sickest night

I had the SICKEST dream last night that the world was being invaded by demons and me and a large band of ppl defended the town. The demons had a set schedule / laws to follow, because we weren’t on constant guard. They’d burst up from the earth’s crust and possess people too, I think. It was always very obvious when someone was possessed, they turned gray like a dead person. 

But in my case they would try to attack me specifically at random times during the day. They didn’t follow the normal patterns, I’d be doing normal things then BANG a demon bursts from the earth & starts grappling with me.

At one point in the dream we were in the church / city hall / town hall meeting. The point is there was a bunch of people when BANG another demon starts attacking me. I had lots of help and it was over quickly but everyone was like “What’s happening!”

And I was just like, “idk man they just have it out for me.” And I gave a tired/bitter laugh and did jazz hands and said something along the lines of “Surprise! I’m a protagonist!” and immediately regretted saying it. I was flustered and mad at myself and grabbed all my stuff and left the meeting to be a broody protagonist elsewhere.

There was also a weapon-shopping scene where mom was like “how about a pair of pliers?” and I was like “mom, how the fuck am I going to fight the demons that hound me ceaselessly with PLIERS.” And eventually got my hands on a sword and a survivalist kit full of big hunting knives and hand-axes. 

Also at one point there was an extremely sexy possessed person/demon that was stalking my apartment and I was like “let’s trap it instead of kill it” and everyone was like “wtf?!!? why?” and I was like “…..i want to fuck it” “THIS THING IS LITERALLY TRYING TO KILL YOU.” and I was like “okay but what if I fucked it really quickly and then we killed it.”

The wildest part is they let me. (the sex was just okay.)


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