[Description: a black man with a mustache in a light suit, dark tie, holds his cane and sits in his wheelchair.] Photo & description from Leroy Moore. “In mid-June 1960, Rev. Ivory held a “wheelchair sit-in.” He rolled up to the lunch counter at McCrory in his wheelchair and asked for service, but was denied. He claimed that he did not break any laws because he never actually sat on a lunch counter seat.” This incident was covered by the national press.“ Leroy: I wrote a poem about him entitle "Shotgun In His Lap!” which will be in the upcoming book, Black Kripple Delivers Poetry & Lyrics
Protest has always had people with disabilities, queers, trans people, youth, genderqueer, women, and an overlap of those experiences at the helm.
#BlackLivesMatter #blackdisabledlivesmatter #protest #sickanddisabledqueers #disabilityjustice

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K's self-love & gender affirmation! [fundraiser]

Full fundraiser:

Dearest friends, fam, spirits, & community:

My name is Kay Ulanday Barrett. After years of ache, imagination, and reflection, I’ve chosen to pursue chest reconstruction aka “top” surgery. I’ve had 3 major orthopedic surgeries in the last 4 years, each time systemically harmful. Each time, not affirming my spirit & needs. This surgery however, is a movement that embraces the person I truly deserve to be. My gender affirmation top surgery is scheduled January 27th, 2016. I couldn’t be more elated!

With big anticipation, I hope that my community can uplift me. I do not have health insurance, so costs associated with surgery have not been accessible until I  saved to secure $3000 towards this journey.  I feel like every coordination & gig has trained me for this moment.

I understand this is a taxing feat & not everyone has access to their rightful journeys and needs.  I’m dedicated to continue to struggle with you to make that happen, to uplift our worth. For over a decade, my political and cultural work has taught me that collective power holds us when the world turns us into dust. I am gracious for every poem, action, essay, stage, project, and spirit that has brought me here with you for this time.

The remaining uncovered surgery costs, fees, transportation, and post-surgery costs add up to $7400. This includes surgery, pre and post surgery lodging, and healing support & remedies for my recovery.

I humbly reach out to my collaborators, my loves, and you, for support because as Trans/GNC People of Color community we are rarely honored for what we deserve. I believe our people have a legacy for collective and interdependent practices dedicated to healing, self-determination, and access. Everyday, I am in awe of how we create support, care, and how we innovate chosen family together. I am convinced that no state system has the love that each of you have demonstrated or the mightiness of showing up as you have.  I am blessed for whatever you continue to do, blessed for my care team who’ll be with me as I heal. I couldn’t pursue this surgery or engage in political change without your existence!

I will continue to be honored by sharing and growing with you and supporting you in this same spirit as I am asking for now. Your contribution takes action that is longstanding in our collective need for justice. I am honored to strive so that we all can access gender affirmation, healthcare, and support for all.

My dreams are closer, attainable, and I could not have made it here without you. Thank you for all of your love, kindness, support, & circulation in advance!

*many thanks,
K. aka @brownroundboi


* To support trans people of color nationally, I urge you to support any of these Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming organizations doing resillient work:

[Description: three femme brown black #queer sick & disabled people appear hella fly in the Toronto sunlight. | Yesterday, i had the longest crip queer brunch & today, this is my last look as I head to the airport back home. Such sweet sweet, sharp, hilarious, and hot artists/ company. Mama’s day and I got this crew to chill with. Perfect. This is when they all said, “let’s take a photo for Setareh!” So grateful. #qtipoc #qpoc #femme #qtpoc #disabilityjustice #accessintimacyishot #femmesharkappreciation #femmesofcolor #culturalworker #sickanddisabledqueers #sickqueertimes #qtpoc #chosenfam]

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Previously with Sapfromtheseal (tumblr). [Description: two gender non-conforming trans crip brown people make weird & odd funny faces on a sunny day somewhere in tucson? or phoenix? No doubt, they emanate of femme bro dorkiness from city to city. | #QTPOC #tourlife #sickanddisabledqueers #boichronicles #disabledpeoplearesexy #genderqueer #boi #homeboi #punkboi #gendernonconforming #tqpoc #therealmwc2014.] cc: @beastlybam on instagram.

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[Description: black text reads–
tools to survive mercury in retrograde

“clasp knees to your chest. lullaby it out. love. let her go. want. let them go. don’t eat all the pastries in the fridge. the problem isn’t that you are not enough, the gift is that you are incredibly all too much. hum yourself through, your spirit will do it for you. if crumpled up, now is not the time to underestimate yourself. the fetal position is a damn fine place to write.”

– Kay Ulanday Barrett.]

saturday to sunday working on poems. it’s a thing. #qtpoc #mercuryinretrograde #poem #qpoc #text #font #kaybarrett #selfcare #sickanddisabledqueers

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[Description: three various bois/transmasculine/gender queer people with an array of brownness and blackness stand together. They have various dapper & styled aesthetics. They reach have cute smily faces.] I was hosted by Jourdan (left) & Maya (right) yesterday at Columbia University’s Queer Awareness Month’s Opening Reception! Not in the photo is Jess, an awesome undergrad who also organized the event!!! I had such a wonderful time talking on whiteness, anti-black racism, #disabilityjustice, diasporic longing, & more! After my keynote, people were incredibly welcoming with thoughtful questions and even more conversation, we were kicked out the venue! #qtpoc #qtipoc #qpoc #quam14 #translivesmatter #transpeopleofcolor #transmasculine #qtpocsupremacy #gendernonconforming #genderqueer #dapperq #queerfashion #studentmovements #sickanddisabledqueers #disabilityjustice #columbiauniversity #barnard #tpoc

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[Description: a black woman, audre lorde smiles on a black and white book cover. She’s wearing patterned clothing & headwrap. Black text on the side reads: “The Cancer Journals”.] .
Happiest birthday to audre lorde. My favorite works are her everything, but the cancer journals center #qtpoc and illness/sickness in ways that fundamentally changed me: “What is there possibly left for us to be afraid of, after we have dealt face to face with death and not embraced it? Once I accept the existence of dying as a life process, who can ever have power over me again?” – Audre Lorde, The Cancer Journals. #blackart #cancer #sickanddisabledqueers #audrelorde #qwoc #disabilityjustice

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