When he gets sick-Sam

Sam rarely gets sick you believe because it he eats healthy and works out like a mad man. But when he dose get sick he usually goes down hard.

“Sam do you have that info yet you been starting at that computer screen for the past two hours now and not a word” Dean comment made you look up from the book you were reading from trying to come up with some information on whatever you guys where hunting at the present moment. You look over at Sam he was slumped over the computer starting at but you didn’t think he was seeing anything. “I am trying Dean” he said. You frown he didn’t look so good. You shut your book and stood up from the table and walked over to him.“Sam” he looked up at you his gaze was sort of glaze over ..You felt his forehead he was hot.“ Sam your burning up your sick ” you said. He blinked at you “I am ok I can keep going” he said you shook your head “ no you can’t you need to rest ” “ come on ” you grab his hand and easily pulled him to his feet showing how sick really was .

       “ Dean you have to handle research on your own for while I will get him settled ” you said “ ok ” he replied. “ Sam didn’t say anything as you led him back to his room you pulled him inside and closed the door. You turn around to him sit down and I will get you something for the fever ” you said. He smiled sleepily “yes ma'am” he said and your heart skipped a beat “not the time to be thinking of your feelings here ” you told yourself. You walked into the bathroom and got a medicine and some water. You walked back into the room and have him the pills to take . “Now lay down and sleep” you told him setting the water and medicine on the table by the bed . He suddenly grab your hand “ stay with me ” he said . You froze “ please ” he said tugging at your hand. “ I am in so much trouble ” you were thought “ you nodded and kicked off your shoes “just till he falls asleep that won’t be long he looks ready to past out now. ” You told yourself you crawled next to him on the bed and he took you by complete surprises by turning to face you and wrapping his arms around you pulling you closer he sigh and closed his eyes “ this is nice ” he said softly. “Yeah it is” you agree softly laying your hand flat on his chest feeling his heart beat and finding it comforting. “ want to know something” he asked “ you need to go to sleep” you said. He grinned and opened his eyes looking at you all sleepily you almost groan and kisses him . But you kept yourselves in check “ I will …but do you want to know something ?"He asked again. Pulling you tighter ."What you asked. "I want to kiss you ” he said. You froze in his arms “he couldn’t mean this ” “Sam your sick your running a fever” you started to say but he stop you with a heated kiss. You couldn’t help but respond and you heard him groan. After a minute you pulled away “ now Will you rest ” you said. He smile eyes falling shut you watched him for a while listening as his breathing became heavier and slower and every once in a while you could hear the beginning of soft snoring. You sigh and knew that you should leave now he was sleeping peaceful but you couldn’t make yourself get out of his arms. As you laid there many question ran though your mind did he mean that kiss would he even remember it. should you bring it up? you these questions were driving you crazy but before you realize it you had fallen  asleep right where you were.

        You woke up and you were alone In his bed and you groan as you sat up . Trying to figure out what to do . Maybe you shouldn’t say anything maybe he didn't  feel the same  it was  the fever talking last night. You were  about to get about of bed when the bedroom door open and Sam walked in  your mouth dropped open he had  change at some point in some  PJ bottoms and a black t-shirt that did nothing to hid  his wide  shoulders and the well define muscle his arms. Was he trying to kill you ? you wonder.  he was carry a cup of coffee he still didn’t look up to a  100 %  but he did look better. ” I knew you would be waking up soon so I went and go your coffee “ he said handing you  the cup "Thanks ” you said as you took and watch as he flopped down on his stomach next to you on the bed “ are you feeling better” you asked  a little ..but still feel like crap" he said  turning his head to look at you  he grinned “ I found Dean passed out at the table  I guess researching was to much for him” he said and you laugh ..“yeah I promise I would come back but I guess I feel asleep.” you said. “ yeah thanks for staying.. I guess I get needy when I get sick ” he said as he rolled on his side facing  you . you smiled down at him. “ it ok  it was cute ” you said without thinking and  you felt your cheeks heat up you look down  into your coffee cup. “ cute huh?” he reached out and took the cup out of your hands and put it on the table and then turned back to you . you were starting at him wide eyed he scooted closer  to you and reached out and brush some hair out of  your face. “ is that all it was ?” he asked softly as he reached around and cup the back of your neck bringing your mouth only inches from his.  you could barely breath or think  you didn’t even know how your heart was still pumping and not exploded all over the place. he leaned forward barely gazing his lips against yours and you just about fell apart ..“Sam ” you managed to get out he smiled “What?” he asked “ kiss me again "  you said  he grinned and pulled you the rest of the way in.. this kiss was different  more forceful but gentle at the same time . he was in control and you knew it .He groan loud as he deepen the kiss and ran a hand though your hair giving it a tug so your head fell back and giving him all the access to leave hot wet rough kiss down your jaw and down your neck..  you closed you eyes  your whole boy trembling. Your  whole mind was  foggy with need and want but  you need to clear one thing.  you pulled away slight and you you heard him growl as you did  he looked up there was heat in his eyes .."I have to ask  this"  you said..” you kissed me last night ..did you mean that or this..? you asked him. He stared at you and before you could react  he had you back on your back  and was on top of you  kind of trapping your head with both of his arms so all you could do was look at him. “ I  wouldn’t kiss you if I didn’t mean it ” he said  “ I have wanted to kiss you for a while and have wanted to  a lot of thing to you for a while but now I am going to  allow myself to do that. ” he said leaning down and kissing you ending it with gentle biting your lower lip.“ is that ok  with you” he asked with a smirk telling you he wasn’t really asking and a thrill ran you though.. and you nodded …“ more than ok.