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The Last Shot

A Smuggler Ben Solo/Dark Side Rey arranged marriage fic for @the-reylo-void. Happy birthday, Bri. I love you so much. <3 Many thanks to @lariren-shadow for her support, betaing, and a brilliant line about a bounty!

Read it on AO3 here.

Chapter One: The Treaty

“You want me to marry the son of a lousy smuggler and one of our greatest enemies?”

Her voice grew louder, higher pitched in its intensity, with each syllable.

“He is a powerful Force user, the grandson of Vader, my lady, his profession and that of his father be damned. And the Resistance scum will not sign the treaty until we offer something of value.”

“If we must offer something of value,” the Master of the Knights of Ren spat, “then why are you not proposing marriage for yourself?”

She could sense the redheaded General’s irritation, and the effort he was expending to not let it show on his face.

“Because the Supreme Leader wants more of your kind. Ones with the propensity to come to our side,” he curtly replied. Lady Rey knew that General Hux did not think much of the Force, but he obeyed the Supreme Leader without question. The First Order was his life.

The Knights of Ren were hers.

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Friends in Dark Places [Ch. 4]

Characters: Virgil Sanders, Patton Sanders, Roman Sanders, Logan Sanders, Sander Sides (technically Virgil Thomas, Patton Shea, Roman Patrick, and Logan Christiansen)

Pairing: platonic moxiety (could be read as romantic but it is not explicitly that), platonic prinxiety (could, again, be read as romantic, but it wasn’t written that way; totally up to your views)

Word Count:  2677

Warnings: self harm mentions, depression mentions, panic attacks, suicide mentions and attempts, blood mentions, hospitals, and needle mentions

Story Summary: (Humans!AU) After struggling with suicidal ideation and loneliness for years, a teen decides it’s time for it all to end… that is, until someone tries to save him.

A/N: you guys some pretty fluffy and sweet things happen in this chapter and it’s just. yes. I love it. like, 11/10 fluff. reblogs and comments are greatly appreciated!

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Teaser  - Chapter 1  - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

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I stopped shaving my legs every other day
I stopped only eating citras and drinking a gallon of water a day
I started smoking weed with my friends
I stopped bringing my phone with me to Temple, to coffee houses, to record stores, to concerts
I stopped ignoring my family and started baking cookies and pancakes with bananas and nuts and apples
I’ve made 32 pancakes since Friday,
I’ve burnt 13 but I’m getting there
I won’t let you burn me anymore I’m so fucking sick of flames
Turns out I don’t get off on pain
I don’t get off on being treated like a toy
I do not enjoy having a collection of sticky notes covered in conversation topics because you never held up your end
It’s true that one person always loves more but the other side needs to give something
You knew this would happen I have to go for my own self respect
I should’ve known when you stopped sending good morning texts
Or when your texts didn’t come at all until
late at night
When your words were always about sex
Maybe I should have turned my phone off or blocked your number when you told me about the first girl
Or the second or the third
But I thought you were worth it that I’d never find a better guy
You always listened you respected my boundaries
It’s probably easy when you have six other girls who will give you what I protect
I’m not picking up this time
I’m not checking your timeline I’m not listening to your music
I’m not dying my hair your favorite color or getting a tattoo
You don’t deserve my kind of love
Not from me,
You deserve a quiet love that won’t take up too much time
You killed me over and over again
You wasted and
disrespected me without even noticing
My heart has been replaced with beetles and old peach pits but soon
You won’t live there anymore to poison my wood
Flowers will bloom in my brain once again
Watered by my own love and confidence
Planted by me for me
You will never see them
Lilacs and roses were my favorite before you
Fuck your daisies you’re the one who cut them down
—  I Always Grow Back



so this user comes into my messages and says this shit. Which 1. I don’t believe a word of and 2. If I tell you I don’t care about your opinion Leave Me The Fuck Alone.

But then.

She rolls into @pantton-sandacers messages too (last photo). And an Anonymous third party’s messages too. Which means she’s going around harassing accounts. Thankfully, I had already talked with @pantton-sandacers and she and the third party were aware of this user.

So if she messages you. Block her. It’s not worth dealing with her. Seriously. Be aware please.

I don’t want anyone else to have to deal with this


While you were falling in love with her, I was trying so hard to not let my feelings for you became even deeper.
—  Because we were friends and friends should not have feelings for each other. // Excerpt from the book I’ll never write #54
  • Friend: Guess what? I stumbled upon this new musical. It’s really good and I think you’d like it!
  • Me: Oh?
  • The Responsible Side of Me: Oh, NO. Stop it. STOP IT. I know what you’re thinking. DON’T. You’ve got too many obsessions with musicals. Your relationship with Broadway is not healthy. NOT HEALTHY! Wait, what are you— You can’t— NO—
  • Me: So what’s it called?