sid garner

sid cros fan fic

u r at Starbucks nd u just got ur tea and u accidentally bump into someone and spill it all over them. “oh my gosh I’m so sorry!!!” u start panicking before looking up and u can’t believe what u see. u just spilled tea all over hockey player sdnee corsyb. “wow sorry I am a lil starstruck” u nervously say. “its ok” he respond, “I kno a way u can repay me for getting this stain on my fav Abercrombie shirt” wow u think. is sidny crosbe rly hitting on me? u say “oh…. how………..” u ask. shyly
“u can come over 2 my hotel and help me get the stain out. out of my fav Abercrombie shirt”
u think its a lil weird that a 27 yr old man is still wearing Abercrombie but u let it go for now bc it’s the best hockey player, sidane cros!!!
“oh ok, sure” u awkwardly say again.
u guys walk to his hotel room and when u get inside, he quickly pushes u against the wall. “but sid what about the stain?”
“it’s ok my fav Abercrombie shirt can wait there r more important things right now” u glance at the corner and see 9 pairs of yellow crocs and then u look to the bed nd u see kunitz and geno sitting there. u get embarrassed and say “omg I’m so sorry we didn’t kno anybody was here!!!!”
“I knew” Sid whispers
“no we want to Watch” Kunitz says
“hey cros u got a stain on ur fav abercrombie shirt” geno says
“hey do u guys wanna join” sid asks
“won’t that be a lil weird” u say, a little overwhelmed but ur willing to do anything, I mean, ur in a room w 3 v talented players!!! (except Kunitz)
“ya ok maybe u guys should go” Sid says
“she’s cute” geno says as him and Kunitz start leaving
“ya she’s alright. she’s no Jennifer garner tho” Sid says as he starts undoing his belt and u take off his fav abercrombie shirt and the 2 other talented hockey players (except Kunitz) leave
u start kneeling down so u can put his large and huge member in ur mouth
“I like when u do the licky lik on my ball”
Sid says
“ok u got it babe” u say as u lick his balls
“no. only the left 1”
u think he’s kinda weird but u go w it.
when ur done licking his left ball u put his large and huge member in ur mouth and u see that he’s crying??????
“o no am I doing something wrong??????????” u ask worried that u messed up since u never had such a lorg member in ur mouth
“no it’s not that. u just don’t need to do this u r so beautiful”
“o it’s ok Sid I want to”
he starts sobbing???????????
Kunitz and geno rush back inside when they hear Sid screaming and see he’s sad
“o no” geno says
Kunitz runs over to Sid to hug him and Sid cries into his shoulder. “o no did u do the licky lik in his left ball and then suck on his member?” he asks
“ya he wanted me to was I not supposed to????” u respond back
“no he is emotional when girls do that because there is only one perfect woman in the world who can do it right. and that woman is Jennifer garner” Kunitz responds
“o no Sid I’m sorry I didn’t know” u say
“maybe u should go this isn’t a good time” geno says
“oh ok bye I guess then” u say as u grab ur shirt that was under his camouflage shorts and wave goodbye to the 3 talented hockey players (except Kunitz)