In sickness and in health

Fishing was alway the easiest job to get hired for but never was it the easiest job to perform. It was back breaking work. For a week, Ted and Andy stayed in a city right on the ocean that had a prominent fishing company. By therms of the week, though, the cold December sea had chilled him to the bone. Incapable of driving or even staying awake for more than 10 minutes, it left Andromeda to care for him. He felt terrible, physically and emotionally, but there was nothing he could do but get better. He wasn’t really getting better at all, though.

How to take care of ur voice by ellie (I'm trying my best)

•LEMON, GINGER, AND HONEY are the most popular and for a reason! Definitely get those in your system. I suggest in tea.
•ZINC LOSENGES! Don’t get ones with Glucose. (Ie. Halls) They’ll only make your vocal folds sticky.
•HOT LIQUIDS!! Like tea and hot water!
•STEAM! Make a pot of boiling water, pour it in a bowl and then cover your head with a towel and breathe it in! The heat and moisture is a saviour.
•STAY HYDRATED! I can’t stress this enough. You have to keep your throat moist. It’s essential for getting better.
•NO CAFFEINE. Caffeine dries out your vocal folds and can cause more damage!
•AVOID DAIRY even when not sick before shows! It coats your throat and causes phlegm!
Tip to get rid of phlegm before a show!!!
Lemon juice in water clears that up nicely. I drank it religiously last summer.
•VAPOUR RUB starting behind the ear and down the jawline!
•VOCAL REST. Keep talking to a very minimum. Rest is essential to your vocal health and healing. Try to talk in your “head voice”, if possible, puts less strain on your vocal folds!
•GARGLE with these things!!
~Salt Water!
~Vinegar and water!
~Apple cider vinegar and cayenne powder!
•GARLIC! Chewing on a piece helps apparently! Haven’t tried this one yet but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
•AVOID COUGHING if you can. It causes the vocal folds to bang together harshly and could enflame them more.
•I know it made be hard, but try to AVOID CRYING. It dries out your vocal folds worse than anything else.


Prayers needed!

My mum had pneumonia at the end of last summer, and she feels like she might be getting it again. Not super sick yet, just feeling that “tightness” in the chest, and she felt a rattle when she inhaled today.

Please pray that it doesn’t turn into pneumonia again!

anonymous asked:

advice on writing finals when sick?

hello! some tips i have for you: 

  • get well as much as you can before studying
    • being rundown just will not help you focus
    • if you really need to get going, have water/tissues on hand 
  • medicine (non-drowsy) will temporarily hold back your symptoms, so you could take some before you get to work and work until you feel your body getting rundown again 
  • if you have someone that could help you, have them write for you as you speak what you want to say
    • it doesn’t have to be the final draft - it can just be a way of saving your words for later 
  • keep drinking water. drink drink drink.
    • this will flush out your system and get you better quicker 
  • orange juice, and going out in the sun helps you 
    • get that vitamin c & d!

namiheart  asked:

hey could i request a buckyxreader?Bucky and the reader are always fighting and screaming at each other but then the reader gets really sick and is losing her hair and can't really do anything alone anymore (like walk and eat) at the beginning she tries to hide that she is sick but then after a fight with bucky she falls and can't stand up!He then gets overprotective and helps her and realizes that he loves her?Lots of fluff?Thank you:) your blog is gret and u too!:)

I’m sorry this took so long! I really like this request. I changed a bit, but hopefully it’s still ok. I thought this would be harder to write or shorter, but it’s about 5 pages! Thanks for enjoying the blog!! I hope you enjoy!!!! :)

“Shut the Hell Up”

Words: 1,349

Trigger Warning: swearing, blood, illness

“You are such an asshole, Bucky!” you said, fighting back a coughing fit. You could hear the ex-assassin stomp away from the couch you were sitting on, grumbling on his way out. After you heard Bucky leave, you couldn’t hold the coughs back any longer. You had been feeling weak for weeks now, but you were too proud to tell anyone. It had to just be cold that was hanging around, no big deal. As you were coughing, Bruce came into the living room and sat near you.

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You’re enjoying a nice simulated drive using your VR headset, when you’re suddenly jolted with nausea. Ew. What is causing this gross feeling?