at this point im so sick of being in the closet that i just want to make the most casual coming out announcement ever. im about to straight up just tweet “I am a lesbian” bc i just dont have the energy anymore lmao

I’m so sick of this cyber attack jfc my internet has been down all day and I feel like I’ve been wasting data ugh

Anyway take this sketch of a possible new oc.
I want to digitize it but I can’t get into my google drive on my computer UGH

Have you ever felt like you lost something that you can never get back? You end up with the false hope that you could get it back. But the harder you try, the harder it gets. The more you run after it, the farther it gets from you. I’m sick of running to no avail. Sick of losing what’s important to me. Sick of being hurt by good memories.

stop!!! telling people!!! to mindlessly follow clinton!!!! let people vote for who they want to and recognize that its none of your business!!!! im so sick of hearing about how clinton is the only option and youre an idiot amd a terrible person if you “throw away” your vote if you dont vote for her just shut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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To be clear, I was not saying that I don't want more PoC rep characters bc?? fuck yeah i do. I'm saying I don't want her to suddenly be a PoC because shes not she's white. What I want is PoC characters that are never white and have never been white. I'm sick of my race being slapped on to characters just because it's 'in' right now. make more PoC's that are meant to be PoC's 2kforever.

laura can look asian depending on the artist which is why I thought she actually was half asian in the first place

Am I the only one sick of this tumblr discourse that something has to be ultra diverse in order to feel allowed to enjoy it? Or the idea that you should be able to write an essay on why your ship is the most morally pure and neither members of said ship must have done anything wrong ever in their lives for you to enjoy it?
I mean, of course diversity and being critical of the stuff you consume is good, but sometimes I just want to be able to mindlessly consume things without getting anxious about how potentially offensive/white/heteronormative something is.

[ I’m not sick ]


Jason cocked an eyebrow, his arms crossed over his chest. He stood in front of the apartment door, preventing Tim from leaving. “Oh really? Then you won’t mind me checking your temperature?” He challenged, reaching a hand out towards the younger boy’s forehead.

Shit, that would give him away, but Tim was nothing but stubborn so he nodded. “Just let me go to the bathroom first” Tim ran before Jason could say anything, once there he slashed his face with cold water and brushed his teeth, maybe it would help him feel more fresh and it would fool Jason, it was stupid but Tim had to work with something. He came out looking refreshed, or at least that’s what he thought. 

Ohh that sucks :(

But seriously tho I got really sick in August (while I was in Seattle no less) & I just got rid of the nagging cough from that like 2 weeks ago. So yeah, I am so done if I caught something again

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hi steph do you think all this no terfs wlw/sapphic positivy blogs and also the most popular no terfs lesbians blogs are lesbians i'm kinda like confused about it if they are lesbians or no because if they feel genuine sexual attraction to trans women (aka males) they aren't lesbians

I feel like plenty of them are bisexual girls who are attempting to redefine lesbianism out of their own misguided ‘idealism’ (which we all know is just plain homophobia and misogyny + the need to be validated by men and appeal to men by taking on a “lesbian” identity yet still expressing attraction to men). Many of them even outright admit they are grossed out/feel sick with the idea of being attracted to vulva/pussy and yet would gladly enter a relationship with a transwoman and them having a dick wouldn’t stop them so that is clearly not lesbian sexuality lmao!

But I also feel like plenty of these blogs are only saying that to not get harassed and/or want to distinguish themselves from the “bad” (which = unapologetic) lesbians so they don’t get witch hunted. And tbh with all the hate lesbians get, I can see why they do that although it doesn’t nearly excuse them blatantly throwing other lesbians under the bus.

(( sorry that it’s still been pretty dead over here. And on my other blogs too tbh

I’ve been having motivation issues recently … I did mean to do an ask today though, but I got some kind of stomach sickness idk. Nothing big, I think whatever I ate just didn’t agree well with me lmao

Hopefully tomorrow I will finally get to asks, here. I have plenty of asks also, so thank you for that! ))

  • Rare Tomboy/Masculine Female Character:Exits.
  • Other Women:I'm so tired of female characters that "aren't like other girls." This is just so men can have a fantasy manic pixie dream girl to fix all his problems. Newsflash a woman can wear high-heels and be strong. When are we finally going to get more women who wear pink and kick ass? And I'm so sick of the stereotype that straight girls can't have short hair. Let her wear dresses and makeup - all women want to feel pretty and that's the only way to convey that. Not all Strong Female Characters need to be ugly manhating lesbians. #sisterhood

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girl don't worry i feel you! I relate to so many of your tweets, i'm an early childhood educator and its so exhausting

No one understands! My entire family is full of teachers, but they all teach high school. And I’ll be like “I’m exhausted” and they’ll be like “Welcome to teaching!” And I’m like nope nope nope this isn’t the same, I AM LITERALLY CARING FOR NINE BABIES FOR NINE HOURS STRAIGHT EVERY DAY, SOMETIMES WITHOUT A BREAK.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love each and every child like they are my own…but caring for NINE children under the age of two, while also being expected to teach them things…sometimes I feel like super woman.

Especially when they’re all sick or teething or just in a bad mood.

And super woman falls asleep as soon as she hits the couch at 7pm.

You sit upon your throne of filth
Condemning what you haven’t built
So hate me ‘cause you’re standing still
Watching while I shoot to kill

I live this
I breathe this
You crave it

Crawling from hell, fallen from grace,
And there is nothing left to take.
Leaving the past to the grave
So we can reincarnate

There’s one thing you forget
You can’t make me play dead
I’ve swallowed your bullshit
No respect, you make me fucking sick

Give me a reason!

I won’t bite my tongue
I am not afraid
A dominion of nothing is all you will reign
You laugh, but what did you create?
Bitch, you give a fucking aspirin a headache

@miwband (at Family Video)

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This is my second piece submitted, but I had an idea for creepypasta thing. Okay, here me out. She’s Spanish(From Spain, duh)
Her parents got sick and died when she was 10. She ran away from the orphanage she was put into. She knows no other creepys. She kills her victims with a pocket knife she found in the woods. She carves a tear shape under their left eye. She’s known as the Crybaby Killer
Her name is Melanie Fran Narváez. Her hair is dark brown. Her eyes are light brown. She cries a lot. She misses her parents. She went slowly crazy alone in the woods. Critique it please. She’s kinda Mary Sue to me. Oh! And she’s asexual. She has no time to date she’s a fucking murderer.

so i was liking this until it got into the obvious Melanie Martinez worship, she has potential, but cut out the cry baby bit and change the name, because its incredibly transparent and very cliché. You of course are allowed to use the name Melanie, but I think if you do you’ll have to change her killer name
also hell yes to the asexual thing
-squid mod