side effects from antipsychotics

anonymous asked:

I think I do like the lemon mints. I also think both the lemon and raspberry mints will remain a strange flavour forever. With my glasses on it feels like all colors and lights are metaphorically screaming at me all the time. I hate not being able to see properly, but at least it makes me less likely to get a headache from the screaming. Same reason I'm wearing earplugs nearly 24/7 atm, all sounds are extremely loud and annoying. -M

Oh you struggle with sensory processing issues? That sucks. I used to struggle a lot with those as well but apparently an unexpected side effect from going on antipsychotics for me was my senses getting dulled to a degree where I’ve gone from extreme hypersensitivity to extreme hyposensitivity, meaning that 5 years ago I could be kept up all night by the light buzzing from my phone charger but nowadays I’ll barely register the sirens of an ambulance driving past me… sensory processing is weird.