Sid Phillips - Toy Story 3

I don’t think anyone knew who I was. I tried pretty hard to get it as accurate as I could, which was pointless since no one had much to compare me to. I enjoyed having a beard a bit too much, I left it on as long as I could and was quite sad to see it go at the end of the day. I used spirit gum and some wig hair. It worked really well. I still wear the T-shirt sometimes.

spaced-out-aced-out  asked:

My fav thing about Mars is how she genuinely loves all of the stuff fans make for her and how she appreciates the fandom as a whole <3. also how she complimented my Sid cosplay that was pretty fucken rad p sure my heart skipped a beat lmao

These are all so cute thanks guys


every morning my room is flooded with this heavenly light (part of the reason i wake up at 5-6 every goddamn morning)  but yeah thats why these exist. 

also i have a gratuitous amount of sea creatures.

one of my costumes that gets the least amount of wear-time. a reel shame actually.