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Tuesday Mixtape.

Xavier Wulf - Let Me Tell You

J.K. The Reaper - CLOUDSHYT

Spark Master Tape - GASINMYLUNG

Trizz & Chuuwee - Honor Amongst Crooks

Schoolboy Q - The Purge / Rapfix Cypher (20syl Remix)

Chris Travis x Bones - Fallen Leaves

Eddy Baker - Shoe Box

Ugly Mane - Polo Right

Dretti Franks - Texas Phonk

Yung Simmie - Normal Niggas Make Me Sick

Denzel Curry - Stadium Starship

Hodgy Beats - DLX

anonymous asked:

Why was barca impossible do handle last year/season?

Okay, it’s hard to explain, so please take a seat, it’ll take some time.

  • Everything started with Messi’s endless injuries. He got his first serious injury against PSG and had play injured against Betis, PSG and Bayern but actually everything started in La Paz where he got sick (wtf is this stadium ffs ban it or somebody is gonna die one day) then played 90 mins for Barça in 2 days then injury happened.
  • Barça refused to sign a defender, instead they signed Neymar.
  • Neymar’s transfer became a huge problem thanks to Santos, Barça board and Neymar’s father. It gave us hard times.
  • We changed our coach.
  • New coach, Martino, has great records in Argentina and at international level but was not the best coach for Barça (even tho he was doing really good until March)
  • Barça, once again, refused to sign players Tata asked for.
  • Defensive problems started when Puyol got injured.
  • Messi or/and Neymar got injured every 2 games.
  • Our players were getting injured too much because board fired our fitness coach and half of the backroom staff.
  • They made Brau, Messi’s special fitness coach, first team fitness coach. Without a personal coach, Messi’s fitness got decreased.
  • Marca started another smearing campaign against Messi which affected Barça.
  • Rosell resigned (because he is a piece of shit).
  • But instead going for election, Barti aka Rosell’s puppet became president. So Rosell’s resignation meant nothing.
  • Trainings were insufficient with no serious backroom staff.
  • Board forced Victor out. They were almost doing same to Xavi.
  • Messi and Faus had a little fight.
  • Andrés also suffered by the board.
  • Tito died. 
  • Players’ happiness got decreased. It also affected their performances.
  • Fans booed Messi (which caused him to think he is not wanted at Barça anymore but when he visited Tito, he tried to chance Leo’s mind) and told him he runs less than Pinto (after Balague’s interview with Barça medicals, we learned that it was because his muscles and physical problems).
  • Fans stopped going to Camp Nou.
  • People said players were not even trying anymore. But the sad part is, they were. They were trying so hard but they were so frustrated and tired, they couldn’t do anything and it made everything worse. 

And, this, my friend, sugarcoated version of everything that happened last season. I probably forgot some little details. So if someone makes fun of Barça for everything they had to face last season, don’t take them seriously. I would like to see how their clubs handle with all these things.


Sick crowd at Levi’s Stadium!