sid and tanger

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I don't know if I've seen photos of Sid from Tanger's wedding...

ooohhh boy it’s your lucky day because it’s literally the best sid has ever looked in his life ok. like, good hair, good stubble, summer thickness, like, look at this: 

and don’t forget the holy grail of all sid pics:

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I think while the Pens are struggling, Sid realises more than ever how much he needs Geno. Prompt idea: Sid struggling to sleep in hotel rooms and on planes unless he's next to Geno. The team being goodboys and not chirping their sad needy captain.

“Can I sit here?”

Geno swings his attention from his phone to Sidney who is standing in the aisle with his carry on over his shoulder.

He looks as unsure as Geno has ever seen him with his eyes darting around the plane and shuffling from foot to foot as their teammates bump into him to get around.

Geno stares dumbly at him and Sid huffs out an impatient breath.

“Geno.” He rolls his eyes. “C’mon.”


“Can I sit here. If you don’t want me to it’s fine, I don’t really care I guess, just thought I’d ask but-.”

“Sid.” He pushes his stuff off the seat and onto the plane floor to make room for him. “Sit. It’s fine. Sit.”

Sid gently kicks at Geno’s bag until it’s under the seat then sits down and drives Geno up a wall when he doesn’t say anything else.

He settles in and pulls out a book and looks like he actually pays attention when the flight attendants tell them about the emergency exits, like he hasn’t heard it hundreds of times before.

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I have a prompt! How about Barista Sid and super flirty customer Geno with SWid writing something cute on his cup?

This one…kinda got away from me, and 1. Sorry this took so long, and 2. I kinda veered from the prompt? A lot? And I think I was kinda projecting a little about how I feel about flirty strangers?  But I hope you enjoy it regardless. 

“It’s Tuesday,” Flower says, with the kind of resignation the day always evokes. He doesn’t have to explain further, Sid knows what he means. Tuesday means the Russians are coming. Well, Sid is pretty sure the quiet blonde guy is Scandinavian, but mostly, the noisy group that takes up, bare minimum, three tables at 412 Coffee is Russian. Holding court among them most days is Alex, whom Sid privately just labels “Loud Motherfucker.” 

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Oh man :) ! Prompt 87 works so well for our guys. Sid needs a new seat mate on the plane now Flower is gone...

87. “I saved you a seat.” 

Sid only has one foot inside the plane when Geno starts calling his name and waving.

He’s sitting in Flower’s old seat. 

“Sid.” He waves frantically then pats the empty seat beside him, Sid’s seat. “Saved you a seat.”     

Everyone is watching him and Geno looks so excited. He would have to be heartless to ignore him.

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