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why are all cartoon chickens the same when
  • hens can have large wattles, ear lobes, and combs. some hens will harve larger ones than most roosters.
  • combs can stand straight and also flop to the side. a floppy comb does not necessarily mean an ill chicken.
  • there are dozens of different types of combs, but only one type of wattle. 
  • ear lobes can be red, paper white, or even blue.
  • certain chicken breeds have more than four toes.
  • cockerels have longer cape, hackle, sickle, and saddle feathers. the size of their tail is generally the same as a hen’s but sickle feathers give it the appearance of being longer and more extravagant.
  • the most typical chicken colouration is partridge. few bird species outside of production species are a solid white.
  • beak size, shape, and colour varies even within a species.
  • roosters and hens both have spurs. 
  • only gamefowl and true bantams have a slender build. most of the rest are fat and round.
  • some chickens have beards instead of wattles.
  • chicks have their own colourations, too. some are reddish, some have spots, not every single one is a solid pale yellow.
Royals (Loki Laufeyson x Reader)

So I was looking through my dashboard and i found this blog @imagine–loki and I saw one of their imagines (link below) and I fell in love with the Idea so for Valentine’s day I decided to do something nice.

  • Words:  1.607
  • Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Reader
  • Warnings: Pure fluff
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, Inspiration

From a very young age you were introduced by your mother to the world of being one of the queen’s maidens; your mother was one and she and your father raised you to become one too. You were one of the queen Frigga’s favorite girl and she always kept you very close to whatever need she had.
“(Y/N)?” She called. You walked quickly to her side, while she combed her hair in front of the boudoir “Should I wear flowers today?” She tried some dried flowers on her blond hair.
“My queen, but didn’t you wear flowers just yesterday? You politely asked.
"Indeed” She said with a sigh, still looking at her reflection on the mirror “Perhaps I shall wear them tomorrow” She left the flowers in the wooden table “Thank you (Y/N); kind and accurate as usual” She turned around to finally face you.
“Mother?” A male voice called from the door “Mother are you here?”
“Yes, darling” She welcomed the man.
You looked at the man and suddenly became all nervous. The man in question was Loki, Frigga’s son and subsequently, prince of Asgard. Since you were little you found him quite charming and perhaps it was because of his ability with tricks that he may have had play a trick on you, but something about him was so captivating that you couldn’t help to get all coy around him.
“M-my prince” You made a little reverence to him and he smiled at you “I will leave; my queen, I will be in my bedchamber if there’s anything else I can do for you” You smiled at the woman and you felt like she gave you a perceptively smile.
You walked through the palace trying to keep your mind off of Loki, but it was impossible; the gracefulness of his walk, the soft, yet deep voice he had, those emerald eyes in which you longed to get lost in, his slim figure that could be easily underestimated but-
“Lady (Y/N)” Thor’s voice called form very near to you. Actually, he was holding you from your arms as he looked at you with a preoccupied expression “Is everything alright?”
“Y-yes, my prince” You hurried to answer, trying to free yourself from his touch “I am deeply sorry; I was not looking at the way”
“I figured out a thing of the sort” He smiled “Is there anything that bothers you that I can be helpful with?”
“No, my prince” You slightly bowed your head “But I truly appreciate your concern”
“Were you heading to your dormitory?” You nodded nervously “May I walk with you? Do you remember when you and I used to give long walks?” He laughed.
The next days, you tried to keep as normal as you could whenever Loki was around Frigga; that wasn’t exactly the hard part, but her smiles and comments on how charming he was, and how much he needed a woman that was first approved by her. Also, the comments on you, not having a man to be your husband made you quite uncomfortable.
Queen Frigga usually left you alone passed lunch; she said it was completely fine for you to wander around one of the libraries in the palace. It was one of your favorite places to be; the quietness and smell of books was the only thing that could keep Loki away from your thoughts.
Unfortunately, you were not the only one getting lost in between the tall shelves. The God of Mischief was also there and he noticed your presence immediately; taking some steps closer to you, he reached out his hand to hold and kiss yours. Your cheeks became rosy and he smiled at your reaction.
His soft lips on your skin sent shivers down your spine and you trembled a little, thinking about how they would feel against yours instead. You felt your mouth slowly opening as his bright green eyes looked into yours. You hand was still in his and he caressed your palm making you smile at the tickling.
“Forgive me, my prince” You said bowing your head, not wanting to break the contact of your hands but reluctantly doing it anyway “I wasn’t aware that you were here”
“Oh, no” He said with that mischievous and playful grin you happened to like so very much “This is not a private place, you have as much right as I do of being here”
“No, lady (Y/N)” Your name sounded so different in his voice “Wait a second… is there a problem?”
“At all” You shook your head, but something in your expression must have had betrayed you as he gave you a concerned look, but decided not to ask further; for him, privacy was an essential thing in his life, and so he respected everyone’s.
“I don’t know if anyone has told you this but… You look certainly magnificent with that dress” He used another one of those playful smirks that had you head over heels.
“My prince…” You muttered, with your heart pounding fast inside your chest and your cheeks, red as they could be.
“And that blush on your cheeks give you such an innocent look. I don’t know how come no one has fallen to your feet” He said. You didn’t want anybody to do that; you wanted him to be as utterly in love with you as you were with him “I’m sure there will come the perfect man for you. I must leave now, lady (Y/N). As usual, it was a delight meeting you here” Now he bowed his head and kissed your hand again, sending jolts throughout your skin.
It was unbearable. He was unbearable.
You had to do something and it had to be done as hurriedly as it was possible, and the only person who could help you was Queen Frigga. Yes, you were finally going to confess your feelings about her son.
You asked some of the maidens where she could be and they said she was still in her bedroom. You knocked at the golden doors twice and presented yourself. Frigga welcomed you from her place at the boudoir and she was definitely not surprised to see you; it was like she patiently waited for you.
“Queen Frigga, may I have a word with you?” You asked, bowing your head in a respectful manner “It is important for me”
“Then it is important for me too” She stood up from her chair and walked to you “Do you want to have a walk through the gardens?”
“Only if it’s safe that we will be alone in there, my Queen” You replied nervously “For this is a very important matter”
You followed her to the balcony; and with a perfect view of the realm you started your speech.
“My queen, there is something that has been quite hard for me to bear in my chest. I have feelings for your son, Prince Loki. He is the man of my dreams not because he is a prince, but because I think I see more of him than any other woman will do. I know I am not the first option to marry, for I am nothing but a maiden, but my love for him has grown immeasurably throughout this years. I know you already know this because no one can fool you, and I never wanted to do such thing. It is evident by my face that I get very anxious whenever he is around”
While you looked at Frigga, she paid special attention to your words. No need to tell that she already knew it, but her heart felt warm at the kind words that came directly from yours. You were so absorbed only thinking about him that you didn’t notice that the object of your fascination was inside his mother’s bedchamber, listening to every word came out of your mouth.
“I know” Loki’s silky voice sounded from behind you two. Frigga smiled at you and sweetly caressed your shoulder as she left you and him alone “Lady (Y/N), I know”
“I’m sorry, my prince” You shakily said; bowing your head “I was speaking to your mother and you-”
“Stop” He said, walking closer to you and taking your hands in his “For a minute stop apologizing and just listen to my words” You nodded, trying hard not to apologize for the hundredth time “You are by far the most eye-catching woman I have ever met. You are not only gorgeous; your intelligence and kindness is beyond limits. It’s no wonder that a lot of men are in love with you; me among them” Your breath hitched as his body came closer; now your chests were almost pressed against the other “If you just give me the chance to prove that I’m the man you should be with, then I will make you the happiest woman in the entire vastness of the universe” His right hand left its place and roamed your arm all the way up to cup your face in it “Let me make you happy” You nodded nervously as you closed your eyes.
Hi landed his lips against yours; moving them sweetly, softly. He wasn’t untruthful about his words, and his hand that rested on your waist made enough of a proof for you. As the gentleman he was; he courted you only with the permission of yours and his parents. He loved you and to you, that was more than enough to live a happy life together. There was no need to fall in love in the process as you two were profoundly in love with the other.

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Some of the other demons start teasing Sock about his obvious crush on Jonathan, even going so far as to show up in the human world just to irritate Sock while he's around Jonathan. Jonathan can only see Sock; the others are invisible to him, he can only see Sock getting red-faced and yelling at no-one to shut up or leave him alone. Jonathan isn't sure what to do, and finds himself wanting to comfort Sock. (bonus points for a fatherly Mephi breaking things up)


every german guy over 30 wears all black like black dress shirts with the buttons buttoned all the way up and they have their hair parted to the side all neatly combed and they wear glasses no joke

When the Zodiac Signs Feel Threatened:

When Aries feels threatened you can see their competitive and combative side just explode. 

When Taurus feels threatened they act like an animal trapped in a cage. They do whatever needs to be done to remove the “threat”.

When Gemini feels threatened they try to talk their way out of a situation or might even try to intimidate another person verbally.

Cancer is the master at defending so when they feel threatened watch all their walls go up. 

When Leo feels threatened they try to push that threat out of the group, limelight, whatever.

When Virgo feels threatened they try to figure out what they’re feeling first and then use communication as their weapon. 

When Libra feels threatened they flee and try to find a way out of the situation or to avoid the individual.

When Scorpio feels threatened you can feel their disdain towards you or they find a way to manipulate the situation and quickly. 

When Sagittarius feels threatened they tend to want to escape but they also have an ability to push back! 

When Capricorn feels threatened they close off, become detached, and calculates how to get rid of the “threat”. 

When Aquarius feels threatened they get defensive, critical, and harsh. 

When Pisces feels threatened their insecurities show and they become mean and cold. 

Movies that don’t exist but should: When a zombie outbreak threatens Hollywood, the world turns to…Bruce Campbell. Horror B-movie actors (all playing exaggerated versions of themselves) are forced to band together against the threat and keep it from spreading outside Southern California. Like Galaxy Quest, but with more zombies.

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Hi there! I really love the way you write! If you are not too busy, could I get a scenario where s/o is blow-drying and combing their hair while Shiro! and Kuro!Kaneki, Tsukiyama is watching; s/o notices it and asks him if he wants to comb it?

thank you for the kind compliment! ; w ;

shiro!Kaneki: Kaneki smiles and teases his partner for a bit when they ask: “No, I was just confused as to why somebody would make things complicated and try to blow-dry and comb at the same time,” but he walks over regardless. He suggests that his partner try towel-drying their hair first to make the blow drying process quicker, but he does help them work out the knots that they couldn’t reach.

Kaneki: He jumps a little, flustered at being caught staring, but Kaneki interprets his partner’s question as a subtle request for him to help them, so he carefully takes a seat by their side. He grabs a comb from the bedside table and helps his partner comb through the strands of damp hair, holding it out for them to blow hot air over to dry, and they continue the process together, idly enjoying each other’s company.

Tsukiyama: He beams widely at his partner and moves to sit gracefully by their side, gently taking the hairdryer from their hands and retrieves the comb, carefully re-adjusting the power level as he slowly works through the hair on the back of his partner’s head. “You have such beautiful hear, my dearest. I’ll take extra care to make sure there are no tangles in it,” Tsukiyama hums as he works, making his partner chuckle fondly as he does.


So, I suck at hair references. This is basically my hair right now. It’s a grown out no.2 razor low fade along the back and sides, blended with comb over scissor, and the top is just layered but comes down to my nose when combed straight down. The right side fade is brought up a little farther than the left, but all the same.

Liam Payne & David Backham Hairstyles Part 1/3

1) Faux Mohawk + 3 days beard

2) One strand of hair + soft, long voluminous hair with a strong designer beard

3) Spiky blowed quiff and very short shaved hair + light 3 days beard 

4) Wet side swept hair with a rough beard

5) side combed hair with strong side parting and a clean designer beard

6) shaved buzz cut + stronger grown beard 

So this is part 1 of their hairstyles. 

I’ve also tried to look at other similarities like clothes and the direction the look at to make it as similar as possible. 

God… I read something on here about an hour ago and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Imagine Ianite sitting on her throne in Ianarea, with Prince Andor on one side and Jordan on the other, both kneeling on either side while she combs her fingers through their hair and whispers praises to them and slowly imbuing them with her powers…

Damn I may have made my life hell with this image.

Devil’s Night

Halloween-themed one shot in the Between Heaven & Hell ‘verse. Demon Killian and Angel Emma - and I am down to the wire with posting this so excuse the lack of summary.

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                                               Devil’s Night

Killian looked at his reflection in the full length mirror, head tilted slightly to the side as he took in the whole effect. He looked different, more different than he expected, but then that was the whole point of Halloween, wasn’t it? Don a costume, hide your true self behind a mask and be something new. A hero perhaps, or a villain, indulge in a secret, unspoken desire or face your deepest fears, it was a rare time when the normal rules of behaviour didn’t apply and anyone could be anything they wanted for this one night.

A sinner could even be a saint. Or pretend to be one, at least.

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