sid & rachel



First we have Alejandro, a normie (without powers) child of Alice and Valdez. He’s the oldest of them all. (I DREW THEM ALL LIKE THE SAME AGE gdi but hreyehrgh it differs around months, a year between each child)

Jim, power of smoke, son of Katie and Sid. Then Marleen and Violet, both having the power of intangibility (passing through materials), daughters of Alice and Lucien.
Abhitha “Abby” was found and adopted by Tristan (and Emil), she has the power of 100% night vision.
Rachel, second child of Katie and Sid, has the power of invisibility.
Saorlaith, daughter of Alice and Valdez. She can adapt perfectly in water.
Joel is the youngest, adopted by Tristan (and Emil), and has the power of light manipulation/generation.

It differs 8 years between Alejandro and Joel.

OC’s also belongs to ladycadmium and luleo

anonymous asked:

How did Sid birth Rachel? Like.. who got him pregnant im the first place? He himself???

Rachel was concieved through artificial insemination. Sid has a uterus due to him being intersex, but no functional ovaries. So, as Liz so brilliantly put it:

So you could say that Sid kind of became a surrogate parent for himself and Katie.
(And as for the actual birth, he just shapeshifted a vagina and the whole thing went pretty smoothly.)

- M

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In the little comic a while ago, someone said that after Jamie was born, something went wrong and Katie couldn't have kids anymore, right? What happened?

(I’m assuming you meant Jim. Don’t worry, we get them mixed up too)

When Katie was in labour with Jim, he got stuck in the umbilical cord and was at risk of dying, so Alice had to perform a very rushed C-section. Thanks to this, Jim was born healthy, but it also lead to a nasty infection in Katie’s uterus. It worked out alright, but now Katie can’t carry a pregnancy to term anymore.

She and Sid really wanted a second child though, so they still tried a few times, but Katie just ended up miscarrying. Then they realized that Sid could carry the child instead of her, so that’s how they had Rachel.

- M

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What kind of parents are Sid and Katie? Are they laid back most of the time, or SUPER overprotective?

Katie has a tendency to be a pretty strict “do your homework”-kind of parent, though she tries not to be like that. Her worst fear as a mom is turning into her own parents (who were very controlling and manipulative), so she makes a conscious effort to be more laid back, and to think of what would actually make Jim and Rachel happy. Sid is a great support in this, as he can help remind her that the kids’ future won’t be ruined if they don’t do their homework the minute they get home, for example.

Sid tries not to be like his parents either, but for different reasons. He was very emotionally neglected as a child, and always felt inferior to his siblings, so he wants to be there for their kids and shower them with (equal amounts of) affection and attention. This also comes very naturally to him, so unlike Katie he has no problem with being laid back. Quite the opposite actually, as he instead struggles with setting boundaries and tends to spoil the kids if Katie isn’t there to say no.

While they are both very protective of their children, Katie is probably a bit more so. She’s often worried that the kids will hurt themselves while playing, and if she were to find out that either of their kids were bullied at school she would be furious. She’d immediately make angry calls to the principal and probably visit the bully’s parents at home and tell them to keep their kid away from her children or else-
(Meanwhile Sid would be sitting down with the kids and having a supportive talk with them, making sure they were alright and such.)

- M & F