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It’s a relationship between a mother and daughter and it is about their dreams and interactions. It doesn’t matter what section of society you are from, you can dream big and move upwards. Gender discrimination is still rampant in our country and daughters are still not given the same rights as boys or encouraged to study. This is a simple story about breaking those societal norms, and moving forward. It’s also about a conflict of ideology. Today’s generation does not want to listen to their parents and the parents don’t want to listen to their children. Parents are rooting in a certain direction while the children feel they need to do something else. This is a film not for women alone; it’s for everyone to see. I want men to cry when they watch my film. Because this is not just about a mother-daughter relationship, it’s a parent and child story -Director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari on her debut feature Nil Battey Sannata (Good For Nothing), about a single mother who enrolls in the same school as her daughter to improve her academic performance