Domestic Things I Want to Do
  • make a massive breakfast for just the two of us every weekend
  • share a chair by the fire with hot cocoa when it’s chilly
  • go to the market to get fun groceries and flowers for the house
  • grocery shopping in general
  • go to the shelter to pick out a dog
  • get matching Christmas sweaters
  • spend a whole day in our PJs in a massive blanket fort
  • go to IKEA and pick out cool furniture
  • plan budgets (with colourful spreadsheets and a jar for coins and stuff!)
  • send out a cute holiday card together
  • combine book collections
  • decorate the house together
  • dance to cute songs in our underwear at 3am
  • take naps together
  • go on long walks in parks and by the water with our dog
  • stay up and make tea for each other when we’re sick
  • leave cute/encouraging post it notes around the house