should leave asking “Why the hell was I dancing to that?” And why, in fact, was Imelda dancing at all.

This is an important production that deserves to be seen by a wider audience. The biggest problem with staging it as a Broadway show might be the stage design, which encourages audience interaction and is unique in theatrical productions. To give you an idea what I mean, the people standing in the pit at stage level are all members of the audience, and the actors are able to interact with them when warranted:

Three years ago, when this production was being staged off-Broadway, stage design was still rather traditional and audience participation or the audience being close to the action was still a rarity. But the runaway success of a production like The Great Comet makes me think that Broadway theatres might be willing to take a chance on customizing their staging for a production like this.

As longtime readers of my blog(s) know, I am a huge advocate of diversity in theatre, and it’s one of the other reasons I would love to see a full Broadway production of Here Lies Love. This is a musical that features (or should feature) an all-Asian cast in serious, non-stereotypical roles, which is something that we really don’t see much of (I don’t particularly see The King and I or Miss Saigon as offering Asian actors non-stereotypical roles, for instance). I hope that in the future, this beautifully costumed, musically interesting, and innovative musical will get the full run it deserves.

Phew! That was a long review, and thank you for sticking it out! I really enjoyed this review, and I hope you all enjoyed it as well and have the time and the inclination to check it out if you can.

As always, dear readers, I want to hear your feedback, so feel free to reblog with comments, drop an Ask or Submission, or message me here or on my main account. Until the next review, stay tuned!

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Plz dont spare me my umbrella mans backstory! I love your ideas and im 100% here for them! 💖 (i asled the serizawa question haha)

omgg you’re too kind!!💜💕💜

well *cracks knuckles* here i go!!!!!!

what i’m about to tell you all happened before the start of this au just want to put it out there

shou wasn’t the only suzuki in the organization. his father, touchy toes, was a doctor working for the organization.

there were even rumors before that the only reason shou, a human,  got into such a high position was with the help of doctor suzuki. (THEY WERE VERY WRONG MIND YOU) but i digress

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Life as an ugly girl

I know this is trivial compared to world problems like poverty, starvation and war so I don’t know what’s wrong with me only thinking about it lately. I’m not shallow, I think I am kinda kind, helpful, golden-hearted, smart, sophisticated, I have hobbies and interests so i shouldn’t be thinking about it.. i don’t know what’s wrong with me literally and metaphorically. I guess there is a shallow part of me that yearns for a compliment from someone else than her mom and grandma.

Actually I’ve never thought of myself as ugly or cared about looks when I was little  I wasn’t concerned about looks. The problem started when I turned 16. That’s when I had people openly calling me ugly or discussing my face structure for the first time. I was bullied at school. I remember when a friend told me “it’s not looks that matter, you are a kind person and that matters more” and i was like “wait.. so does that mean I’m ugly” “well you may not be the best-looking to some people…”

Moving out of high school it only becomes worse.. You basically lose your protection you have as a kid/minor by other adults/your parents against insults (the she’s only a kid leave her alone thing). You may hear ugly remarks less frequently than at school but marginalization is the same/or worse. Now people are hypocrites.. they may say personality matters more but you know they don’t mean it. You face discrimination everyday. That dress.. “honey i’m not sure if um.. it’s for you”, “we all have a crush on the hot guy but move on it’s not for you”, “um i’m sure we had a different type of people in mind for this job”.

At college you are an outsider. Looks still matter for teens/young adults so parties, boys are out of the question.. I also have an introverted personality which doesn’t help making friends. I’m good and funny once you get to know me but probably you’ll never get to know me. Guys never notice you.. You only get noticed by guys who are at least 10-15 years older than you at your best day when you’re wearing makeup or a nice dress. When you politely explain them that you think the age gap is kinda too big, you become an “ugly ungrateful b**ch” who should be honored that someone even paid attention to them.

As time passes it only gets worse.. I got told that I look 30ish when I’m just e 20 so I guess I’m aging horribly (maybe people my age mistake me for their mum, that’s why they don’t talk to me)

I guess I can’t do anything for my bulbous nose, masculine face and wonky mouth.. Plastic surgery has serious side effects long-term run. I freak out at the idea that someone has to chop my face in order to be normal. (Makeup and dressing nicely didn’t help me either. But it still hurts badly.. when you know you’re different

Devil from the snuffbox: William Twining

In the last article I showed why William Twining does not belong to the characters of the classic shounen (btw, the project belongs to this genre in all respects). But anyone who tries to perceive him as someone ideal, I will ask to look into this article.
Earlier (if you remember, back in February), I wrote about the fact that William is the only one of his kind. And so is. If you look at it against the background of other characters of the work, you will get the impression that he is a black raven among white crows. And this is not done by his “ideal” person, which make him realistic (it can be said that in the whole work William is the only real character.) It’s ironic that he is a realist at the same time).
But since the VK does not accommodate such a huge text, I divided it into two articles.

William Twining is certainly an intelligent, wise, sensitive young man. He also has flaws: egocentrism, skepticism, the share of cynicism. At his age (okay, we will not play with figures), he already creates the impression of an adult responsible person. Here, for a moment, it is worth considering the fact that William is an Englishman, and they fast tend to grow older. But even so, against the background of his peers, William stands out because he knows exactly what he wants (Underlined: for sure).

To begin with, first of all, William is a man. And what is peculiar to people? Duality, contradictoriness. This is something that is not inherent in demons, angels, or gods. Their essence is a side effect of the development of the human essence. But, without running into the philosophy of the supernatural, let us consider those features of William, which are so well hidden by “ideality.”

1. “Too much authority is harmful”
The phrase directly from the manga (for tumblr: in the Russian translate). There is a trait in William that catches the eye all at once: abuse of one’s authority. Born with the everything and at once, the young William took everything from this and gave nothing (which is mine, that’s mine), and having learned about the legacy of Solomon, took it as an opportunity to expand his influence. Yes, he does not show this, as well as what he can, in his opinion, ruin his reputation. He with ease to use Solomon’s right for his own purposes. And what about the right of starosta? He repeatedly abused it. And, having lost this right, as if lost some part of himself, it is clearly visible to the reader. His manners on high posts only indicate the desire to get as much authority as possible. It corrupts it. We can say that this is the response of Solomon’s royalty (we have already considered the theory of reincarnation). After all, William is Solomon. Most likely, he is Solomon, who resolutely refused from connect with the magical world. Initially, the new Solomon had everything he dreamed about, and this allowed him to become the personality that Solomon himself would have become in the time of the Old Kingdom.

2. Egocentrism
William’s egocentrism has already been considered, but as a trait that distinguishes him from the collection of shounen’s characters. If a brick falls on someone’s head, it’s not William’s head. His head is too valuable for bricks to fall on it. Everything that happens around, revolves around William. There is an explanation for this: William is an important personage for Heaven and Hell, but also no less important for the Earth. For the soul of Solomon is war, as if the children can not share the toy. But William believes that the world owes him, because he lives in it. It’s amazing how clearly William demonstrates this. Demons should be flattered, according to William, that they are generally given his royal attention. And he has an excuse for his actions: they themselves wanted it.
But the brick nevertheless stubbornly fell on his clever top. And for this realist were found his demons. When William’s life is put under threat, he, without losing himself, unexpectedly changes his sight towards demons and angels. Of course, as a true English Sir, he is still trying to cope with the danger on his own, but he continues to rely on outside assistance. In this he must admit his weakness and need for the supernatural. The appearance of Mathers gives him the opportunity to develop further as a magician. And the appearance of Arthur Christian once again infringes on his position and beats by selfishness.

3. Immediate contradiction
Contradiction is characteristic of all those people who are not fortified and are not sure of their views and attitudes to life. William just the same contradicts himself, and, therefore, his is easily podshatnut. Having compared him earlier with Camio, I want to note that in case of contradiction, Kamio wins from William, as he always had a progressive view of life and environment. Camio is a pupil of the Mesozoic era, but William, while still a disciple in the life that Camio learned from all sides, is trying to be a teacher. Undoubtedly, his wisdom does not belong to a teenager. But the contradiction shows that William’s wisdom is not perfect either. He doubts a lot - this is his big mistake. Saying one thing, he can do something else. And at this moment you can ask: “But he knows what he wants, so why? Why do you deceive us?”.

I’m not deceiving you. William firmly believes in his ambitions, in what he wants from the future. He firmly knows what he wants from others (from each individual) and he will not take on someone else’s responsibility, become someone who is a remnant of the past and certainly will not play obscure roles. But he’s still a boy. A child who lost his parents and blamed himself for their death. Any orphan will say how hard it is without parents, and it’s far from easy to pretend that life is good without them. Therefore, William does not want to let go nor Kevin, nor Dantalion, or Citri (I think, even Isaac). They became part of his personality, his life. He will say that they all interfere with him, they are all bored with him, that he does not feel any need for they, but … We see perfectly well how much William misses his “demons”. How much he loves Uriel just for because he is on William’s side. And it’s not even in his egocentrism and selfish fear of being alone. William will cope if left alone, he is strong enough, and this is from Solomon.

Sometimes, trying to convey his thoughts to others, it causes an absolutely opposite effect - it can not always be correctly understood. For example, whenever he declares that he will not choose anyone, he has to put up with the fact that this will not help get rid of the demons. At heart, he wants their presence in their lives, and they subconsciously feel it. It is the contradiction between the words and the true desires of William that makes him an easy target. And he has many weak sides.

4. William himself reveals his weaknesses
Kevin (Uriel) for William is more than just a butler. All this has long been noticed. Someone with a sick nature attributes to them a love line. Drop it! This is a classic shounen, where friendship is above all else, as well as a drama that reveals the heavy relationship of heroes with others. Of course, the largest bearer of the drama in the projects it is Camio, but William is not devoid of drama. Just the same, his wisdom and affection for certain people (or rather, creatures), and make him a character drama. For him is hard be in the company of people, because in him he does not have much power. If William can influence the society of angels and demons ,then in a society of people he need to turn and grow. He was used to the fact that next to him there is always someone. Uriel is the one to whom William will inevitably flee when he gets bored from all. Mentally or physically, but he will escape.  Сan say that the angel educated him. William feel to Uriel warm and very family feelings, he literally created a bond between them. And if to someone will comes to mind to beat on William through his weaknesses, then Uriel will be the first on the list. Not having refused publicly from him, when his essence was revealed, William himself made it clear where his weak side is. He can not expel the one whom he regards as his own. Here he is very similar to Dantalion, who lost Baphomet. What do you think will happen to William when Uriel dies? After all, he himself asked this question.

The demons of William is those, who he needs for his ordinary existence. Yes, he did not take them seriously, and it was already said, but is something made him change his point of view? Perhaps this is not even a change, but a whole evolution. William did not jump from the fifth to the tenth, but gradually moved to a new stage in his perception of the world and the supernatural. He grew up in his feelings and desires, and demons became a part of them. William sees in them both the dark and the light side, sees their devotion to him and responds, strangely enough, with reciprocity. But they make him weak. Like any man, William is made weak by his demons. But also strong! He grows up, learns, and only thanks to them. Perhaps one day he will tell Dantalion what he really feels, but it will not be very soon, given his egocentrism. William is a martyr, he must suffer and torment others while doing so. But the way he suffers leaves only envy. He suffers from the responsibility placed on himself by himself. When he found out the truth about the fall of Dantalion, did William apprehended it as a intimation to him that he repeats his own mistakes? He again renounces Dantalion, even if he sees how much the demon needs him. And Sitri? Only such a cynic as William can ignore this angel - the fans would say. In fact, to Sitry, William has more fatherly attitude than friendly or businesslike. And Sitri responds to him in same. All the same, Sitri the child. With William, they have a similarities: both were not in their own world. Worrying about the demons, William makes himself vulnerable. If we take into account the fact that Metatron and Barton are aimed at him, then we can say that it is through these creatures that the fatal blow to William will be made. It’s natural for people: to love someone.

We can a conclusion on the basis of these two brief analyzes and all those that I wrote back in February. William is not a classic character of shounen, as in principle an anime character. He is a character of reality. He is real, he is not Stu, he is not a fake. It is interesting to observe him, it is interesting to criticize, read,  and it is very interesting to learn from him. Of course, those who limited themselves to anime adaptation did not understand this if will not to read the manga. In the anime, everything is truncated, no character has been uncovered as it was done in 29 chapters of the manga. William is attractive because, unlike the rest, he is a man. He is alive, inclined to make mistakes in judgments, afraid to demonstrate his weaknesses and show true feelings. William’s fears and goals are real. They do not have foolish fantasies, there is only egocentrism, which makes him a real MAN. This is not typical for the classic anime character. Anime is the surreal direction of modern art. First and foremost, William is a literary character (manga based on the novell), written off from real personalities. This is its attractiveness and peculiarity. He is not bad and not good. He’s just real.