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another way the Pen Pal AU reveal could’ve gone is if Sidney drops the letter at the locker room before he goes to the parking lot, and Geno picks it up, reads it, then corners Sid after chasing him down.

Jake sees the whole thing. He’s about to go to Sidney, asking, “Hey, can I get a ride h–” when he sees Sidney in tears in the empty hallway, one hand covering his mouth, and an equally stunned Geno, who draws Sidney in and buries his face in Sidney’s hair.

“Zhenya,” Sidney sobs quietly, his voice muffled against Geno’s shoulder. “Zhenya. I kept all your letters. I did. They’re all at home, I tried to write, I tried–”

“Shh, shh,” Geno is saying, but he’s getting choked up, too. “I keep, too. I’m tell myself, will find this Sidney, find him someday. Tell him how I feel, then maybe–”

“I love you. That’s my answer.  I know it’s been years. You probably don’t feel the same anymore, but you–Geno, you gave me hockey back. I would’ve stopped if you didn’t–” Sidney says. Geno looks taken aback, then he kisses Sidney’s eyelid like he can’t quite breathe right. Sidney sniffles, then lets Geno kiss him for real, his arms automatically wrapping around Geno’s neck, fingers tangling in Geno’s hair. 

“I love you,” Geno repeats, wiping Sidney’s tears off his cheek with his thumb. “Love you, love you–”   

Jake backs away, and the next morning, when he sees Sidney and Geno, looking much happier and sitting closer than usual to each other while they eat identical sandwiches that they must’ve packed.

Jake: So uh. What’s up with The Notebook thing last night? In the hallway.

Sidney and Geno look up in surprise, but Olli cuts in that moment with a ‘lol dude you watched the notebook?? Wait, I didn’t mean it in a shitty way I watched it too. I cried on the toilet. Twice. How many times did you cry?”

Suitors’ Back to School “Horror Stories”


Back to school time… -.-‘

It’s August now, which means that summer is nearly over and school is just around the corner (For those of us who are still in school, that is.). In honor or maybe distress of the “Back to School Season,” here are some scenarios of the MidCin suitors’ disastrous first days! I just wrote these situations for laughs: I genuinely hope that everyone doesn’t just have a good/decent/disaster-proof first day of school, but that you all have a great school year! <3

Now, let’s go to school with the suitors! 😊

*Warnings/Notes: modern day high school/college/uni AU; overly ridiculous and EXTRA situations; some cursing; high-key Lid shipping


  • He was running late, so he grabbed the nearest shirt he could find and headed out the door as soon as he got changed.
  • Unfortunately, the shirt Alyn chose got shrunk in the wash, so now he has to walk around school in a VERY tight shirt.
  • Halfway through the day, he gets so uncomfortable that he takes his shirt off for the rest of the day. Taking pity on his brother, Leo offers Alyn his favorite sweater a.k.a. the one with the broken zipper.
  • Alyn is humiliated that he has to walk through the halls and endure his classes basically half-naked for the rest of the day (however, the other students and staff members don’t seem to mind at all, huehuehue~.).


  • He never should have trained Sebastian to be his alarm clock: the darn parrot kept on squawking “TIME FOR SCHOOL, DAMMIT, TIME FOR SCHOOL” throughout the entire morning EVEN AFTER LEO WOKE UP.
  • Eager to leave the house in order to get away from that loud parrot, Leo dashed out the door with his school books and bags – breakfast could wait ‘till later.
  • After that whirlwind of a morning, he finally gets to school. He meets up with some friends, makes an extra copy of his schedule at the library (even though he’s already memorized his classes by heart), grabs a quick bite to eat at the cafeteria, and then heads to his first class.
  • Everything was going smoothly until everyone heard a THUD at the window. Being the closest to that window, Leo nearly fell off his seat from the initial shock. Once he calmed down a bit, he opened the window and peeked outside: a red feather sat on the edge of the windowsill.
  • Suddenly, Sebastian flies through the window and into the classroom, knocking over school supplies and screaming “TIME FOR SCHOOL, DAMMIT, TIME FOR SCHOOL.
  • Before the bird could cause any more chaos, Leo grabs Sebastian and heads out of the classroom. Once he’s outside of the school building, he tells the bird, “GO HOME.” Thankfully, Sebastian listens, and he flies away while squawking “TIME FOR SCHOOL, DAMMIT.


  • He had everything prepared for the day except for his schedule. He searched his entire house for it with no luck.
  • Suddenly, he hears the sound of paper getting shred coming from his bedroom. As he walks into the room, he sees his cat, Michel-freaking-angelo, destroying the schedule.
  • Ohhhh, that demonic cat is DEFINITELY not getting any treats tonight.
  • Since Giles’s printer ran out of ink, he decides to print his schedule at school.
  • Once he arrives at the campus and drops off Sid near the entrance (*See under “Sid” for that story.), he runs to the library, prints his schedule, and sprints out the door with the piece of paper in his hands.
  • It seemed like a good enough day for Giles, considering that Leo was his classmate for all his classes.
  • It wasn’t until the end of the day that Giles realizes that he grabbed a copy of Leo’s schedule, which Leo had failed to pick up before his first class. Whoops.
  • So much for “perfect attendance”… xD


  • He snoozed his alarm clock for a few minutes b/c he needed a little… more… sleep…
  • And then he realizes that his first class starts in half an hour. AND IT TAKES HIM APPROXIMATELY AN HOUR TO DO HIS HAIR.
  • He resolves to just deal with his bed head later and super-condenses his daily routine (minus the hair care) from and hour and thirty minutes to about ten minutes. Once he’s ready, he grabs his school bag, shoves a piece of toast into his mouth, and heads out the door.
  • He’s almost at the school building with ten minutes to spare before his first class. He turns a corner when suddenly WHAM: he and another student collide against one another, Louis falling on top of the latter YES, I JUST USED LOUIS HOWARD IN AN ANIME TROPE. DON’T JUDGE ME. xD.
  • Louis is about to apologize to the person when he realizes whose arms he just fell into…
  • “SID, WHAT THE FU-?!?!”
  • “JESUS CHRIST, HOWARD. Look, man: I like you, but even this is a little too much for me.”
  • Thanks to his little encounter with Sid (*And a little something else~. See under “Sid” for that story.), pictures were taken and people gossiped about their “romance,” causing Louis to cringe and Sid to merely smirk and tease the former whenever the rumor was mentioned.


  • He had driven a few blocks away from his house when his motorbike decided to act up and lose gas. Even worse: the bike stopped in front of his ex’s house – a.k.a. the a**hat that nobody likes - and Sid and his ex were NOT on good terms.
  • Instead of leaving his bike to the mercy of his merciless ex, Sid walked it to Giles’s house, which was further away from the school. Luckily, Giles was nice enough to offer Sid a ride to school.
  • Once they got to campus, Giles dropped off Sid near the entrance while the former looked for a parking spot. Sid turned a corner when WHAM: Louis was suddenly on top of him (*See under “Louis” for that story.).
  • Later that day, Sid’s ex confronts him in the cafeteria during lunchtime, screaming about how he “left me for Louis,” causing everyone to stop and stare at them. Sid was frozen at first, embarrassed by the sudden public humiliation even though what his ex said wasn’t entirely true.
  • Not wanting his ex to have the last laugh, Sid says, “At least I left for someone better.” Then, he grabs an unsuspecting Louis by the waist and pulls him in close, their faces inches away from each other. He whispers something into Louis’s ear, and the former nods.
  • Suddenly, the two of them are kissing in front of everyone, which earns them some “Ooohs” & “Aaahs,” and a ton of pictures. Once their mini make-out session is over, the enraged ex storms away as the crowd applauds Sid and Louis.
  • As the couple walks away, Sid whispers to Louis: “Thanks for playing along, Howard.” Louis angrily whispers back, “You owe me big-time, a**hole.”
  • “Aww, we’re already giving each other nicknames~.” “Shut the f*ck up and go to class already.”


  • He was carrying most of his textbooks in his arms since he didn’t have enough room in his backpack. He had a few minutes to spare before his first class, so he hurried to his locker to drop off his books.
  • He’s almost reached his locker when BAM: he’s smacked in the face with another person’s locker. This causes him to almost drop his books.
  • “Owww. Watch it, will you-?”
  • “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!”
  • Albert stops, his mouth agape: he just got smacked by his crush!
  • He literally doesn’t know how to react as his crush is worrying over him. Albert finally snaps out of his trance as his crush remarks, “Oh shoot, I think I just broke your glasses.”
  • The glasses’ bridge was broken, leaving half of Albert’s frames dangling towards the floor. Luckily, his crush offered him a piece of tape to keep the glasses together.
  • Although Albert is happy that he (quite literally) bumped into his crush (or, in this case, their locker), he now has to wear his glasses as if he’s Harry Potter from the first movie (Pre-“Oculus Reparo!” a.k.a. Before Hermione fixes Harry’s glasses.).


  • This morning was hell for poor Nico: he overslept, nearly put shampoo on his toothbrush, put his shirt on backwards, and almost forgot his backpack. 
  • Despite that, he somehow managed to catch the bus and get to all his classes on time. However, his bad luck didn’t end just then.
  • In the middle of the day, he was almost late for one of his classes, so he grabbed his stuff and made a beeline for the other classroom. He got to class on time; however, when he opened his bag, he didn’t find his school supplies.
  • Turns out that Nico and Albert both have similar looking backpacks.
  • Nico also happens to find Albert’s personal journal ohoho~.
  • Nico returns home while reading Al’s journal lolol at the end of the day only to be greeted by Albert’s harsh voice:
  • “Why, you brat! I can’t believe we bought the same backpack!”
  • And now an angry Albert is chasing Nico around the house because he doesn’t want Nico reading what he wrote about his crush. Oh boy…


  • He was helping his art teacher set up the room for the next class since Robert got to the room early. 
  • As Robert finished distributing the art supplies to everyone’s stations, people began to file into the classroom. Once class began, Robert took a seat along with everyone else.
  • Suddenly, one of his classmates gasped. “Robert, are you bleeding?!” Surprised, Robert looked down at his white shirt: there were streaks of red forming on the left side of his chest.
  • The room immediately erupted into panicked chaos: people were running around the classroom looking for towels and first aid kits; some students stepped into the hallway to get better phone reception for calling 9-1-1 and the school’s nurses; and a select few actually fainted at the sight of the “blood.”
  • Telling everyone to calm down, Robert reached into his left shirt pocket. Turns out that his pet hedgehog Amber somehow got some red paint stuck on her body and had managed to stealthily climb up Robert’s shirt and into his pocket.
  • Although Robert was thankful that everyone was looking out for him, he was honestly so embarrassed that he made all his classmates worry for no reason.


  • The clothes he had planned to wear for the day somehow got lost in either Nico or Albert’s closet, and the boys forgot to organize their clothes over the weekend, so Byron had to compromise.
  • The only things left for him to wear were a formal suit and tie and a snowy owl onesie.
  • He had to save his suit for an event at the end of the week, so he went with the owl onesie.
  • He honestly didn’t mind wearing it until he realized that everyone was staring at him. People even asked to take pictures with him.
  • Despite Byron’s calm composure, his cheeks were red for the entire day due to the embarrassing unwanted attention he was getting.
  • The truth is that everyone was staring at Byron because he somehow managed to make a silly and fluffy onesie look rather stylish. A bunch of students even wore onesies at the end of the school week to commemorate Byron’s first day of school outfit (What a trendsetter~.).


  • Being the new kid on the block, he decided to explore the neighborhood with Luke before his classes started. Once Rayvis got back home, he changed his clothes, grabbed some food, and gathered his school supplies before walking to school.
  • Upon entering the campus, everyone stopped and stared at Rayvis. He frowned at them all. Is this how they greet newbies here? he thought to himself.
  • He suddenly noticed an underclassman getting cornered by a gang of upperclassman jocks. Rayvis was about to approach the group when he heard something growling beside him: it turns out that he accidentally brought Luke along with him for the walk to school.
  • With a mighty howl, Luke dashed towards the group and jumped in front of the bullies, blocking them from the innocent underclassman.
  • Rayvis arrived at the scene just in time to hear one of the bullies say, “Just get rid of the stupid dog.” Rayvis narrowed his eyes at the bully and coolly replied: “He’s actually a wolf. Now, I suggest that you all leave before he does more than just growl at you.” With that, the bullies ran away.
  • He extended a hand to the underclassman. “You’re safe now. Let me help you up.” Instead of accepting Rayvis’s hand, the underclassman began coughing and sneezing rather violently. Pointing at Luke, they managed to say a few words: “Dog… Allergies… Nurse…”
  • Leaving Luke to wait for him outside, Rayvis rushed the underclassman to one of the campus’s infirmaries. He stayed with the student, feeling that he owed them an apology for almost killing them with an allergy trigger. 
  • In the end, the student told Rayvis not to worry about their allergies and thanked him and Luke for saving them!
Sidney Crosby - sassy pants

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Sassy beach day with Sidney Crosby please <3

“Scout, can you help daddy?” Sid asked your daughter.

Your little family was having a relaxing beach day before Sidney had to start the new season. You knew Sidney was very adamant when it came to hockey, but you knew he needed a relaxing day before his crazy hockey schedule took off.

“Buttt daddy, I just got my nail done.” She said sassy with a hand on her hip and her pink sunglasses halfway on her nose.

Sid just smiled as he pulled out the beach towels and handed them to Scout. She huffed but took the towels from him. You tucked two under each arm making her small body look big. You grabbed the beach bag, along with the pool noodles. Once everything was out of the back, you three made your way over to the beach.

“How’s this spot?” You asked.

“Prefect.” Sid said as he laid down the big blanket.

Scout dropped the towels on the ground before folding her arms. She watched Sid fix the corners of the blanket, before pulling her beach dress off and place it next to the towels.

“Can, we go in the water now?” She huffed.

“In a moment, Miss sassy pants.” Sid said with a chuckle.

Once everything was in place, you, Sid, and Scout made your way down to the water. You stopped to look at the different shells, as Sid and Scout went out in the middle. Scout was in Sid’s arms as you finally made your way out towards them. Scout smiled as she splashed water towards you.

“I see how this day’s going to go.” You giggled as you grabbed Scout from Sid’s arms and pulled her under the water with you, than up. Making Scout giggle like a madman.

“AGAIN!” She yelled happily with clapped hands.

You and Sid laughed as you went back under and back up like before, only to get another “again!” from your daughter. You kept at it for a while, until you saw that Sid hasn’t gotten his head wet. You gave an evil grin as you spoke in your daughter’s ear.

“Yes!” She giggled as you moved closer to Sid.

“NOW!” You yelled.

Scout pushed her hands in the water and pushed just enough water up so it got Sid’s hair wet.You and Scout started laughing as Sid whipped the water from his eyes.

“Now, my hair’s wet.” He sassed back like Scout did earlier. You couldn’t help but laugh harder as you looked at Sid’s face.

“Okay, Miss Sassy Pants.” You laughed at Sid. “At least I know where our daughter get’s it from.”

“I am not sassy!” Both of them yelled at the same time.


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Shoulder kiss would be so cute!!

7. Shoulder Kiss 

Takes place in the Sugar Shack ‘verse 

Sid wakes up to a blaring alarm and an empty bed.

He grumbles into his pillow as he turns the alarm off then throws his arm over the indentation that Geno’s body has made in the mattress.

They’ve only been sharing a bed for a little over a month but Sid loves how everything is already beginning to mold and shape around him. 

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When the boys weasel the truth out of Geno about how he made Sid cry, they chirp him, but they also are intensely horrified that a gifted cupcake could make one of the arena employees cry!! Like holy shit that cannot be happening in their rink. Sid suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of earnest smiles from all the rookies which is bewildering. Flower and Duper corner Sid to let him know that if Geno hurts him in any way they'll make sure he takes a puck to the nuts

[PART 1] 

Yes!! All of this!!! The Pens taking care of Sidney!! AAAA!! And Flower starts to spend more time with Sidney until this conversation happens:

“You should come out to family skate, I know Geno invited you,” Flower says. “I’ve seen you practice by yourself–you’re good. Tanger would love to have you on his team if we–”

“No,” Sidney says quickly. “No, I mean, yes, I’ll come to family skate, but um. I’m not comfortable…playing with other people. I’m sorry.” Flower watches Sidney’s face turn impossibly red. “It’s really weird, I’m sorry.”

“No, no,” Flower says hurriedly. “It’s fine. We’re not gonna make you do something you don’t want.” He hums. “Mind if I ask why?”

Sidney hesitates. “I was, um, I got bullied a lot when I played. Like, by the players and their parents. When I was little. A guy broke my leg in pee-wee, when I was going to a face-off. I had to quit, before it got worse.” Sidney shrugs, but he looked like he was a million miles away. “I’m okay if I practice by myself, and maybe with just Geno, if he doesn’t…doesn’t come too close. Or shout at me. Just. No games. Sorry.” Sidney says again, “It’s really weird. I know.”

“Shit, no, Sidney, fuck,” Flower says. “Holy shit, that’s terrible.”

Sidney shrugs again.

“Does Geno know?” 

“I never told him the details,” Sidney says. “He knows I have these…quirks. And that I quit hockey when I was young. He’s already so accommodating with me. I don’t–I don’t want to be–” Sidney looks around quickly, like he’s scanning for his boyfriend. “I don’t want him to know. He might–” he cuts off, rubbing his hands together anxiously. “Could you not tell him? Please?”

“Of course,” Flower says, his heart heavy. “It’s not my place to say.”

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Sid/Geno + picnic in the park

“Hey, G,” Sid is saying, as he lays his chin on Geno’s chest and holds a piece of strawberry cheesecake against Geno’s lips. “Open.”

Geno does without even questioning it. He knows this is a dream, partly because Sid never shares his cheesecake, and also because he is not dating Sidney in real life, which is a pity. The other big indicator that this is a dream world is that Geno was absolutely sure that he’d dozed off on the plane just a few minutes ago, but now he’s in some nondescript field on a picnic blanket, complete with a basket full of champagne and food. 

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Photography au (anon submission)

Initially, Sid doesn’t feel cornered.

“Sidney,” Mario says, patting the couch next to him. “Come talk to me for a minute.“ 

"Hey, dad.” Sid says, resting his knees under him and leaving against the arm of the couch. 

“How was school?” Mario asks, turning the television off and resting the remote on the coffee table. 

Sid perks up. “Great, actually! Mrs. Faulker really liked the water shots I got- remember, from when we went down to Lake Ontario?" 

Mario nods, leaning back. "The ones you had to get on the roof of the cabin for.”

“Yeah,” Sid says, laughing. “But she said she thinks that the panel would really like to see them. Oh, and I got my calculus test back,” he adds, leaning over to start rifling through his backpack. Mario stops him, a hand on his his forearm.

“Shoe it to your mom and I at dinner tonight, you know she was wondering about that. For now though,” he releases Sid’s are and settles back into the couch. “I want to talk to you about Geno.”


“Do you know how old he is?” Mario asks. 

Sid glances up from where his eyes have been steadily trained on his knees. “Yeah. He turns 17 in July," 

Mario makes a noncommittal noise. "And when does he plan to go back to Russia?" 

"He doesn’t? At least, I don’t think,” Sid’s eyebrows knit together. “He’s got another year of playing here, and he says he wants to stay over the summer because his billet family is okay. Um, he wanted us to-” he cuts off, blushing bright red. 

Mario raises an eyebrow, but doesn’t say anything. “Sid. I want you to think about what you want to do with him. You’re 15 years old, son, and you need to remember he’s a hockey player. Not only that, but he’s a good hockey player. And next year, bar something awful, he’s going to get drafted. And, Sidney,” Mario puts his hand on Sid’s shoulder, “Unless he gets drafted by the Leafs, you two won’t ever see each other.”

Sid squeezes his hands together, willing years not to come to eyes. “Dad. I know you mean well, and I know you’re worried about me, but I really like Geno, and I trust him. We’ve talked about still being together when he’s drafted, and me living with him. Not immediately,” Sid hastily adds when Mario’s mouth opens, “But after a couple years, when he’s adjusted to the league and I can go to a college where he is. I need this, dad." 

Mario sighs, winding his arm around Sid. "I’m just worried about you, son. I don’t want you to get hurt." 

"I won’t,” Sid mumbles, leaning into his dad’s side. “Thanks for looking out for me.”


“Geno?” Sid says when he gets into the passenger side of his car the next morning. “I need to talk to you.”

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Consort Sid being all vulnerable, baring his neck so Geno can leave a trail of hickeys and letting Geno fuck him whenever they have the time. Some councilor tries to corner Sid and discovers Sid is the opposite of vulnerable. His soft spots are a carefully maintained illusion. Geno looks like a barbarian, leaving his marks on Sid's beautiful skin, but Sid doesn't mind. Just because they can't see the marks under Geno's armor, doesn't mean Sid hasn't made them.

my favorite thing about consort sidney is that he looks all soft and pliable but if he feels threatened, he will probably break your arm by just blinking at you