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Genesis--a Birthday fic for the lovely and talented RDH

Alright, this is for raining-down-hearts because today is her birthday and she wanted pre-canon SoMa, so pre-canon SoMa it is.  

Soul is a bit of a whiny fuck, but then, Soul is always a bit of a whiny fuck.  Fair warning.

Happy birthday, RDH!  This isn’t nearly good enough to honor your awesomeness, but I did what I could.  Precanon is a bitch to write, what can I say?

Special thanks to rebornfromash for reading through this mess and, as usual, making it suck less.

If their partnership was anything so far, and it was many things, confusing was at the top of the list.  

When he had first arrived at the DWMA, first shown up to a classroom full of new weapons and meisters on the first day, he was surprised to hear that they would need to find a partner, that they should start looking now by getting to know the people in the room. Soul had known, in a sort of distant way, that he would eventually have to find a meister, a person to wield him, but he’d figured they’d assign him someone down the road.  He certainly didn’t plan on having to mingle just yet, to be forced to look for someone to wield him so soon.

The very idea of someone holding him and swinging him around was odd and unpleasant.  Hell, he hadn’t even figured out how to take his full weapon form yet–how on earth did they expect him to be used by a meister?  

He wasn’t ready for this.  He had just gotten here, to this strange school in this to strange city, bought all new clothes to go with his new life, clothes his parents never would have approved of with their bold colors and casual style, was still living out of a suitcase in a hotel room.  How could he be expected to find someone so important so soon, someone he would be stuck with for the foreseeable future, a new someone to disappoint?  Here and now were not the time.  

Long used to occupying the edge of a crowd, to staying in the shadows unnoticed and unbothered, Soul drifted towards the edge of the room as others mingled, leaning into a space between windows, his posture slouched and his arms folded protectively over his chest in a move he hoped made him appear unapproachable.  

Most people seemed to get the message and stayed away–he was damned good at sending off the leave me alone vibe and most people caught on and ignored him.

Most people, everyone else, but not her.


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