Larry Stylinson Fanfiction Recommendations Part 5

Here’s yet another 12 more Larry fanfics I recommend you should all go and read:

1.) Louis Lucas by theteapirate on AO3

 (Pornstar AU)

2.) For Life And For Love by JamieJam93 on AO3 

(Stripper AU. Read tags for warnings)

3.) You’ve Been Lonely Too Long by amory on AO3 

(Ordinary!Louis/Famous!Harry. College AU. Eating Disorder)

4.) Run My Heart by sickshirt on AO3


5.) Working The Stage by stylesoftheshire on AO3 

(Stripper AU)

6.) So Keep My Candle Bright by whisperdlullaby on AO3 

(Includes homophobia. Religion AU)

7.) Say You’ll Remember by whisperdlullaby on AO3 

(College/University AU. Friends to Lovers. Minor character death)

8.) Haunted, The Moment I knew, Untouchable (Haunted Series) by standintherain16 on AO3 

(This fic series is incredible and I definitely recommend it but I must say first that it can be extremely triggering to some people. Includes: Cutting, Suicide, Bulimia, Anorexia, Drug Addiction and other things like this. However I must say that if you are able to handle reading that style of fic then please read this series because it definitely makes you feel things. Reality AU)

9.) Wordless by imnotmadeofeyes on AO3 

(Trigger warnings included. Please read them beforehand. High School AU) 

10.) Hiding From The Media by everythingsfineishiplarry on AO3 

(Famous!Harry/Non-Famous!Louis. Coming Out)

11.) One Way Or Another, I’m Gonna Getcha by igotfeels on AO3 


12.) Dangerous Temptations, Dangerous Temptations: Sequel by recbestficsever on AO3 


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Side Note: If you have any questions about these fics before you read them then ask away.