No, I do not think the government should be involved in abortion. You do not have to give your organs to your sister, even if it could save her life and no one calls you a murderer if you choose not too. Therefore, if the pro-life argument is true that fetuses have the same rights as people than a woman must give consent to allow that baby to live and feed off of her body. Women are not incubators. Though I may not agree with a woman’s decision, I do not think it is up to the government to decide what she can do with her pregnancy. We, as a country, should be teaching children from a young age about contraception instead of shaming them when they get pregnant. If I get drunk and hit a tree, I’m put into rehab and told it’s not my fault, that I was peer pressured or not watched enough by my parents, but if I have sex with my boyfriend of 3 years for the first time and I’m 17 and get pregnant, I’m shamed, demoralized, and told it’s completely my fault. Stop it. and I will reply to any private messages with questions on my views :)

I'm getting really tired of this bullshit
  • Me:*working on budget project for gov*
  • Mom:Stop wasting time on Facebook!
  • Me:I'm not, I've been doing homework
  • Mom:Yes you are. I know you are! (even though she hasn't been watching me)
  • Me:Actually I'm not
  • Me:Well you're the one who just yelled at me
  • Mom:SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU'RE A PAIN IN THE ASS *leaves and slams door*